Someone needs to ask what their definition of democracy is, because I don’t see anything from them that remotely looks like it.

We are almost at the end of 2021. It’s been a year unlike any other. Our nation, in just over 11 months, has been brought down to the level of a third world country but with nice cars and nuclear weapons. We have it all, corruption from the top on down, massive debt, economic, political and cultural instability, and callous politicians obsessed with power, not solutions.

Since Democrats stole power, fraudulent elections are becoming commonplace

Since Democrats stole power, fraudulent elections are becoming commonplace. The nation has been inundated with crime by perpetrators showing no fear of punishment. Our energy independence is gone, with manufacturing losing its comeback. We have an open Southern border showing millions of aliens pouring in, many diseased, many violent, almost all poor, in expectation of receiving money and government services. The flow of drugs is now a flood. Millions of workers are being paid to stay at home while employers beg for help. Our military leaders can’t even withdraw from a country without getting scores of people killed and leaving behind hundreds in their wake. Inflation has now set in, the most conspicuous in 40 years. The middle class is shrinking, the backbone of our country. China has been given the go-ahead to do what they please, thanks to a weak president they own. Our Democrats can’t leave the Russians alone, constantly tweaking their noses with no thought of possible consequence.

All of these offerings brought to you by the Democrat Party. They’ve made a determination, in spite of their constant bashing that we need to preserve our democracy, that democracy no longer works (for them) and for the ‘good of the country’ are preparing major changes. These Democrats, these insurrectionists, planned a coup at least 5 years ago, but were thwarted in 2016 by a deficient algorithm they used to count the votes. The votes were too numerous on the side of Trump, so the algorithm proved insufficient to counter.

They were not going to let that happen again, hence the interruption in counting several hours into the computing of the 2020 votes. Biden, like he has done before, occasionally spills the beans, says truth unintentionally, often not serving him well (“My team has created the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – 2020). Just the other day, Biden, in a speech selling election reform (code for perfecting election fraud), made a point of saying that it’s not the voting but the counting that matters. That’s right out of Stalin’s mouth. True, and they know that more than anyone.

2021 was a year of distractions, diversions, and manufactured national emergencies

2021 was a year of distractions, diversions, and manufactured national emergencies. In the Democrat tradition of not letting any crisis go to waste, they have become addicted to getting the American people to obey and comply with orders from above (not God). These orders had nothing to do with our laws, the Constitution, or health. They were a test of the American people to examine compliance. They side-stepped and broke so many laws, including the Nuremberg Code, that even pundits became bewildered. Predictably, Democrat states adhered like the bondservants they are, while Red states went on with their lives.

We don’t want to leave out the small number of unscrupulous Republicans who continually forget whose interests they are presumed to serve, until they need money, of course. These maggots serve themselves, hold grudges, and ride with the wind.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the pandemic is being used by Dems, on orders from globalist elites and Chinese communists, to depopulate the United States of its freedom-minded citizens so as to come to heel with the rest of Western civilization, to get ready for The Great Reset. This is something that Americans will have to come to terms with sooner or later. Eminent physician and COVID expert, Dr. Peter McCullough, said recently that the pandemic was premeditated by public health officials working in tandem with medical elites and that health officials purposefully suppressed treatments and protocols to combat the virus in order to force mass vaccinations (Joe Rogan Experience).

When you ask the right questions, a terrifying picture emerges. Why does our government order citizens to take a ‘vaccine’ and not order Congress to do the same? How do we know for sure that the political elites really took the vaccine? Why are millions of aliens entering our country illegally and not required to be vaccinated? I have thought much on this question. The only explanation I can think of is that these aliens, these people who have no tradition of freedom or independence will be the new worker bees in a fourth industrial revolution, easy to manipulate and control.

Why is the government suppressing effective treatments for COVID-19 as ‘unproven’ to push experimental vaccines that have killed and/or injured hundreds of thousands of people worldwide? Why are the vaccinated getting COVID and dying as we speak? Why is the recent variant affecting mainly the vaccinated? Why are athletes, airline pilots, even doctors and nurses from all over the world dropping like flies from heart problems, blood clots? Why do the vaccinated need to wear a mask except to show a sign of obedience? Why have the vaccines not been pulled after the CDC admits deaths of at least 20,000 people? After a study, those 20,000 deaths are closer to a conservative 140,000 (American Thinker-12/9/21). I will be attending my fourth funeral in almost as many weeks. In the not-so-distant past vaccines were pulled with as few as 25 deaths.

You could blame the administration on the grounds of stupidity if it wasn’t for its widespread use by the entire Democrat Party. No, this is not stupidity. This is a planned dismantling of our country, our institutions, certainly our culture by a world-class cabal of elitists, with no core values, that are nearing the climax of their struggle for power. They will devise new crises, new emergencies, new false flags, pull the plug on the economy, even a new war, anything to put off or cancel the elections. It was reported this week that Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite ‘intellectuals’ have expressed concern about our democracy and warn that it may take a downturn in 2022. Of course, they’re expressing concern! If the elections are allowed to take place, they’re going to be destroyed. They are planning to scrap our democratic institutions and blame it on Republicans. Democrats ALWAYS do what they say the opposition will do! They are so easy to figure out. They’re priming the pump.

We must come to conclusions, as hard as they are, as difficult it is to get our heads around. Democrats know they are in big trouble but have no plans to relinquish their power, election or no election. Unless they come up with a doozy of a crisis, they are about to get a good dose of democracy, an enema at the very least. Someone needs to ask what their definition of democracy is, because I don’t see anything from them that remotely looks like it.

This column was published at Canada Free Press.

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