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Today, in 2024, the United States Military Academy is a uniformed liberal arts college with a required ROTC program.  Its recent graduates are indistinguishable from other Army officers except for their large college rings.  It is infected, as almost all of academia is, with the mortal rot of cancerous Cultural Marxism indoctrinated by DEI and CRT.  Its honor system is aspirational, not absolute.  Its athletes are privileged.  It is a costly school lavishly funded by federal taxes.  The cadets have great potential.  They are not what is wrong.  The military culture of West Point is corrupted, and traditional values must be restored.

The Long Gray Line is the assembly of United States Military Academy graduates. It serves as a fount of American battle-tested experience, the institutional memory of the Military Academy, and the watchdog of the United States Corps of Cadets. As such, it is the sacred duty of the Long Gray Line to challenge dysfunctional conduct or rogue behavior, such as that which has come to dominate West Point.

We, the Long Gray Line members, have observed a rejection of adherence to the ancient principles of the Military Academy. These changes threaten the mission of the Academy. It appears that the Honor Code is no longer enforced as it has been historically and has been allowed to fall into disarray.

The culture of West Point downgraded from the premier academic military monastery in the world to a highly ranked liberal arts college.

West Point is a foundational, essential institution of the United States of America.  Its motto, “Duty, Honor, Country,” is the United States Army Officer Corps creed.  The trust and confidence in the officers leading the U.S. Army is the cement that binds the bricks of the wall that successfully defends America and wins her wars.  “This We’ll defend.”

West Point is a critical democratic institution in our Republic, drawing its cadets from every state.  West Point was an essential part of democracy in America from the early infancy of the United States.  Cadets were appointed by The People’s elected representatives in Congress and had to pass the rigorous West Point entrance exam to enter.

West Point was the gateway and model for the meritocracy of the U.S. Army.  Candidates had to prove themselves as New Cadets to be accepted into the United States Corps of Cadets.  West Point was the demanding cauldron of discipline, study, and athletics, which infused the Army with professional junior military leaders and a hard core of career Regular Army Officers.

West Point set the standard for selfless service for Americans.  Likewise, Americans knew West Pointers earned their admission competitively and persevered when many others washed out.

Above all, West Point set the standards for the Officer Corps, the Army, and the Nation for integrity with its Honor System inculcated into cadets and lived by graduates.

Furthermore, the American People know West Point is the cradle and keeper of the “Duty, Honor, Country” values and the Founder’s worldview for the United States of America.

  • If West Point fails to keep its honor system, then it fails.
  • If West Point trades the worldview of our American Revolution for Cultural Marxism, then West Point is lost, and America is gone.
  • If West Point isn’t the penultimate school for professional soldiers, why does it exist?
  • If “The U.S. Military Academy at West Point’s mission is “to educate, train, and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each graduate is a commissioned leader of character committed to the values of Duty, Honor, Country and prepared for a career of professional excellence and service to the Nation as an officer in the United States Army”, then West Point must be reformed and improved to accomplish the mission for the rest of this century.

Our Role

It is for times like these that God made Patriots. This is no time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots. Those who have stood in harm’s way must now stand by our oath. It is time to speak truth to power. We either serve Duty, Honor, and Country, or we challenge the demands of a secular revolution to alter America fundamentally, transforming the Republic into a socialist police state.

The Association of Graduates (AOG) represents us, the Long Gray Line. The AOG can represent the graduates of the Academy. Let them conduct themselves to demonstrate their allegiance to Duty, Honor, and Country. For Duty, Honor, and Country we serve; and in God we trust. Let it be said that the AOG has done an admirable job in raising funds to support many projects and much-needed facilities laid out by each Superintendent. We applaud these efforts.

This declaration is dispatched to the Superintendent of the Academy and the President and Directors of the AOG, warning that the Academy is conducting business that ignores time-honored principles of the Academy, Constitutional Law, and our sworn oath of office.


Join us to Save and Restore West Point



This was previously published at Stand Up America US

© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security

© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security