Here we are, the end of another year, 2019. As always there will be many reflections back on the year, high and low moments. And so, I offer my reflection upon this past year, especially as we head into 2020.

I like the fact that the coming year is 2020; it is indeed a pivotal year for our Constitutional Republic. And the numbers 2020 have a significant meaning: it denotes clear vision. Upon reflecting on 2019, and looking forward, clearly, into 2020, it is imperative that we see the progressive socialist left for who they are…and understand what they are really saying.

Words do truly have meaning, but sometimes the real meaning of the words being uttered requires focused discernment.

Recently, during this impeachment inquisition, we heard the leftists repeatedly using the word “Constitution.” I found it rather striking that the same people who believe our Constitution is irrelevant, a document written by old white men, slave owners, would suddenly find our rule of law meaningful.

Well, the progressive socialist left does not, and what they really meant by using the word “Constitution” was just a regurgitated talking point to their desired end. Somehow the folks who cast aside our rule of law for their ideological agenda wanted us to believe that they cared about the Constitution…”it is our constitutional duty.”

How interesting that statement is when just across the Potomac in Virginia, there are Democrat [Socialist] elected officials who are advocating for deploying the State’s National Guard to deprive Americans of their Second Amendment. Constitutional, right? As well, the progressive socialist left fully supports sanctuary states and cities, in other words, casting aside their constitutional duty to protect the sovereignty of these United States for the purpose of embracing open borders and criminal illegal immigration.

These same individuals, leftists, aided by their complicit media accomplices, see nothing wrong with the violation of Fourth Amendment individual rights by a secret court, especially if the targets of that court are their political opposition.

I could go on, but just know, as we head into 2020, when the left talks about the Constitution, they are really saying, it is just a poll tested talking point.

Speaking of rule of law, another of the famed leftists’ sayings from this year was, “no one is above the law.” Well, what the progressive socialist left is really saying is that no one is above our ideological agenda, and desire for control, power.

It is perfectly fine if you are aligned with the left in America to be under investigation and destroy evidence, government property…you know, like 30K emails go missing or BleachBit files and destroy hard drives. It is perfectly fine for a leftist political campaign to search out a former intelligence officer of a foreign country who colludes with another foreign country to provide a false document, which is wrongly used to justify surveillance, spying, on American citizens. Ahh, that is perfectly fine, acceptable.

For the progressive socialist left, you can be as above the law as you want, if you are attacking your political opposition. After all, that is what ol’ Saul Alinsky asserted in the leftist playbook, “Rules for Radicals.”

Another of the famed leftist sayings from 2019 was, “we believe the women.” What the left is really saying is that we believe the women who accuse our political opposition. Women who accuse, present factual allegations, against progressive socialist men are to be discounted, denigrated, disparaged, and disregarded.

And we all know that is the case when you do the comparative analysis of Christine Blasey Ford, Julie Swetnick, and Deborah Ramirez in the case of Brett Kavanaugh against the women who brought allegations against Bill Clinton, Keith Ellison, and the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Heck, for the left, conservative women are not even real women.

Just last week, some of us, according to the TV ratings, not too many, watched another boring Democrat [Socialist] presidential debate. Again, we hear the same ol’ tired rhetoric that, “the economy is not working for all Americans,” though a recent poll said that 76% of Americans believe the economy is working well for Americans. The other 24% were probably the ones in the audience watching the debate.

What the progressive socialist left is really saying is that unless we nationalize the economy and enact our wealth redistribution policies, which fail, the economy is horrible. What the left needs, wants, are victims. They do not want to see Americans economically empowered; they must have economic enslavement…so they can decide who gets what, free college, free healthcare.

And, as we go into 2020, you can expect the progressive socialist left to talk a lot about voter suppression–really? Here is what the progressive socialist left means, only we can enact voter suppression, after all, that is the history of the Democrat [Socialist] party.

It all started for them with the creation of the Ku Klux Klan, the ultimate voter intimidation organization. It continues today with such groups as the New Black Panther organization who back in 2008 stood outside polling locations, armed, and the Obama administration did nothing. The Democrat [Socialist] party gave us poll taxes and literacy tests. Today, they give us “ballot harvesting,” and I know a little about voter fraud. Isn’t it perplexing how in California, Republicans can win an election but lose it weeks later as ballots are found in questionable places?

Now we have the progressive socialist left granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, meaning that they have a picture ID…so they can vote! That is the real voter suppression, suppressing the legitimate vote of American citizens.

The left says they are for tolerance, what they really mean is that they are intolerant of anything of which they do not agree. The left said impeachment was a “solemn” endeavor, yet they cheered and threw parties in their offices, and even one journalist lifted a toast to “Merry Impeachmas.” The left says they hate fascists, while they destroy property and protest any speaker that is not a leftist. The left says “Trump is a racist” while they support an organization, Planned Parenthood, founded by a racist, white supremacist, who spoke at KKK rallies.

Going into the year 2020, let us clearly see the progressive socialist left for who they are, and discern what they are saying. We no longer have to guess, they are emboldened enough to tell us.

This column was originally published at CNSNews.

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