Yes, I know many of us have been focused on the one “I” word, Iran. But, if there is anything we have come to learn about the progressive socialist left, they do the “Kansas City Shuffle” very well. That song is from the soundtrack of the movie “Lucky Number Slevin,” performed by J. Ralph. It is all about deception, deceit, and creating confusion. The line goes, “you look left, they go right, that’s the Kansas City Shuffle, a new kind of hustle.”


Well, let me set the stage.

The progressive socialist left does not believe in the three branches of government. They embrace a philosophy of the three branches of rule: media, academia, and the courts. With those three entities firmly in their control, the left believes they can achieve complete, totalitarian control.

Yes, if you control the message (narrative), you control what is learned (indoctrinated). If you implement your agenda by way of activist jurists, who cares about legislating? It is imperative that we, as constitutional conservatives, develop a strategic vision that enables us to lucidly see the true goals and objectives of the left.

Folks, let me now share with you what the whole impeachment scam is all about.

As reported by Townhall:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, arguably the most powerful legislator on Capitol Hill, has become a constant source of grief for the Left and the mainstream media. Leader McConnell is one of the most talented, calculated lawmakers, and has been the driving force behind GOP wins on the Hill throughout President Trump’s first-term in the White House. Most notably, Leader McConnell has been indispensable in re-shaping the federal judiciary for generations to come.

In just three years, Leader McConnell’s GOP Senate majority has confirmed 187 judges to the federal bench. One in four federal circuit judges are appointees of President Trump, per The Washington Post. This record-breaking confirmation pace headed by McConnell, which leaves the mere 55 total nominations made by President Obama in the dust, ensures that the federal judiciary will be made up of well-qualified jurists for decades. The two Supreme Court confirmations are also not to be forgotten; Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh represent adherence to the Constitution on the bench of the highest court. The Judiciary as a whole is now encompassed by jurists who value the Constitution as written, not partisan ideologues with an intent to legislate from the bench.”

In other words, Senate Majority Leader McConnell is upsetting the leftist path of rule. There can be no question about the abject apoplectic state into which the left devolved during the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. We all saw the left leveraging the media — one of their branches of rule — against President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh. Heard anything else from Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, or Julie Swetnick? I think you are getting my point. But how does this relate to the impeachment fiasco?

Check out this quote from the article referenced above:

“Amidst the hyper-partisan impeachment charade, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to hand over the articles of impeachment passed by her chamber, Leader McConnell is conducting business as usual. During the House’s for-show impeachment vote, the GOP Senate confirmed 15 district court judges. While Speaker Pelosi and her caucus demand that the senate follow their rules for the impeachment trial exclusively, Leader McConnell continues to confirm judges. The talented legislator from Kentucky has truly earned the nickname ‘grim reaper.’

Speaker Pelosi is not alone in her outrage at Leader McConnell for confirming judges while the House of Representatives holds the articles. Dozens of far-left groups penned a letter to Leader McConnell and Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham (R-SC), demanding that judicial confirmations be frozen until after the impeachment trial.”

Yes, you read that correctly, the progressive socialist left wants to suspend all judicial confirmations until after the “impeachment trial.”

Just as I presumed — and I am sure many of you as well — the left wants to hold this over President Trump’s head to undermine the execution of his constitutional duties, of which nominating judges is one.

How bold, audacious, belligerent, devious, and dangerous are these leftists? They claim to be such protectors of our Constitution and the separation of powers, yet all they seek is to enforce is totalitarian control of the one segment of the legislative branch where they have a majority.

Nancy Pelosi has no intention of delivering these scam articles of impeachment. They are nothing more than a sword of Damocles, which is an allusion to the imminent and present peril faced by those in a position of power. Yes, Pelosi and her unhinged, delusional, and deranged ilk, plan to hold these “articles of impeachment” over President Trump like a sword in an attempt to undermine his presidency.

How utterly absurd that Pelosi and the left plainly show their hand. Well, they cannot help themselves. They truly believe that we are all just so ignorant and incompetent. Well, the useful idiots of the left are, but not the astute constitutional conservatives that follow this page!

The rallying cry of the left going forward will be that President Trump must suspend all executive office duties as President until there is a “fair” impeachment trial, which Pelosi believes she can determine. Yes, Nancy Pelosi and the progressive socialist leftists are clear and present dangers to our Constitution, our rule of law, our Republic. They pose the most pressing danger to our nation, not President Trump. It is Pelosi and these despicable leftist socialists who will do anything to achieve their end state, rule of America.

If there is any question about the purpose behind the impeachment inquisition, there is none now. Nancy Pelosi is now on record as holding articles of impeachment the longest of anyone in US history. Not exactly something to be proud of. However, when your agenda is totalitarianism — by any means necessary — you will use the ol’ Kansas City Shuffle (meaning deceit) to achieve those ends.

What is the solution? President Trump keeps nominating judges, constitutional jurists to replace these leftist activist judges. Senators McConnell and Graham keep confirming them. Now is not the time to be reticent or recalcitrant in the face of such diabolical tyranny: “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

President Donald J. Trump is the duly elected president of these United States of America. My prediction is that he will be the duly reelected president, and that is the best way to punish the left for their tyranny, the thirst for power, their desire to rule. What the progressive socialist left is attempting is a manipulated coup d’etat. They are being aided by the other two branches of rule, a complicit media that will not tell the truth, and academia that has successfully dumbed down and indoctrinated the American electorate who do not know a damn thing about the US Constitution.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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