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Brace Yourself for What is Coming In 2024

Several serious commentators — one being US Professor Victor Hanson — are warning: “Brace yourself for what’s coming in 2024”.  Hansen sees bad omens darkening the future. Is he exaggerating?  Perhaps not. One cannot help but notice how badly tempered Americans and Europeans have become. Calm, reasoned discussion of issues is gone; Yelling, emotivism, and ‘othering’ is commonplace; something terrible is coming. A gut feeling, Tucker…

How US Taxpayer Funds Hamas

U.S. taxpayer dollars can ‘flow freely’ to Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah because the United Nations Security Council has failed to label them as ‘terrorists,’ warn top security experts. Hamas and Hezbollah are not sanctioned or labeled as terror groups by the UN Security Council. However, other well-known terrorist organizations Al…

© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security

© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security