Has competence and wisdom gone out of style?  Is it lost forever?  Is Biden the personification of what America has become?  Have we entered the era of the inept, the Era of the Bonehead?

You ask a random college student who we fought to gain our independence and they just stare at you, or they say something stupid like…Spain?  And the teachers want a raise.

Why do you have to look so hard to find someone in leadership who can put two sentences together with any meaning, without diversion?  Why has common sense become so uncommon?  Why are so many leaders and everyday folk so seemingly gullible?

Teachers don’t teach, they indoctrinate

Why are we spending trillions of dollars thinking we can change the climate of our planet while China is building 3X more coal-fired power plants as the rest of the world combined?  We are told that we must reduce emissions, even from cows, when one moderate volcanic eruption can negate any environmental progress by several decades.  And there are 1,350 active volcanoes in the world with probably 20 erupting as I write this.

Should we cease all environmental protection?  Of course not.  But, we need to apply priorities and common sense to know what we can do and what we cannot.  Leftists see no human limits because they are their own gods.

The three surface problems the last 18 months have shown are: The leadership in our country and especially in the Western world has hit rock bottom, top down. 2nd: Too many people are more gullible than ever. Don a lab coat, make a speech.  They believe in climate change, global warming, the rising of the seas, some canker on shade trees is going to destroy the planet, the COVID vaccines are safe and effective, gender is malleable, the problem with crime is law enforcement, government always tells the truth.  3rd: The education in our country and in much of the world stinks.  The teachers don’t teach, they indoctrinate and many of them look like clowns.  They teach bullsh** while too few of us ask any questions.

It is refreshing to see people beginning to question these purveyors of doom that are still flying in private jets, buying sea-side villas, and private islands, or the teachers that instruct in anti-American ideology and sexualize our children. Boneheads all. There is nothing wrong with flying in a private jet, but don’t lecture from 35,000 feet what the rest of us shouldn’t be doing.  You’re probably not qualified.Doctors and Gender Identity: Do they no longer teach ‘First Do No Harm’ in medical school?

Eminent hospitals advertise to ‘fix’ a teenager’s gender identity problem by removing perfectly healthy sex organs.  Did they stop teaching that young people live a life of phases…the tom-boy phase, the cowboy phase, the idealist, the rebel, the know-it-all, blah, blah.  A surgeon can make an adolescent phase permanent…then what?  Don’t they realize they will not be completely female or male any longer?  They certainly will not be what they intended. Do they no longer teach ‘First Do No Harm’ in medical school?  Where are the parents?  Where is our government?  Especially after the COVID fiasco being a massive social experiment in compliance, almost the entire medical industry has become one giant bonehead.

How is it possible that when Trump was president, our nation and much of the world was stable?  I don’t give a damn what you think of Trump, like his tweets, hate them or hate him, the world was on an even keel.  Energy was plentiful.  The economy was humming, inflation was non-existent, people were working, our borders were under control, crime was low.  Even our corrupt deep State was walking on eggshells. You could walk around New York and not take your life in your hands.  Sure, crime was still bad in Chicago, but it always will be because the people of Chicago never get rid of the leadership that causes the problems.

Russia and China were behaving.  They even took a step back not being able to read Trump.  The reasons some people hate the Orange Man are so stupid it’s hard to even listen to. They say he’s racist, but can’t give you an example.  He’s dishonest, but can’t prove it.  He’s a thief, but gave away his salary.  To find anything of significance, the Democrats had to come up with a cock and bull story about Russia collusion that now is a joke to take seriously.  Was he perfect?  Of course not.  Since when have we become so intolerant of being human?  A lot of people certainly ignored much about Bill Clinton, the butt end of every joke about blue dresses.

When Biden appears angry, it is because he is afraid and lost

During Trump’s presidency, the United States remained the powerhouse of the world.  It indeed spoke (somewhat) softly but carried a big stick.  You didn’t hear Russia marching toward Ukraine, China flying over Taiwan, NK testing missiles. Trump was a good match for the power he wielded.  He knew when to give and when to take.  You don’t go into a room with Trump and expect to pull a fast one.  Unlike many of Biden’s negotiators, Trump never settles for ‘take what you can get’.  If it’s not good for America, it doesn’t happen.

With Biden we’ve become Great Britain in the 18th century, ruled, not governed by a mad King George III, crazy, self-indulgent, womanizer, spendthrift, inarticulate, frail, disoriented, indifferent, no direction, creepy, not very bright, garrulous without adding anything to the conversation, uncomfortable with having to come up with an original thought.  The only difference between the two was that Biden sat 14 rows back at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.  Can anyone imagine Trump being 14 rows back anywhere?  Trump knows who he represents. When Biden appears angry, it is because he is afraid and lost.  At such a time as this, it can’t possibly get any worse.

Biden was the man who was a viable alternative to the former president?  No one is irreplaceable, not even Trump, but the Democrats, as usual, were not thinking of the good of the country when they pushed this bonehead onto the stage.  The boneheaded media too was irresponsible to the limit, having betrayed their charge long ago.

We have a multitude of boneheads serving in government.  Number 2 bonehead, V.P. Harris, in a speech recently, said that, “Over the last 18 months, Democrats have delivered BIG TIME”…(what, she didn’t say) followed by that painful Kamala laugh. The 5 people who applauded are other boneheads.  AOC thinks our birth rate is down because of capitalism.  McConnell has withdrawn millions in support of Republican candidates for the midterms because his position in the establishment is more important than his party or the country.

The so-called New World Order or the Great Reset is in trouble

More MAGA Republicans in office means his chances of being in leadership dwindle. In other words, always be on the winning side, whether Republican or Democrat, especially when it effects the family business with China. Lindsey Graham wants a federal abortion bill allowing abortion up to 15 weeks.  The Supreme Court already spoke.  Abortion was not made illegal, they just took the federal government out of the conversation. Graham thinks the federal government should have their sticky fingers in everything.  Most politicians seem to be willing to fight only when it’s for a seat at the table of power, nothing else.

The international antagonists have seen an opportunity and are moving into position.  China has not only resumed but accelerated their misdeeds.  Russia is seeing Biden for who he is, weak and on vacation.  Putin is being prodded to take care of business in Ukraine. Europe sees America as lost in space and now is going their own way, putting NATO at risk of dissolution.  India and Turkey have joined with Russia and China in their Multi-Polar World Order (some are calling it the New Eurasian World Order).  With Democrats in charge, the US can no longer be trusted to do what they say or say what they do.

The so-called New World Order or the Great Reset is in trouble. You can’t reset the world when half the planet is no longer interested.  The Davos gang will have to come up with a new crisis (and they will).  Climate change is wearing thin.

Agree or not, like it or not, when Trump left office, especially with the new president under a cloud of suspicion of fraud and corruption, the world took a sharp turn for the worse.  The USA abdicated its world leadership role.  It became a joke, in private maybe, but a joke never-the-less.  The world is going their own way. Few people realize how much stability the United States provided. And that is the key.

Why is the world becoming unglued? The Boneheads more interested in pronouns and microaggressions than freedom and world peace

Yes, the United States has major problems, but so does much of the world.  It is all beginning to unravel, become unglued. Here in the US, we see a dying economy, inflation, crime in major cities resulting in near anarchy in those cities, police abandoning their posts, criminals released the same day with no bail, with some cities still wrestling with defunding their police departments.  Our southern border is non-existent. Millions of unvetted migrants have entered our country with thousands of them being criminals, and probably terrorists. Third-world nations have emptied their prisons of violent criminals who then headed north.  Our military is in disarray,  trying to fit female uniforms on trans men, recruitment way down.  All in 18 months.  Yes, much of it is by design.  But to take any part in this, you must be a bonehead.

The rest of the world is just as deep in mud.  Germany and much of Europe is dependent on Russia for oil and Natural gas, but is warning Russia it will not buy any if they stay in Ukraine…huh?  It’s going to be a cold winter in Europe.  Russia’s economy is very fragile, dependent on its sales of natural gas and oil. When the West coughs, Russia sneezes.  China’s economy is no better.  Youth unemployment is high, the housing market is collapsing.  As many as 70 mega-cities have been put on partial or total COVID lockdown.  All this bad economic news historically can be dire.  For many times in history it meant only one thing…war!

Why is the world becoming unglued?  We have said this many times.  If the US falls, the world will fall with it.  The stability given the world by the United States cannot be under-estimated.  The world is becoming unglued because the Left took over America, allowing every boneheaded worm to crawl out of its hole, contaminating everything good in America.  The Boneheads are more interested in pronouns and microaggressions than freedom and world peace.

This column was originally published at Canada Free Press

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