As Thanksgiving approaches, I just wanted to give thanks to the friends and supporters of the Citizens Commission on National Security (CCNS). And to wish all of you a very peaceful, loving Thanksgiving holiday shared with friends and family.

We, the CCNS, have just gotten started, and are planning to hold a series of events in the new year focused on America’s national security. There are a lot of angles to cover, and we intend to weigh in on many of them.

In the meantime, please take a look at some of the articles that we have published and posted by our members in recent weeks, as well as a select group of guest columns. For instance, the complicated issue of how the U.S. should react to Saudi involvement in the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Two of our members, Clare Lopez and Admiral Ace Lyons, have weighed in on the issue. Read their articles here and here. Also, we published Clare’s analysis of the “National Strategy for Counterterrorism.” Allen West wrote this week about the reality of the fundamental transformation of America. Lawrence Sellin has focused on China, Afghanistan and Pakistan. His latest is that “Trump is Right About Pakistan.” General Paul Vallely wrote very movingly about the meaning of Veterans Day. I wrote about how the media – and not just the news media – continue to earn the moniker of “Fake News.” They are in the service of one political party, at all costs. It is collusion, and a campaign donation of an immeasurable amount.

Please add this website to your “favorites,” and return often. We plan to have a big impact in the service of America’s national security in 2019 and beyond.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!


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© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security