Citizens Commission on Benghazi

The Citizens Commission on Benghazi (CCB) was an idea I had while working as the editor of Accuracy in Media (AIM). Following an interview I did with then-retired Admiral James “Ace” Lyons about his views on Benghazi, and a variety of other topics, I had the idea to form a group of former military, intelligence and congressional people interested in getting to the truth of that disastrous terrorist attack that took place on September 11 and 12, 2012, just two months before the presidential election. AIM was on board, and all of the work done to advance the efforts were financed and done under the auspices of AIM.

What follows is that work, including an all-day conference, several press conferences, all captured on video, plus two reports providing a comprehensive narrative showing what a multi-layered scandal Benghazi really was.

As the Citizens Commission on National Security, we continue to investigate Benghazi, and have recently been in touch with people who had not come forward before. We are still waiting to prove who ordered our military to stand down, rather than attempt to rescue the men who were injured or lost their lives battling at the CIA Annex, approximately one mile from the Special Mission Compound where Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered in a terrorist attack.

Roger Aronoff
Executive Director and Editor of the CCNS



Article by Roger Aronoff about the final CCB report and press conference

June 2016 Final Report (PDF)

April 2014 Interim Report (PDF)
Additional Documents (PDF)

Timeline of Events

Declaration of the Citizens Commission on Benghazi

Citizens Commission on Benghazi FOIA Requests


Roger Aronoff’s speech at 2017 Benghazi Tribute in Jacksonville, Fl.

June 2016 Press Conference

April 2014 Press Conference

September 2013 Conference 

July 2013 Press Conference


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