In an important story first broken by Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) Fellow Todd Bensman, we learn that the Albergue Assabil/Mesquijta Taybah shelter, operating in Tijuana, Mexico since June 2022 just blocks from the U.S. border with California, is colluding with the Biden administration to funnel Muslim illegals into the U.S.

The Biden administration via Customs and Border Protection is beginning to implement a secretive new “humanitarian parole” program under which illegal aliens, in this case all Muslims from Islamic countries around the world, are permitted to legalize their status in Mexico; then, Mexican authorities escort them to the U.S. border and hand them off to American authorities for entry into the U.S. They immediately get resettlement (with all the U.S. taxpayer benefits that entails), work authorization, and the right to apply for asylum, right up front.

The mosque serves as a collection point for Muslims from every Islamic country on earth, many of them known centers of concern for Islamic terror such as Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, and more. When asked about such concerns, shelter founder Sonia Garcia, explained that she and her staff are on the lookout for “violent Islamic extremists”. She was not asked about mainstream, devout, practicing Muslims who in fact are jihadis.

When asked if any representatives of U.S. law enforcement or intelligence had ever asked her for information about the people Garcia’s mosque shelter is channeling into the U.S., Garcia answered “no” — indicating the utter disinterest in American national security threats that current Biden administration leadership displays.

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