President Trump has a simple view of things. He sees nothing complicated or indecisive about maintaining America as the greatest nation on earth, and to be a stone in the shoe of any nation or individual wanting to relegate the United States to existence as only a chapter in a history book. Part of that vision is to put the current leadership of the Democrat Party, a party that has dangerously lost its way, to bed, clean up Washington and make firm a prosperous future.

Since the ‘60s the party has slowly been overpowered by Marxist revolutionaries. They have appropriated the education system, the media, and much of Washington to a point where schools and news outlets no longer teach and inform but indoctrinate. Washington’s ‘swamp’ is filled with rogue public servants willing to sell out America.

But, the Democrats have miscalculated. They thought in 2016 they had reached the point of easy pickins. Then along came the ultimate outsider, Donald J. Trump. Trump was not just a candidate, but a movement that reminded the American people who they were, patriotic, fair-minded, generous and not racist. The Democrats were reminded that the acceptance of bondage by Americans can’t be taught or indoctrinated, it must be forced. The Democrats were not going to get that opportunity.

Now, as a final counterattack, Democrats have let out all the stops. They must win to complete their agenda and prevent many in their leadership from being arrested and prosecuted for federal crimes. They are desperate and with desperation, in many cases, comes additional illegality, and for some, treason.

Everything I have seen, read, and heard tells me we can come to some reasonable expectation as to what might happen on Election Night and beyond.

The Democrats will attempt to conduct a color revolution, a revolution used numerous times by intelligence communities on third-world countries. That is, conduct a coup through agitation & chaos, blame it on Trump and call it a victory for democracy. Blaming it on Trump will be important. They have primed the nation to expect Trump’s refusal to leave office. But, Trump’s defiance will only be the result of massive election fraud.

100 Democrat leaders and anti-Trumpsters held a meeting some time ago, paid by Soros to conduct ‘war games’, that is, speculate various outcomes of the 2020 election. One possible outcome was that Trump clearly wins. In that scenario, Biden refuses to concede. States that Trump won are pressured into sending Democrats to the formal Electoral College vote and trust that the military will take care of the rest. Remember, the Democrats have been planting the thought in voters’ minds that the military may be needed to remove Trump from the White House.

On Election NIght, when it is clear Trump is winning, hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots, many fraudulent, will mysteriously appear and keep appearing for days, especially from closely contested states, along with the demand for a recount and/or acceptance of the harvested ballots. “Every vote counts,” they will argue. Big tech will provide cover, flagging any posts or tweets that claim Trump won, closing accounts of all known conservatives, including the President. Chaos and confusion will be everywhere. Results will be delayed for probably weeks giving the Marxist Democrats time to do their propaganda war before the December 14 Electoral College vote. “Trump lost”, “Trump lost”, will be on every TV station, radio show, newspaper, social website, and on the lips of every rabid Democrat, liberal pundit and Hollywood celebrity.

In the meantime, massive riots will have broken out as diversion to the election fraud taking place. Property destruction will be terrific. Violence will be everywhere, people will die. It will make the recent rioting look subdued. It will all be blamed on Trump’s refusal to concede and leave office. The Marxists will try to play on Americans’ innate desire for fairness and peace. Make no mistake, what you will be watching is a Marxist revolution in full swing, guns, baseball bats and all.

The military will watch closely. Many Democrats believe they will be on their side, the result of a thorough purging by Obama. Although Gen. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, has received an open letter from Two Democrat-aligned Army officers urging him to deploy the 82nd Airborne Division, Milley has said that the military will play no role in politics. We’ll see.

It shouldn’t be any mystery that this election will be historic. It will be an election that decides the direction of this nation, freedom or bondage. Whether this country will be as the founders envisioned, or will it be a new socialist state, part of a new world order, governed by an unelected ruling class, ultimately controlled by an oligarchy thousands of miles away?

The only brake to a full-scale, violent revolution will be a total landslide never before seen…beyond any question. I believe Trump will win and get his landslide. The bill for the treason will be handed over to the DNC and they will pay with arrests and the prosecution of dozens of criminals and traitors.

Our nation badly needs these conspirators to be put to bed, the nation given a thorough cleansing, our future secured.

Pray for this election and beyond.

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© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security