Politically this has been and continues to be a year like no other. Many millions of Americans believe that we have just witnessed the grand theft of a presidential election. No, it wasn’t the Russians. The Fake News Media are doing their best to shame President Trump and his supporters into just accepting that it’s over. Joe Biden is the President-elect because the media and a number of states have said so and certified it. But what about the disputed results? Those have to be sorted out.

It looks more and more like the narrative is starting to change. It’s in the eyes of Jake Tapper, George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. There is no evidence, they tell us, none, of any voter fraud. Well, maybe a little, but not enough to change the results in any states, and certainly not enough to reverse totals in enough states that must be changed to swing the election to Trump. Where are the Republicans with the character and backbone to stand up to the Trump cult, they ask?

Frustration, anger and a bit of panic seem to be building on the left as it becomes abundantly clear that Trump is not going without a fight. Could it really happen? Biden has named his cabinet, they’ve all accepted their positions, and the media and the Dems are attempting to convince us all that it is over. Anyone who doesn’t accept that is either a cultist, a conspiracy theorist, a denier of reality, or just a fool, they tell us.

They want to keep pretending that Joe Biden won this election by staying in his basement, being coy about his positions, and depending on the hatred and contempt that the Left believes we all feel, or should feel, towards Trump. But hold on. How many times has Trump been done and headed for the exit? The Access Hollywood tape, the Russia-collusion hoax, Michael Avenatti, Michael Cohen, the impeachment over Ukraine, though in fact it was Biden who actually threatened to withhold funds to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into Burisma, which was paying his son Hunter Biden more than a million dollars a year.

And then the full force of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and the rest to spin virtually everything against Trump, while ignoring massive evidence of corruption and cognitive issues in the case of Biden. They are the same media that pretended that the Obama administration didn’t spy on and attempt a coup against Trump. The media that ignored the abundance of evidence that poured out of the “laptop from hell” revealing how the Biden family used their name to peddle influence for tens of millions of dollars in compensation. No evidence, they assured us. All debunked. Unverified. That is why they are and will always be, Fake News.

The latest is that there is no evidence of any meaningful corruption in the election. But several states are still in dispute, and will be until the U.S. Supreme Court says it’s over. Sidney Powell has introduced a powerful lawsuit in Georgia that the media continue to ignore. And another one in Michigan. Pennsylvania state legislators held a hearing Wednesday that revealed a lot of evidence of corruption. And though an appeals court rejected the Trump team’s arguments in Pennsylvania the day after Thanksgiving, their real goal is to get it to the U.S. Supreme Court. A Nevada judge has agreed to look at the evidence in that state. That is, if evidence can be defined as sworn testimony by people claiming to have witnessed corruption. The speakers at the hearing in Pennsylvania weren’t under oath, but many have signed affidavits, and those come with the penalty of perjury.

So here we are. President Trump is playing out his legal options. He is convinced, as millions of people are, that the Democrats and their fat-cat dark-money backers, along with the social media mafia that attempts to control what news and information we can or cannot receive, set out to guarantee a win for Biden, regardless of what the legal votes determine.

Trump is not backing down. He has indicated that if he loses these legal and constitutional battles, he will leave and continue our long history of peaceful transitions. But after all the efforts to remove him for four years, isn’t he entitled to exhaust his legal options over the next few weeks? If the Democrats have nothing to fear, then they should welcome this process, as it is exposing vulnerabilities in our election system.

As I pointed out prior to Election Day, with the new election protocols in place, neither side was prepared to accept defeat without a thorough forensic examination of the election process. Whether Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani can prove fraud and corruption in court remains to be seen. Most Trump supporters no longer believe he has a path to victory, and they may well be right. But despite Democrat and news media protestations, there is plenty of evidence of fraud and corruption. You have to read through the affidavits and lawsuits to see what is there. The question is, will the courts be able and willing to step into the fray and disallow any votes that may have been from the result of such fraud. If not, what are the consequences of that? The world waits on the American judicial branch of government to sort it out and do its duty.

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