We all know the saying, “keep Austin weird” as if that is some moniker of pride in the capital city of the Lone Star State. It was just recently decided by the Austin City Council to allow homeless individuals to erect tents downtown. We have previously reported on the Autonomous Student Network who issued threats against incoming conservative freshman students at the University of Texas, Austin . . . which is becoming one of the most radicalized progressive socialist universities in America.

There is no doubt that one has to ask: is Austin the capital of Texas, or the results of leftist infiltration into Texas from California?

Just last week the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate roadshow took the stage in Houston, Texas. Yes, Houston, Texas, where every Republican elected official was defeated in November 2018. It is unconscionable to believe that a former Texas member of Congress made the pronounced statement that gun confiscation was a viable policy solution. And, in San Antonio, home to one of America’s great symbols of courage and heroism, The Alamo, the city council there denied Chick-fil-A’s petition to open a store at the airport.

You must truly ask, what the heck is happening in my adopted home state of Texas? This can no longer be dismissed in acquiescence to the progressive socialist left, and their ideological agenda is not a course of action in Texas. Here is further proof that we are at a tipping point in Texas. As reported by CBN:

“Austin, Texas is making it easier for women to get abortions. It’s now the first US city to fund abortion support services.  This includes things like travel, lodging, counseling, and childcare.  Members of the Austin City Council voted Tuesday night to give $150,000 to the cause. They say its purpose is to remove barriers that might otherwise keep low-income women from getting abortions.

Texas law SB22 bars any financial relationships between cities and abortion providers. It went into effect last week. Council Member Jimmy Flanagan was the only council member who voted against the measure. He said that this should be a county responsibility rather than a city budget measure. All other council members, including the mayor, voiced their support of the initiative.

Pro-life advocates slammed the city council’s move to try to bypass state law.  “It’s appalling that the city of Austin doubled down on its policies to ‘save the trees, kill the children,’” Nicole Hudgens, director of policy at the anti-abortion group Texas Values, told media outlets after the amendment passed. ” Hudgens called the amendment a “political stunt attempting to circumvent the law.” She said if the city wants to help women they should lower taxes.”

I must ask if these leftists in Austin feel the same about pregnancy centers who seek to help women through pregnancy? Or do these disciples of Margaret Sanger only desire to ensure more unborn babies — and perhaps those born — are murdered? We recently heard about the story of the deceased abortion provider, whose license had been revoked, and over 2200 aborted babies were found in his Illinois home. Of course, he practiced in South Bend, Indiana, home of one Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

But, back to Texas. This leftist campaign is not something that has happened overnight. It has been a dedicated and concerted effort. But this is why we can no longer afford to appease the left’s ideological agenda, not just in Texas, but period. We need to take a resolute and principled stance and take the constitutional conservative message of freedom and liberty to every single corner of Texas, and America. We are watching the long slow march, once touted by Chairman Mao, happen in Texas, happen in America.

There are two individuals running for president from the Great State of Texas, yet they embrace the policy of open borders, decriminalizing illegal entry into our country, and gun confiscation.

Not in Texas folks . . . not in America!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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