If you were a fervent America-hating Marxist living in the United States, what would you do with a nation that is rich, powerful, and highly successful? What do you do with a nation that has religious freedom, is basically a moral country, respectful of law and order with the Judeo-Christian principles of hard work, the dignity of human life, strong family ties, common decency, a strong desire for education, and a sense of accountability to God? America has freedom, capitalism, the opportunity to go up the economic ladder as far as your willingness to work hard. It is not a perfect country. Some of its past, like every other country on this planet, is dubious, but it is constantly improving, rearranging, and evolving. It is the envy of the world.

What do you do when you have a commitment to turn this nation around to your way of thinking? Now, remember, this is not early 20th century Russia where people lived the life of serfs and Europe was in the midst of an industrial revolution, modernizing, and living in relative comfort.

You certainly don’t try to instigate a violent revolution. Revolution against what? Freedom? No, you change the culture. You let the people make the change. They just need a push in the left direction. You find its past faults and pull off any scabs you can find to stop the healing. You use their freedom to destroy them. They are not going to prevent you from speaking. You know it will take decades, but you are willing to put the time in. By the time they figure out what is going on, it will be too late. You have support from other Communist countries like the old Soviet Union and now Communist China. Stalin supported various Marxist organizations in the United States by sending people and money (McCarthy was right).

Early on you manage to get your comrades hired as professors, teachers, and philosophers in major universities. The students will listen to you because your theories are quaint, and America is an open society, curious, with freedom of speech. They will always listen to you even if just to avoid being rude, but enough people will always be taken in. You branch out into America’s favorite pastimes, Hollywood and music. You introduce nudity in movies, a little at first, then rock music that goes from love songs to heavy metal, satanic at its core. You encourage sexual promiscuity, but call it sexual freedom. You know the by-product will be abortion, thereby cheapening life itself. You pit one group against the other, not fighting racism or misogyny but inflaming it. You replace a God-centered ethic to a self-centered ethic. You can now freely choose your sexual preference, gender preference, kill your child, whatever.

When enough young people begin to listen, you tell them to live for themselves, tune in, drop out, feel good, experiment with drugs and all that life has to offer. Parents don’t understand, but so what. What do they know? You don’t want an educated, moral, focused youth.

The country now is in a free-fall

You go into the news business, both TV, print and PC, writing editorials, turning news from information to indoctrination and propaganda, following the path that education took years before. Your greatest accomplishment so far…you took over a major political party. Luckily, there are millions of people who are sleeping, still thinking the Democrat Party is John Kennedy and believing that government is the answer to all our ills…perfect.

With Donald Trump, your comrades did not have a president willing to play along. He fought you at every turn and was doing much too good of a job. Instead of congratulating him, you fought back with lies, impeachment and then a minor pandemic treated like the Black Death, planned years before to destroy the greatest economy we have ever seen. When all that failed the big guns came out…a totally fraudulent election that was so extreme, so comprehensive, so well planned and executed by both foreign and domestic enemies, it caught everyone flat-footed, even the Supreme Court that decided to do nothing. The Left has proven they will do anything for power. The country now is in a free-fall from where it was just months ago.

You now lean heavily on disarming the people. You can’t have an armed citizenry when they find out what’s in store for them. By coincidence (if you believe in that sort of thing) we have a rash of mass murders in the news, in Democrat cities, of course. Push hard now for gun control.

The cities you created are now the murder and poverty capitals of America, but they are useful, proof that America and capitalism doesn’t work. You must have patience, destroying a culture takes time, but you must work more quickly now, people are beginning to wake up.

The Leninist strategy of revolution calls for a two-prong approach

The Leninist strategy of revolution calls for a two-prong approach. One is a non-violent phase followed by a violent phase. We are at the beginning of the violent phase.

When you think you have enough of the indoctrinated in government, education, big business, the media and entertainment, even in the churches and synagogues, it’s time to go from persuasion to heavy-handed tactics…the violent stage. You’ve given up on much of the middle-class and now depend on the indoctrinated and the 30+ million illegal aliens you imported who are not accustomed to a representative democracy. If the country shows signs of disagreement, threaten riots. At this point, people who are not buying are considered insurrectionists, enemies of the state.

At this stage the political system is so corrupt it begins to putrefy. You hide behind thousands of troops that never leave DC in spite of the promises to the contrary. You look more like a third-world country every day, using strong-arm, military tactics to hold on to power. You know your grip is tenuous. You wonder if there are enough people living in fear that will support your coup. These people are not too bright. They have little knowledge and virtue, making themselves easy targets for tyrants.

I sense an awakening. Millions of people, if not fully awake, have their collective heads off the pillow. At least in the red states, people are beginning to fight back, passing counter legislation, claiming their 10th Amendment, states’ rights. At least a dozen states are active in that pursuit.

Make no mistake, there is a Communist revolution taking place in America. The Left is determined and well financed. People had better be aware. Organize and prepare to defend the homeland. We have spent trillions on defense from external attacks, but almost nothing to defend us from attacks from within.

Whether they call it Socialism or Democratic Socialism, it is all the same with the same goal…Communism.

This column was originally posted at Canada Free Press.

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