With Election Day just a day away, there is much concern that it will turn into Election Week, or even Month(s). The nation is on edge in ways that we’ve never seen before. To both sides, failure is not an option, because each side believes it will mean the end of the world as we know it.

The Left and its many tentacles are prepared to shut down Washington DC and beyond if President Trump wins re-election. They have a number of organizing websites, including ShutDownDC.org, which a local news station in the nation’s capital is treating as a celebration, bringing people together for “go-go music, dancing and speakers,” with a big screen TV for a watch party.

But the station and a spokesperson for ShutDownDC acknowledge that they “have the power” to shut down the city. They say that that won’t happen unless Trump declares himself to be the winner, in which case it would turn from celebration to “resistance,” and that “they’ve been training how to deal with police clashes.”

The website warns, “But we also recognize that forcing Trump from office is the only way to protect ourselves and the people we love from Trump’s wrath, so we will act with the urgency that the situation requires.”

That is one of their “organizing principles.” Another is this: “We are not seeking a ‘return to normalcy,’ because we know that returning to ‘normal’ means returning to a system that was built on oppression. Rather, we see this as the time to rise up against the current crisis and move forward to dismantle the interlocking systems of oppression that have plagued this land for centuries.”

This call for “resistance” and “how to deal with police clashes” is clear evidence that these people are not peaceful protesters. This is the antifa and Black Lives Matter crowd that we discussed recently with Clare Lopez and Trevor Loudon, two experts on the subject.

The Left has been fueled by a thoroughly corrupt news media and Democrat establishment that for years has also attempted to force Trump from office based on lies, fake news stories, and phony conspiracy theories, chief among them that Trump had coordinated and conspired with Moscow to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Sadly, John Durham, the U.S. Attorney appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr, has failed to deliver either indictments or an interim report giving an official imprimatur documenting the attempted coup and its principal perpetrators. It went to the top. We know Obama was kept informed, if not himself the actual chief architect, and he could have stopped it if he had wanted to. Biden, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and Clapper were all part of the effort.

When Donald Trump told Lesley Stahl on CBS’ 60 Minutes that his campaign had been spied on, Stahl replied that there was “no real evidence of that,” adding ironically, “You know, this is 60 Minutes. And we can’t put on things we can’t verify.” That was also her answer when Trump brought up their refusal to ask Joe Biden about the “laptop from hell” that shows how the Biden family engaged in influence peddling to Communist China, to Ukraine and to Kazakhstan for years, making millions of dollars for the family. “We can’t put on things we can’t verify,” said Stahl.

Yet they had no problems putting on stories about the Russia-collusion hoax for years, even though the Mueller Report put an official end to that conspiracy theory after a two-year investigation. CBS and its parent company,

ViacomCBS, have been the gift that keeps on giving to Biden and the Democrats, as I recently demonstrated. It goes from morning to night, on the CBS news shows, “comedy” shows, talk shows, the Showtime cable network, scripted dramatic series, and even their book publishing (Simon & Schuster) subsidiary. It never ends. They have no sense of being objective or fair. They are a multi-billion-dollar asset to the Democratic Party. They are thoroughly corrupt as a news organization. And they are not alone in that regard.

Regarding the election and its aftermath, it is clear that neither side is prepared to accept defeat. Hillary Clinton told Biden not to concede under any circumstances. Biden stated clearly this past weekend that he thinks the only way he loses is if there is “chicanery.” Trump feels the same way. The Democrats have thrown out, where they could, all common sense means of having a free and fair election: voter ID, ballots having to be in by Election Day, postmarks on mail-in ballots, harvesting of ballots, requiring matching signatures, and maintaining voter registration rolls to be sure that people not eligible to vote won’t have ballots sent to them.

Unless there is a decisive victory by one side or the other, the aftermath of Election Day is sure to get ugly. Violence in the streets, threats to personal safety, court battles that will make Bush v. Gore look insignificant. It’s all on the table. Buckle up.

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