People living in modern civilization—especially in the West—play by the rules, live within their means, love their families, and cherish their children’s future. We get up in the morning, go to our jobs, or to our tasks, not thinking about any threats that may be formulating to destroy our lives. And yet, the threats are there, and they persist.

For those of us who do our research and read what these enemies are plotting against us—and we do have enemies—we start to understand how dangerous they really are, these globalist elites. They have told us numerous times, both in print and in speech, what they are planning. And yet they are ignored when all we have to do is take them seriously and act accordingly.

We realize that none of their environmental complaints or observations are a real concern to these oligarchs

They say we no longer need the vast majority of people occupying the planet and that a 4th industrial revolution will create a system of artificial intelligence (AI) that will do the work billions of people do now. They say climate change will destroy our planet, as if climate change had never occurred naturally before. We assume they know what they are talking about. We assume too much. They say we are destroying the planet by eating meat and dairy, that we need to destroy vast herds of cattle because they emit ‘greenhouse gases’ (carbon dioxide) as they have for thousands of years, and that eating bugs and synthetic meat will be better for us and the planet. In Europe, much of the bugs and worms they put in food are labeled in their Latin zoological nomenclature to not alarm those that partake.

And then, after some reflection and analysis, we realize that none of their environmental complaints or observations are a real concern to these oligarchs. It’s only a method by which they plan on taking power and money away from the people and giving it to themselves. In so many instances, they hint at what they want. When they said, “You will own nothing and be happy,” they were trying to tell us they are planning a new feudal system, a system of holding property, not owning it, in exchange for service. In other words, you own nothing; you work the land or the task in exchange for being given housing and meeting your needs (not your wants). You will be a sort of servant, living an existence at someone else’s pleasure (and profit). After you retire, you will probably be moved out of your ‘home’ to another location.

Unfortunately for these international terrorists who think we are stupid

And lo and behold, the availability of synthetic meat and items like ‘cricket flour’ have been seen on ingredient lists of things like ‘cheese’ puffs. Millions of chickens have died in fires; herds of meat and dairy cattle have died in ‘accidents’. Multinational corporations, China, and globalists like Bill Gates are all buying up farmland.

The radical climate hoaxers say excess carbon dioxide is going to kill us. Their concern for our well being is touching. Unfortunately for these international terrorists who think we are stupid, we remember from our many years of schooling (when teachers actually taught) that we cannot live without carbon dioxide, and the more, the better. We remember the cycle of life that we learned—photosynthesis. Green plants transform light energy into chemical energy, converting water, carbon dioxide, and minerals into oxygen and energy-rich organic compounds. Has it changed?

Animals produce carbon dioxide that grows trees and vegetation. The vegetation produces the oxygen that we breathe. Everybody’s happy. God designed it well.

17 million dead worldwide and rising from COVID vaccines

We know that humans also produce these so-called greenhouse gases. To save the planet, the globalists say that the 8 billion people alive today need to be reduced to about 1 billion. So naturally, we suspect that there are forces that want to cull the population of ‘useless eaters’ as they have called them.

The killing of billions of people because one finds them a nuisance is not how the world is supposed to work.

Forgive us for connecting dots and asking questions, and never mind that COVID-19 was a man-made biological weapon we suspect was spread purposely as a test, but could COVID-19 have been spread for the vaccines rather than the vaccines for COVID? The fact that the latest research shows 17 million dead worldwide and rising from COVID vaccines…could that have anything to do with some kind of program they launched to get rid of all those, again, ‘useless eaters’? What other diseases have they ‘engineered’ for us?

Viruses seem to be a favorite pastime of Frankenstein-type doctors who commit themselves to ‘gain-of-function’ research to turn harmless viruses into dangerous pathogens. Why? And then they tell us how it ‘escaped’ the lab.

The wholesale immorality and the destruction of the family have their dirty fingerprints everywhere

Can it be that we are living in some parallel universe where millions of people die of a vaccine while the government continues to push it? Is it possible that we are urged, even told, to take the jab while millions of migrants cross our borders without a thought about whether they’ve had the vaccine or even what diseases they are carrying? How many of them were previously held in prisons or mental institutions? Are we numb to the massive crime in big cities because an entire political party has suddenly become ‘humane’ and believes it is a good idea to no longer attack the criminal but the police? It must be because I have never heard, seen, or read of such evil in my lifetime. And it is everywhere.

Is it possible that the millions of migrants in Europe and the 8 million illegal immigrants who have entered America thus far are our replacements? Is it too tempting for governments to ignore the opportunity to avoid having to pay social security, pensions, healthcare, or a middle-class wage from a system that the politicians have long since rendered bankrupt?

Watching the news, it’s as if this evil globalist cabal has put millions of people in a trance. We see a mayor getting spanked by a drag queen and a sheriff being a drag queen. Once-first-rate hospitals cut out a young girl’s healthy reproductive organs, and schools insist we play along with a person’s new sexual identity. Criminals go free unless you are conservative. Even the once celebrated Girl Scouts have been led down the path to abortion and LGBTQ. In Berlin, Germany, a thousand people showed up to protest their insistence on being recognized as dogs (NY Post). You could clearly hear their howling and barking. The wholesale immorality and the destruction of the family have their dirty fingerprints everywhere.

Can it be that a war has been declared against us while we were looking the other way?

Has this globalist cabal employed a force beyond our understanding?

Could all the conspiracy theories we have considered actually be true? Can it be that these ‘theories’ are so far out that most people would find it impossible to consider their truth to the advantage of those perpetrating them? Is it conceivable that powerful individuals, multinational corporations, government officials, and anyone else the cabal needs have all been either bought or blackmailed? Are we facing the most ruthless and vicious criminals the world has ever produced? Can it be that a war has been declared against us while we were looking the other way? The answers are all the same: Yes!

I have been a Christian for a long time. I’ve read many instances of evildoers in history, but I never knew true evil until now. This global cabal is capable of anything. They are already responsible for the deaths of millions. They use lies as easily as they breathe. Everywhere they have gone, there is death and destruction.

Their crimes warrant another series of Nuremberg trials—for crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. And they will see justice.

This column was originally published at Canada Free Press

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