Shortly after Obama’s 2009 inauguration, the new chief executive made one of the only memorable, though unoriginal, statements of his outwardly unremarkable presidency. ”Elections have consequences.” It was a statement meant to tell Republicans, ‘You lost, I won. I get to do things my way.’ You could almost add to that, ‘If you think we are going to work together, think again.’

Blacks expected great things and received nothing until, of all people, Donald Trump showed up

Unremarkable, because Obama’s term in office was not noted for any drastic external changes or improvements in government, how the government does business, efficiency, or what the people could see or feel as a benefit. The deep state was still hard at work protecting their rice bowl. Racial issues were brought to the forefront, even if there weren’t any concerns of any notoriety—a divide-and-conquer tactic. Obamacare was and remains largely a failure. Black people complained that they were ignored as ever. When Obama became president, I remember Blacks yelling in the streets with glee that they were going to get free cell phones and not have to pay rent anymore. Where could they have possibly gotten that from?

Blacks expected great things and received nothing until, of all people, Donald Trump showed up. Home ownership among Blacks was at its highest level while Trump was president. Soaring employment caused minorities to experience the highest income gains. Real income for Blacks rose by 8% in 2019. Higher than even the Obama years.

African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American unemployment rates reached their lowest level on record. Women’s unemployment was the lowest in 65 years. Youth unemployment was the lowest in 50 years. Unemployment for those without a high school diploma was at a record low. Manufacturing saw a resurrection from the dead.

With Trump, the dismantling of America had been halted

Our military experienced a renaissance without a war to fight—a well deserved breather. China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran all halted their mischief for fear of this new brand of president. The only thing breaking out in the Middle East was peace—an actual eagerness to sit down and discuss living together in the same region.

We became energy independent in 2019 for the first time in 62 years. We discovered that we have more oil than any other nation on earth.

It’s no wonder the Left saw fit to release the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 or early 2020. The Left had to somehow halt the growth—stop Trump. The Left was staring at another loss in 2020 and the dismantling of all the destruction of America they had accomplished. Not believing the timing of it is at your peril.

With Trump, the dismantling of America had been halted. The elite globalists were chafed as Trump stopped cold their plans to incorporate the next cog in their big wheel of world governance.

Obama’s ‘accomplishments’ were internal: quietly setting up our government and its deep state for a globalist future. Our military was given a close shave. Some of the best general officers were sent packing, a purge, if you will. The military was given new priorities, from military power to political points. He left office with 36% approval from the military, a low approval even for a Democrat president.

Obama’s ‘accomplishments’ were internal: quietly setting up our government and its deep state for a globalist future

It was classic Democrat-think that complained to Trump about his military spending after the Obama administration hollowed it out.

Since the infamous 2020 election that saw more fraud than Carter has liver pills, America has changed drastically. Yes, we had a respite in 2017 with the election of Donald Trump. But since the January 2021 coup, America has experienced dire changes.

Now we beg Saudi Arabia to drill for more oil. And we pay double and triple at the pump what it was just a few short years ago.

Where we had peace, we now have war. Wars in the Middle East and Eastern Europe threaten us with a world war unlike anything we have seen since World War II. Russia’s continuous security concerns, expressed numerous times at the UN and in the media, are ignored until Russia decides it has no other choice. An aggressive NATO marginalizing and pushing Russia into a corner, deciding Russia is an enemy with the reason of ‘because’ is not enough to risk world annihilation. This was done in total disregard for a half-dozen international agreements on ‘indivisibility’, which is that the West is not to be armed at the expense of the East. Instead of building alliances, we pushed Russia to align with China, creating an aggressive enemy. Not too smart. We don’t say Putin is angelic, but the man deserved an audience. Remember, Putin was quiet while Trump was president.

You couldn’t believe the Democrats when they accused Trump of Russia collusion, and you certainly can’t believe them now concerning Russia. Somebody wants war and financial chaos. Justification is not a concern. They will create it. The globalist agenda needs distraction to initiate their one world government, the depopulation of earth and the 4th industrial revolution.

The Democrats fought tooth and nail to prevent the wall

Allowing China to infiltrate every facet of our country—education, immigration, medicine, agriculture, technology, and the military—because money is being exchanged is beyond treason.

The world was at peace because we were strong. Now our big stick is a wet noodle. Our friends no longer consider us reliable, creating a dangerous global free-for-all. Our enemies have decided, ‘Now is the time.’

The law has never been as inconsequential as it is now. Attorneys general owned by Soros won’t prosecute. Cities pass ordinances forgiving shoplifting below $1000, causing mass shoplifting escapades throughout America. Equal justice under the law has become nothing but a bygone slogan. If you’re the son of the president, you get away with numerous felonies, crimes, and misdemeanors, unless, of course, your last name is Trump. Then the full weight of the deep state comes down on you.

Democrats have a never-ending dialogue about our ‘broken immigration system,’ playing defense for Biden. But Biden has purposely ignored our immigration laws. He is constitutionally obligated to enforce federal law. He took an oath to that effect. That is clearly an impeachable offense. When a border wall is mentioned, Democrats cringe in revulsion, saying we need a technological solution. What could they possibly mean by that? What do they expect technology to do? Would any new technology prevent a person from physically crossing a border? Or will it give us a bird’s-eye view of illegal aliens crossing our borders in high definition? Our borders don’t need new laws; they need a wall.

The Democrats fought tooth and nail to prevent the wall. Trump estimated approximately $11 billion to build it, but it was refused by a Democrat Congress. Trump instead had to divert funds from other security programs to start the project. As of the beginning of 2023, illegal immigration had cost taxpayers at least $151 billion. If Trump’s wall ended up being double the price, it still would have been a bargain.

Democrats do not work for Americans. They work only to amass and retain their power structure

What materials are left after the border construction halt sit in the desert, rotting or being sold for pennies on the dollar as we watch between 8-10 million illegal aliens cross into our country. Many of them are military-age males from every enemy country, including China. Gordon Chang, China expert, says most Chinese illegals are saboteurs waiting for orders.

Democrats do not work for Americans. They work only to amass and retain their power structure. And in these times, that means a coveted seat at the table of the New World Order. It will be a highly surveilled world where dissent will come at a high cost. They will copy the Chinese way—millions of cameras with facial recognition to scrutinize your every step—a digital currency that can turn anyone off with a keystroke. And let’s not forget that the UN, our globalist pal in New York, up to their eyeballs in the New World Order, has recently demanded the United States submit a plan to halt meat consumption.

Democrats have declared war on the internal combustion engine without a reasonable alternative. Pushing EV autos has only one goal: zero car ownership. They know the vast majority of people cannot afford those cars, so they are slowly forcing you out of the market.

Obama anxiously and enthusiastically endorsed Biden for president, yet during his presidency, his mantra was “Don’t do stupid s–t.” All the while knowing that Biden spent his entire adult life doing just that.

The Democrat Party has bought into the globalist agenda and has joined the vast global conspiracy to crush the middle class, our freedom, our culture, our religion, our Constitution, and our sovereignty. They’ve joined the global elites, the Soros crowd, the Bill Gates deadly vaccine people, and those that insist that we kill off our herds and start eating bugs. They are content to see our great nation become just another nail in the coffin of Western Civilization. Elections have consequences. Indeed!

This column was originally published at Canada Free Press

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