However, there is also a movement within the black community to restore the roots of our conservative principles and values, leading us to be victors. What Candace Owens was referring to is the ideological divide between the left’s belief in the equality of outcomes, as opposed to constitutional conservatives who embrace the philosophy of equality of opportunity – something I have been addressing for some time.

The battle raged widely once rapper Kanye West posted a tweet that he liked how Candace Owens thought. Oh boy, it was on then. As well, Kanye West went on to actually say something nice about President Donald Trump. And it was really on then!

The passing of time has only given further evidence that when the left speaks of tolerance, they actually mean intolerance. The progressive, socialist left operates on a collective or “herd” mentality. The greatest transgression of a black conservative is to be a black conservative. There is no greater sin that will draw the ire of the leftists. That is what Ms. Owens has experienced, and any minority, or woman conservative, the mental lash of the party of slavery, secession, segregation, and socialism. Ms. Owens ran into young students who prefer not to engage in intellectual debate. No, that is not the manner of person possessing the leftist mentality. They prefer to shout, scream, denigrate, demean, disparage, coerce, intimidate, mandate, and if necessary, revert to abject violence in order to suppress any opposing thoughts, perspectives, insights, and ideas.

For the liberal, progressive left, tolerance becomes their willingness to tolerate only that which they deem, or define, as acceptable. You cannot hold a belief in traditional two-parent marriage between a man and a woman. You cannot believe that there are only two genders. You will accept gender dysphoria as a right. You are not allowed to offer any opposing studies or statistics on “climate change” or else you are a Neanderthal, and a member of the “flat earth society.”

If you do possess beliefs that are not accepted by the progressive, socialist left, you, your family – heck, your pets – are all fair game for assault, and public character assassination.

Ask yourselves: who at Facebook made the determination that the viewpoints of two black conservative women who support President Trump are “unsafe for the community”? In what community are the perspectives of Diamond and Silk considered unsafe? Yes, that is a rhetorical question. The answer is simple: the intolerant, progressive socialist community that has decided that blacks cannot think for themselves, they can only regurgitate, and prostrate themselves before the gods of progressive socialism. They are the same ones who once physically enslaved blacks, but now mentally, and intellectually, bind them in chains relegating them to the 21st century economic plantation, in order to harvest votes, not cotton.

How absurd are the comments of former Vice President Joe Biden making the assertion that Republicans do not want blacks to vote? Doggone, Joe, ever read any history, bro? The Republican Party was established to end slavery. The GOP were the ones who passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to our Constitution – ending slavery, making blacks citizens, and giving blacks the right to vote. And, just like the recent tax cut law, those legislative measures, constitutional amendments had no Democrat support! Ahh, but it was the Democrats, Joe, who supported that very tolerant group called the Ku Klux Klan, who sought to deny blacks their recently earned freedoms and liberties. Seems to me that it is the Democrats who want to “put y’all back in chains.”

Yes, the left is so very tolerant that they believe a bar owner should not serve someone due to their political beliefs. Yes, a court in New York ruled that a bar owner was within their rights to deny service to a patron who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Darn, what happened to that “freedom of expression” right, you know, the First Amendment?

Oh yeah, see, if you do not believe in same-sex marriage, your First Amendment religious freedom right holds no water. Just ask the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon. They did not want to bake goods for a specific ceremony, a same-sex wedding. They got told they had to. So, why does the bar owner get to say no to someone wearing a hat, yet those who believe in traditional marriage are forced into submission?

Yep, that’s how the left defines tolerance. They demand a “fairness doctrine” for talk radio, but then they tell conservatives your videos are not welcome on YouTube. Why are we talking about “censorship” in America? It’s because of the intolerance of the progressive, socialist left, who also have taken to revisionist history. Nope, they do not even tolerate history. Funny, here in Dallas, Texas, and all across America, the leftists are tearing down statues of Confederate leaders, claiming white supremacy and racial animus. But why does the left embrace white supremacist, racist, and Klan rally orator Margaret Sanger and the organization she founded, Planned Parenthood? I mean really? Sanger referred to blacks as “weeds” and “undesirables,” but I guess that is accepted speech by the liberal, progressive left.

Protesters, some carrying Black Lives Matter signs, according to NBC 4 New York, chanted that they wanted dead cops back in 2014. All the while, blacks are being killed in genocidal numbers by Planned Parenthood, and in our urban centers, controlled by the liberal, progressive Democratic Party. Oh, I know, stop it. That is acceptable, tolerated by the progressive, socialist left.

The left’s intolerance is non-debatable. How odd that the left creates a group called “Antifa,” which they say means they are against fascism. Yet, all they do is use violence and force to silence opposing voices? Hmm, isn’t that what fascism is all about?

Why? Why is the left so intolerant, yet they mask themselves as tolerant? Simple: they cannot defend the absurdity that they believe in. Heck, most cannot even explain it beyond a trite repetitive talking point. You ever notice how everyone on the left always says the exact same thing? That represents a lack of creative thinking and individual thought. It is as if a daily chip is implanted at the base of their neck. If confronted with any facts or assertions that dispel their talking points, then the tolerant leftists begin to spew vitriol and venomous rhetoric and retreat to their safe spaces, all the while condemning others for microaggressions.

It’s time for the Old School Patriots to be Steadfast and Loyal … and fight back!

This piece was originally published on Allen West’s The Old School Patriot.

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