Journalists like Sara CarterJennie Taer at The Daily Caller, and Michael Yon on Twitter have been documenting a notable surge in Chinese migrants crossing the U.S. southern border in FY 23 (that began 1 October 2022).

Between October 2022 and April 2023, over 9,000 Chinese migrants, most of them single adult males, were encountered by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. Just through April 2023 (7 months into FY 23), that marks a nearly 400% increase in Chinese encounters over the total for the entire FY 22.

This does not even begin to account for the numbers that have made it across our border undetected or among those called “got aways.” Indeed, the numbers of Chinese men observed entering, within, and exiting the Darien Gap number many thousands more than those actually encountered and/or apprehended by CBP.

Many illegal aliens, the Chinese men among them, are actively being assisted in their travels north by the United Nations (U.N.), the U.S. Department of State and various U.S. Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs). Migrants are provided with food, water, clothing, shoes, backpacks and debit cards with which to purchase necessities along the way.

Maps charting various routes northward are handed out to them. Michael Yon observes large charter buses on the Panama side of the Darien Gap transporting hundreds of illegals north every single night. Who is paying for these buses is unclear.

Even more alarming is new information from Michael Yon that he’s observed not only large groups of fit, young, military-age Chinese men trekking through the Darien Gap that separates Colombia in South America from Panama in Central America, but reports that they’ve been seen drinking shots of raw chicken blood upon successfully arriving in Panama.

Chinese virologist whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan helps put that in context. She tells us that CCP leader Xi Jinping established the 75th Special Operations Brigade within the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 2013. The unit is subordinate to the Joint Staff Department of the PLA’s Central Military Commission and is based in China’s Yunnan Province. They are called “Jungle Tigers” and their signature training ritual is the drinking of chicken blood.

Among other places, China’s Jungle Tigers undergo rigorous jungle training in areas of southern China near the Burmese and Laotian borders where the rugged conditions are similar to what is found in the Darien Gap.

It is entirely possible that some Chinese who seek to flee the oppressive CCP regime do succeed in getting out of China. But it is not common for just anyone to be able to obtain a passport, the substantial required funds, and leave the country. Nor is it likely that thousands a month not only succeed in fleeing China but are also able to traverse the globe, sometimes by way of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to then make their way to the U.S. southern border with Mexico. That is a new phenomenon.

Some of the Chinese migrants encountered en route north to the U.S. have taken multiple flights before arriving in Cuba or Ecuador, neither of which requires Chinese nationals to obtain a visa. It is known that the Mexican cartels that control the routes into the U.S. charge up to $30,000 for migrants traveling from Asia to the Western Hemisphere.

Also troubling is the fact that upon encountering some of these young Chinese men at the Darien Gap, they are able to converse in good, even nearly accent-free English – something far from common among ordinary Chinese workers.

For someone who’s lived in China and has been trained in observing body language and mannerisms, and detecting even slight variations in accent like Michael Yon, there are tell-tale giveaways that mark many of these Chinese male migrants as well-trained military/intelligence members. As he recounts, despite good classroom English, the vocabulary usage is not always quite colloquial, the way they carry themselves often shows a characteristic military bearing, and the repeated narratives about why they left China come across as “rehearsed.”

Since October 2022, at, across social media, on cable TV, and certainly via official CBP reporting channels, the alarming numbers and characteristics of what appear to be Chinese military men crossing the U.S. southern border have been reported. And yet, to date, there has been absolute silence about it from senior USG officials.

Where do these Chinese men go upon gaining entry into our country? Do they join up with others already here? Are they forming operational cells? Are they conducting pre-attack casing and surveillance?

Has Mao’s “Long March” finally arrived here in the homeland?

This column was originally published at Newsmax

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