Learn how to say NO! As Reagan used to say, “Trust, but verify.” In this case, the government, all medical authorities, and the media. By all means, verify what you are told, use your own good judgment, and always trust in GOD!!



Odd question, I know. But we’re all in this together, and we had better figure out how to deal with this quickly. Globalists want us dead. The World Economic Forum (WEF) has stated many times in print and in speeches that the planet is overpopulated and that its survival depends on controlling climate change, reducing population, controlling food supply, and our bad habits like owning cars.

This has not been an easy article to write or research. Many people and entities that we trusted are suspected of such depraved activity; it would be difficult to find an equal in human history.

So, how do you kill 7.5 billion people? You start by frightening people and creating an atmosphere of crisis

Even Jane Goodall, the famous (or infamous) naturalist and chimpanzee expert, said recently that our environmental problems wouldn’t exist if our population was at the level it was 500 years ago. That’s a population spread of between 425 and 540 million people on the planet. How odd! That is what the WEF says would be just right. Goodall may be familiar with chimpanzees, but I don’t think people will queue up for euthanasia.

So, how do you kill 7.5 billion people?

You start by frightening people and creating an atmosphere of crisis. “Climate change is going to kill us all.” Complain that we don’t have enough food to feed everyone, and then proceed to destroy a significant portion of the food supply. Hardly a day goes by without hearing of a food production facility catching fire or blowing up.

You tell Africans how badly the climate is affecting their continent and then make it worse by limiting their access to energy.

You preach, especially in North America and Europe, that single-family homes are wasteful and have a high carbon footprint (climate change, remember?). Private transportation in the form of an internal combustion engine is definitely out, so you push EVs that they can’t afford and are of little use during the winter months; then you hope people will eventually give up all together and take public transportation.

COVID-19 was “a flu with better marketing”

You say you don’t have public transportation in that small rural town of yours? They have solved that problem. You’re not going to be living in a small rural town. They will force you to relocate to a city with public transportation and close surveillance of your every move. Of course, this will only happen if they grant you permission to leave your 15-minute neighborhood, where they have assured you that everything you need is within a 15-minute walk or less. If you can’t walk that far, they also have an answer, but you won’t like it.

In this environment, they will have control over the population. Abortion up until the time of birth, or even after, will be just fine. Encouraging homosexuality, and transgenderism, the mutilation of young people, and/or surgical sterility will greatly improve anyone’s social credit score. Yes, there will be a social credit system. They know how to do it. China has taught them well.

Throughout the last several years, we have written numerous times about the COVID pandemic. The best description I have read was that COVID-19 was “a flu with better marketing.”

Most people who died during the pandemic died of COVID, at least on paper. If the person had severe diabetes and COVID, he died of COVID. You get the idea. It was better that way. It keeps the populace scared and compliant.

What the flu (COVID-19) couldn’t add to the death figures, the vaccines did and will continue to do. The Epoch Times reported (7/2022) that David Martin, Ph.D., had presented evidence that the COVID vaccines are not vaccines, but bio-weapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the globe. With the World Health Organization (WHO) and their “decade of vaccination,” the objective was a population reduction of 15%, or about 700 million dead, between 2022 and 2028.

Euthanasia will be huge

Dr. Martin has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, President Biden, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, alleging that the vaccines turn the body into a bio-weapon factory, manufacturing spike protein. Dr. Martin also alleged that the vaccines are not vaccines at all, but a form of gene therapy. I believe ‘gene alteration’ would be more accurate. I have been unable to find the case’s disposition. No surprise.

We now know of a new pandemic that is imminent: the bird flu. Bird flu has never been dangerous to humans, but from what I understand, a little genetic modification here and there and you have a very dangerous disease to humans. They call it “gain-of-function.” It’s a gain in function; alright, your death.

Euthanasia will be huge. It’s already a popular option in many medical facilities and a leading cause of death in Canada. If you’re depressed, have hearing loss, dementia, mental issues, or need a wheelchair, you will be considered for euthanasia. The not-so-distant-future test may include any visual impairment, any physical or mental impairment, any difficulty washing yourself or getting dressed, being unable to follow instructions, being unable to prepare and eat food, any difficulty filling out forms, using a computer (I just scared a lot of people), PTSD, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, and any problem communicating with people (bye, bye, Mr. Biden).

Yuval Noah Harari, one of the WEF’s top advisors, calls these people ‘useless eaters.’ That is, people who will have no useful purpose in the 4th Industrial Revolution they are so looking forward to.

A 61-year-old Canadian was convinced to euthanize himself or herself in 2019 because of a hearing loss. No relatives were notified prior out of ‘respect’ for the person’s privacy.

A doctor offered death-by-doctor to a woman who just wanted a wheelchair ramp to her home.

A student went to a hospital because of feelings of depression and hopelessness. A hospital spokesman told the student that psychiatrists were in short supply, but euthanasia was an option. (Expose)

I would imagine, in the future, convincing a loved one to end it all may mean a cash payment, a higher social credit score, or awarded better housing. Who knows

We are telling millions of young people that any fleeting moment of desperation or unhappiness is a sign of a serious mental disorder, except for those who have a transient thought of changing their gender. In the UK, doctors are prescribing powerful anti-depressant drugs to hundreds of thousands of children.

A research paper in Canada concluded that euthanasia could dramatically reduce healthcare costs. In Holland, there is a suggestion to make euthanasia available for people over 70 who are feeling just ‘a bit worn out’. (Expose)

It is legal in Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Colombia, Spain, New Zealand, Portugal, Ecuador, and parts of Australia. It is also legal in several U.S. states, although it’s called medical-aid-in-dying (MAID): Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California, D.C., Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, and New Mexico. It is pending in: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

In the UK, euthanasia is not yet legal, but they have a very tidy way to get around the problem—just withhold food and water or take a quick shot of morphine. It will be legal soon.

More people than ever before are offering euthanasia, but it’s not the dignified, painless moment of bliss they claim it to be. In many cases, it is painful with screaming heard a long way off.

Euthanasia is a more effective method for organ harvesting

Why euthanasia? In addition to ‘improving’ the population situation, euthanasia is a more effective method for organ harvesting. The politicians and billionaires in a one-world government will value their organs more if they kill them at the right time. Organs can deteriorate if the body is left to die naturally.

Fentanyl in the United States is a reliable killer for over 100,000 people a year between the ages of 18 – 45. It is a CCP (Chinese) program, and our government is doing nothing about it. Every little bit ‘helps’.

People are beginning to wake up to what has become evident. Recently, in Japan, there have been massive protests against the WHO and their pandemic treaty. Robert Kennedy, Jr., has said that “we must not cede our rights, freedom, and sovereignty to distant medical authorities, especially when they are so heavily influenced by for-profit pharmaceutical companies.”

President Trump was correct in getting us out of the organization, but Biden wasted no time putting us back in.

So, how do you kill 7.5 billion people? You don’t. You trust the population and climate to an infinitely more intelligent and benevolent entity, namely God. But that is not what the WEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN, and most of the world’s governments have in mind. Include the major global corporations that have jumped on the fascist train to Hell, as well as, of course, the media and medical authorities we used to trust.

What we can do is don’t vote for these criminals, learn how to say NO! As Reagan used to say, “Trust, but verify.” In this case, the government, all medical authorities, and the media. By all means, verify what you are told, use your own good judgment, and always trust in GOD!!

This column was published at Canada Free Press

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