Corruption and incompetence is everywhere in Washington, but it all starts at the White House, where the buck stops.

It is the most amazing political phenomenon I have ever seen. Every one I have observed in the Biden presidential administration can be called either incompetent, dishonest or both, with some even freakish.

If dumb begets dumb then our government is overpopulated.

Biden can’t fly this thing, or any other thing. He has been a screw-up his entire 50-year political career

A Boston Herald (of all places) editorial about Biden said it so well…”All he had to do was leave things alone. Instead, he blundered into the office and wrecked the country. He is like the guy on a Boeing 747 high over the Atlantic Ocean who breaks into the cockpit and says, “I can fly this thing.”

Biden can’t fly this thing, or any other thing. He has been a screw-up his entire 50-year political career. He’s a liar, a plagiarist and thoroughly corrupt. On his first day he signed a pile of executive orders without even looking at them. Every nutbar Leftist kept them coming. He took an energy independent nation and turned it into an energy beggar. He opened our borders, ignoring federal law, and is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people due to crime, drugs, and illegal immigration both here and abroad. Biden is giving the cartels everything they need to be, billionaires, and to maintain their status as the quasi government of Mexico. They have their own military! His refusal to tag these cartels as terrorists is very suspicious.

To support the Democrats insistence that Biden won the 2020 election the Left has shown they will stop at nothing. Over a thousand people have been arrested for entering the Capitol (the people’s house), many by following the invitation of Capitol police, some just following others. People still languish in prison, some without trial, some in solitary. Democrats say J6 was an incident equal to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, on and on. Their sensitivity on the subject screams of paranoia and guilt.

Biden And The Gang

Biden’s spending is causing inflation we haven’t seen in generations.

Biden is now in the process of getting us into a world war, so please, give him some space to kill us all.

Not much can be said about Biden’s Vice-President since she hasn’t been seen doing anything of value since she took office. Harris is not even articulate. She can’t even BS her way into convincing anyone she’s competent. In fact, the more she talks, the worse it gets.

The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, is a worthless secretary of a worthless department. George W. Bush promised that the DHS was going to streamline emergency services, border security, and immigration into a cabinet-level post. Instead we got a fat, expensive bureaucracy that is costing double the projections, even when counting for inflation. And they are not even doing the job. I’ll give Mayorkas credit for lying to Congress with such aplomb. Mayorkas doesn’t agree with our immigration laws and yet took an oath to uphold them. He took on a post he doesn’t believe in. Another great pick.

Our Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, should have stayed home with his husband, pretending to live a normal life. The Democrats thought this post was going to rocket him to political stardom, instead, he would be lucky to be re-elected Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg took on a job he cannot do, is unqualified for, and didn’t have the where-with-all to pass on it. Instead he’s ignoring every problem that comes to his desk, hoping it will just go away.Who decided to withdraw the troops first before getting Americans and allies out?

Merrick Garland, the unsuccessful nominee for the Supreme Court, became Attorney General. His time as clerk for Justice Brennan had been sealed…hmmm. As was said by Tom Cotton, (R-AR), “Thank God you are not on the Supreme Court.” By those who reviewed his career, Garland has shown a deficit of character and integrity and a penchant for being heavy-handed, authoritarian. That review involved Garland’s inexplicable decision to target law enforcement on parents who spoke out against Critical Race Theory and unpopular transgender policies during school board meetings without proof of any real threats. Let’s not forget Garland sending the FBI with assault weapons to harass and terrorize a Christian anti-abortion family and their children.

The Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco can be attributed to, well, who? Everyone is pointing fingers at someone else…a sad case of no one in charge.

Biden says he ordered the withdrawal on advice from senior military advisors. Yet, Pentagon officials testified that they were not asked for advice on the withdrawal until August 26, the day the 13 soldiers were killed. I find it hard to believe that the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin or the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Milley, didn’t have input. After all, their offices are in the Pentagon.

Who decided to withdraw the troops first before getting Americans and allies out? Who decided to leave billions of dollars worth of military equipment behind? Who decided to abandon Bagram Air Base, a defensible base, and use Kabul, an infinitely less defensible airport with one runway?

White House promotes to the top ranks and positions the politician rather than the professional, competent soldier

The result was thousands of civilians could not get to Kabul because Taliban fighters were hindering their movement to the airport. They were trapped.

So stupid is this president that his administration gave the Taliban a veritable ‘kill list’, a list of American citizens, green card holders and Afghan allies, so they can travel unmolested to the Taliban-controlled Kabul airport instead of Bagram air Base, or so they thought. These White House and military leaders, with all their experience, trusted that the Taliban would not prevent the departure of those individuals that aided in their destruction…huh?

What we do know is that the withdrawal was rushed, poorly planned and chaotic. Despite the finger pointing in every direction, the buck stops at the top. Where were all the military professionals? Were they too busy choosing bathroom colors for the trans soldiers? In too many cases, the White House promotes to the top ranks and positions the politician rather than the professional, competent soldier.

The White House needs to be recycled, maybe in the compost bin where it will turn into something useful. Anyone who voted for Biden in lieu of President Trump, who turned the country completely around, into a stronger nation, in every category, needs a lesson in discernment. Sometimes the person to vote for is the one you rather not live with.

This column was originally published at Canada Free Press

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