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By Thomas McInerney LTG USAF (Ret) Class of 59’ 

Paul E Vallely MG USA (Ret) Class of 61’

Andrew P. O’Meara, Jr., Col., USA (Ret.) Class of 59’ 

Many Americans are dismayed by the decline in combat readiness of American armed forces under the Biden Administration. The one area that has enjoyed widespread growth and support is transgender rights, which, if anything, harms combat readiness. Given the political indoctrination military personnel receive in Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination, we have good reason to question the armed forces’ loyalty to the national heritage and the Constitution.

Given the strong support enjoyed by President Trump from everyday Americans, it appears middle-class American support for the Constitution remains as sound as that displayed by their fathers before them. What seems ominous is the animosity displayed for American heritage by intellectual elites and students at exclusive colleges.

Where do the loyalties of the American people reside? Americans have struggled with national loyalties since the birth of the English colonies. In colonial times, the struggle was between nation-states. England, France, and Spain claimed territories that now form the USA. The loyalties of French, English, and Spanish nationals clashed, producing deadly conflicts along the frontiers of the English colonies in America.

Following the French and Indian War, the Paris Peace Treaty settled territorial disputes, recognizing English territorial claims in North America. After that, differences between the English colonies and the Mother Country gave rise to a new identity – Americans — who challenged the English Monarchy. Militant nationalism on the part of the Americans generated the American Revolution that gave birth to the USA.

No sooner had Americans gotten over their clash with England over the issue of independence than slavery emerged as a contentious issue that split the country between North and South. The Civil War was fought to bring an end to slavery or protect slavery. Depending on which side one took. Following the Civil War, conflicting loyalties over human rights and class conflict produced the KKK, segregation, and the Communist Party USA, generating still more conflicting loyalties that have resulted in generations of protests, riots, and rebellions.

What of our contemporary society? Do conflicting loyalties continue to tear the nation apart? If so, do they threaten the Republic? To answer that question, we must look closely at existing loyalties and the changes conflicting loyalties have brought about.

Before the American Revolution, we, the people, reckoned the conditions colonists endured as English subjects of King George III were too unjust, disruptive, and annoying to tolerate any longer. Taxation without representation, quartering troops in private homes and public houses, refusal of the King to approve legislation passed by colonial assemblies, costly royalties paid the Crown for imported goods, and rude Red Coats quartered in America’s communities; it was all too much to bear.

Revolution was the only answer Americans recognized to the tyranny and oppression of the English Crown. After decades of strife, the people had had enough. They demanded ties with England be severed. The Declaration of Independence announced the intentions of the American people to sever their ties with the English Crown. The response of King George III was to dispatch an Army to the colonies to put down the rebellion, which aggravated the prevailing oppression and discontent.

Red Coats occupied important population centers to quell rebellion. The colonial population split between those loyal to the Crown and those opposed to their subjugation as subjects of the English King. When the time came to fight, divided loyalties led to a revolution accompanied by internal strife between loyal supporters of the Crown – Tories – and rebels demanding independence – the American revolutionaries.

The split loyalties were incorrigible, separating families, homes, and the countryside. Neither side was prepared to compromise. The Tories fought alongside the Red Coats. American Revolutionaries fought to destroy the British Red Coats and their Tory allies. The English defeat at Yorktown, Virginia, sealed the English fate, ending the American Revolution. The English departed, leaving their Tory allies behind. The abandoned Tories were violently dispatched or fled the country. It was ugly. It was brutal, but English tyranny was ended.

Unfortunately, the clash of loyalties continued following the Paris Peace Treaty of 1793. With independence came ownership of three million destitute black African slaves cut off from their native cultures and largely unassimilated into Western Civilization. The Declaration of Independence proclaimed they were fully equal. Nonetheless, plantation owners and the laws of the Land said the slaves were the property of their masters.

Europeans who had already outlawed slavery, looked down upon Americans who retained slavery while professing all men are created equal. Citizens were shamed by the stigma attached to slavery that tarnished American reputations by virtue of plantation slavery that flourished in the south.

The country was deeply divided over the issue. The northern states were determined that all men were created equal, as penned in the Declaration of Independence. They were determined to abolish slavery. Tempers on both sides were inflamed.

In the South, the people were adamantly opposed to abolition. The Southerners had inherited plantation slavery from their English ancestors. Southern agriculture was dependent on slave labor. Southerners lived well, if not lavishly. They were determined to preserve their prosperity and property – black African slaves. They had no intention of liberating the slaves upon whom the labor burden fell.

Abraham Lincoln ran for president in 1860 on a platform calling for the abolition of slavery. By the time of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, a compromise was no longer possible. As the fighting commenced, conflicting loyalties tore the country apart. The entire country split to take sides.

The officer corps split in two. Officers born and raised in the South headed home to join the Confederacy. Officers loyal to the Union remained at their posts and retained their commissions in the Army and Navy. There were exceptions of Southern-born officers, who remained loyal to the Union but were small.

Following the Civil War, the split loyalties took years to heal. Confederate veterans and their families remained fiercely loyal to their lost cause, despite loyalty oaths that allowed Confederate states to return to the Union. Vestiges of the Confederate hatred of Yankees remain to this day.

In the first century, the country experienced two massive conflicts to heal fractured loyalties. Following the Civil War, the government took measures to cultivate patriotism. Loyalty oaths were obligatory for public servants. Schools emphasized national heritage. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited daily. The training of cadets and midshipmen made abundantly clear their loyalties belonged to the USA.

In the decades following the War, the principal test of loyalty was between those who espoused free market economies and Collectivists. French philosophers who called themselves Jacobins produced the Enlightenment movement that advocated revolutionary change. They preached that the wealth of society should be redistributed. Wealth must be taken from those who have and given to those who have not.

They demanded that French society be liberated from French culture, the Church, the Monarchy, and the nobility. Their movement led to the French Revolution. Their goals consisted of liberty, fraternity, and equality, which the Jacobins interpreted as the newly installed dictators of France.

While the French Enlightenment originated in the academic community, the revolutionary forces initially consisted of angry street mobs. French soldiers who refused to fire upon the mobs allowed the Jacobins to capture the Bourbon royal family. The mob elevated radicals to dictators, who purged those deemed unworthy of survival – kings, priests, and nobles – who were sent to the guillotine.

Originating in France, the Jacobins had spread Enlightenment doctrine through the academic community. They were joined by Karl Marx, who called for the world’s workers to revolt and seize power through revolution. Marx expected the revolution to commence in Germany before spreading worldwide. Instead, it began in backward Tsarist Russia before applying to the Third World in peasant revolutions.

Socialist doctrine was made complete by the teachings of Karl Marx, who preached that property ownership was the sole right of the proletariat or working class. The dictatorship of the proletariat controlled all property in the name of the workers. Central planners, commissars, and factory managers directed the economy by controlling production, distribution, consumption, occupations, wages, education, factory workers, and agricultural communes. It was a massive undertaking that was designated a totalitarian dictatorship.

Expected to be worldwide, the communist revolution fell flat in liberal democracies like Great Britain and the United States, where the standard of living resulted in the rejection of processes by well-paid workers. Revolution made no sense when the workers had little to gain and much to lose through violent protests, riots, and revolutions. The worker’s cause was the cause of middle-class Americans who were faithful to God, the American heritage, family values, the Flag, and the Constitution.

When the Communists failed to enlist American workers, their doctrine was briefly defeated. Considering their defeat at the hands of workers of liberal democracies, the Marxists resolved to bring down democratic governments by working through the disenfranchised, including Bohemians and the sexually repressed. They taught that the privileged individuals of society were to become disenfranchised. They were to be replaced by those who hadn’t enjoyed the privileges of society. They called it the critical theory spread by the Frankfurt School in Germany in the years between the two World Wars.

Critical theory became the battleground of the Far Left. They have employed critical theory to wage class warfare in America through the Feminist Revolution (NOW), the sexual revolution, the queer and gay revolution, and the black revolution now being propagated in the form of Critical Race Theory.

Turning to the opposition confronting the Communist Party USA, the success enjoyed by President Trump represents the greatest threat to the Communist Revolution in America. Donald J. Trump recognized that the GOP, the Democrats, and the Radical Left had abandoned middle-class Americans. Trump rallied everyday Americans to take back the country from the politicians who had abandoned them. His challenge was to rebuild America or to Make America Great Again.

The communist response to Donald J. Trump has been a scorched-earth approach. There were to be no more tomorrows for the Communist Revolutionaries. They are determined to seize power now or burn down the country around them. They have captured the administrative state, which we call the deep state to control and defeat the free market economy. They attack family values through the Trans Gender movement that seeks to use American children to break down faith and family values,

They have stolen the 2020 election to capture the Executive Branch of government to marshal the law enforcement agencies of the Federal government as a weapon to destroy the GOP. Meanwhile, they wage war in the Ukraine to conceal the evidence of massive corruption by the Biden family and the Democratic Party. Moreover, they have used the war in Ukraine to exhaust the arsenal of logistical support of US national security apparatus. (It is a form of unilateral disarmament similar to that employed by Obama to bring down America.) The Communists and Socialists have used their strength in the academic community to wage war through the liberal media and entertainment industry to control public opinion.

Thus, we have a United Front of the Left against the American Constitutional Republic attacking multiple layers of loyalty to bring down the US government and the USA.

  • The Deep State attacks the fossil fuel industry to cripple the free market.
  • Trans Gender movement attacks family values.
  • Invasion of illegal aliens subverts the electoral system to steal elections.
  • War in Ukraine employed to conceal Democrat money laundering, bribes, and corruption.
  • Elections stolen to weaponize federal law enforcement agencies of criminal justice system to destroy the GOP.
  • Consuming logistical stocks in wasteful spending on war in Ukraine to unilaterally disarm US armed forces.
  • Creating a united front of intellectuals, the media, and entertainment industry to control public opinion.
  • Control of education to indoctrinate future generations with socialist doctrine.
  • Funding of Antifa to wage the class struggle using riots, protests, and insurrections.
  • Funding radical attorneys to create urban chaos by ending the prosecution of criminals.
  • Defunding the police to disarm law enforcement agencies.

The combination of United Front attacks is intended to bring down liberal democracies despite a lack of support for the revolution from the middle class, GOP rank and file, and blue-collar workers.

Counterattacks by defenders of the Constitution against Marxist revolutionaries are dependent upon state responses that are uncoordinated and inadequately funded. At present, the outlook for internal resistance doesn’t look good.

Are US Armed Forces members capable of resisting the Communist takeover of the country? They show no signs of uniting in resistance. Officers in senior positions parrot the Party Line as if they believe the Communist doctrine that educated men and women should be able to recognize is utterly false.


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