I have spoken about this before and will continue until there is consistent justice. We are about to enter another dramatic week surrounding the 11th hour allegations and accusations of Professor Ford against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The incessant rhetoric from the progressive, socialist left is that Professor Ford must be believed, that her accusations from 36 years ago must be taken as credible. She must be believed, and there should even be an FBI investigation. If anyone has been keeping up with this episode, they know that there are more questions for Professor Ford to answer than Judge Kavanaugh. Of course, my saying that opens me up to condemnation from the left, and this is so for no other reason than the fact that I am being a reasonable and objective individual that is fairly assessing this situation.

Amazingly enough, the left has already begun running political ads demanding that Judge Kavanaugh, who is beyond qualified, not be confirmed to the nation’s highest court. The left has even gone so far in these ads to suggest Judge Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. A sexual predator? Based upon what evidence? Here we are, all under the presumption that our system of justice is based upon a person being innocent until proven guilty. Well, the progressive, socialist left has decided that Judge Kavanaugh is guilty. The Democratic [Socialist] Party has publicly stated that even if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, with a new leftist majority, they will impeach him.

So, let me get this right. We are told that this is not about politics, but the Democrats are using this situation, these allegations, as a platform to justify their being given control of our legislative branch of government. And why do they demand control of the legislative branch? It’s simple. They intend to maintain control of the judicial branch.

See, the three branches of government as duly articulated in our Constitution are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches. For the leftists in America, the three branches are the media, academia, and the courts. Those three are how the left implements their ideological agenda and ensures their ideological domination – by way of controlling the message.

And so it is, the Democratic [Socialist] Party has their willing branch of their ideology, the media, doing their bidding in the character assassination of one Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The liberal, progressive media and the left in America are speaking from the same page reference, the requisite talking points being to derail the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. As National Socialist (Nazi) Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels once asserted, if you tell a lie enough, it will eventually become truth. It appears that the progressive, socialist left in America, and their media accomplices, fully comprehend and embrace that maxim.

However, it is not always about the incessant message being promulgated and proliferated by the leftists. Sometimes it can be about what they are not saying. And in this case, their silence is deafening, and quite telling.

Her name is Karen Monahan. Chances are you do not know who she is, and if you do, you should be speaking about her. She is the woman who alleges to have had a relationship with current U.S. Representative Keith Ellison who is the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). And Rep. Ellison is the Democratic [Socialist] Party nominee to be the Attorney General of Minnesota. According to Fox News, Ms. Monahan has accused Rep. Ellison of emotional and physical abuse. But now consider how much she has been mentioned by the same liberal, progressive media telling us that Professor Ford is to be believed. What makes the case of Ms. Monahan’s allegations even more interesting is that they are less than a year old, and her own son has corroborated her story.

So, who decides which women are to be believed? And if I am minimally astute, it does appear that the determination of such is based upon nothing more than political motivations. Now, we have thirty-six-year-old allegations against a then-teenage Judge Brett Kavanaugh, which you must believe. However, allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison, which are far more recent, have no support from those same stentorian voices like the Hollywood actresses who came out with their video condemning Judge Kavanaugh. Why not the same treatment for Rep. Keith Ellison?

All I am seeking to understand here is the blatant hypocrisy, which we have seen before courtesy of Bill Clinton, as the progressive, socialist left tells us which women are to be believed. And it almost always seems to boil down to one critical factor: political party affiliation. And let’s be honest, that is not debatable.

What if Keith Ellison were a Republican member of Congress and the same Karen Monahan brought these same allegations? Yes, you get my point. And if Judge Brett Kavanaugh was appointed to be a Supreme Court nominee by a Democratic President as opposed to President Trump? Well, you know how vicious the left would be in attacking Professor Ford. Why can we say this so definitively? Because we just need to remember how the left treated the women who brought accusations against Bill Clinton. Remember Monica Lewinsky? How about the tragic death of Mary Jo Kopechne? Remember her?

Why is it that there are no commercial ads being run by the Democratic [Socialist] Party and promoted by the leftist media that suggest Rep. Keith Ellison is a sexual predator? Well, perhaps it is time we realized that the Democratic Party and their media allies follow a very prevalent pattern: using accusation and allegations of sexual abuse for political gain, and then demanding the accusers be believed, while they reject accusations that flow the other way.

How funny that the party of “fairness” would treat Ms. Karen Monahan in such an unfair manner. Can you imagine her depression watching the 24/7 news cycle where so much air time is being provided to Professor Ford, while her cries for recognition go unnoticed – no – are basically dismissed and disregarded? I find this despicable, appalling at the least. Indeed, morally corrupt.

It is time we stop allowing the progressive, socialist left to determine which lives matter and which women to believe.

This column was originally published at CNSNews.

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