I think we can all relate to this parallel optic. Have you ever been in a grocery store, going down the cereal aisle, and there it is, the irrational kid throwing a temper tantrum because they are not getting the cereal they want. Plainly speaking, the progressive, socialist left is starting to resemble that kid wallowing on the grocery store floor. Going back to the State of the Union Address earlier this year, I will never forget the reaction of the Congressional Black Caucus when President Trump announced that black unemployment was at a historical low. Anyone with a political marketing background would certainly take that optic and craft a simple message: “What makes the left in America happy?” In terms of this missive, I would ask, what kind of cereal does the left want?

This past week we got the monthly jobs numbers for May, and once again, they were very good. As a matter of fact, we are in an America with a 3.8 percent unemployment rate – the lowest since 1969. And this time, the low unemployment rate coincides with a rising labor force participation rate. Heck, you travel around, and you see more “help wanted” signs indicating that, with these statistics, America is close to full employment. For all intents and purposes, we are witnessing incredible economic growth. There are those, on the left, who would have had us believe that 1-2 percent GDP growth is some new normal, but they were horribly wrong. The Obama administration proved Keynesian tax and spend economic policies, evidenced by the so-called government “stimulus package” and insidious “tax the rich” rhetoric, was, is, and always will be, a failure.

President Trump and the GOP passed the tax cut legislation, and it has had immediate effects. That is not debatable. The result has been greater jobs’ production, along with better investments from our private sector in their employees, expansion, and innovation. Now, who would not want that to happen? And yes, that is a rhetorical question.

Apparently, Colorado Congressional representative Jared Polis doesn’t. Last week he introduced a bill to repeal the tax cut law that would certainly be passed by a Democrat House of Representatives next year – right after the impeachment of President Trump. Do not forget that the Democrats were just giddy when Barack Obama passed a payroll tax cut that resulted in $40 for Americans. Somehow, now, about $2,000 going back to the American taxpayer is just crumbs? So, what type of cereal does the progressive, socialist left desire?

For eight years, America suffered under a foreign policy of the Obama administration that was so weak, it became an enticement of every single despot, dictator, and theocrat out there. The appalling decision to completely withdraw all our troops from Iraq only gave rise to the vilest and most vicious Islamic jihadist group we have seen: ISIS. Ask yourself, when was the last time you have seen an ISIS headline? I do not offer that the global Islamic jihad has been defeated, but at least we have reduced the territorial integrity of the Islamic State. And why would we give billions of dollars and lift sanctions off a country, Iran, that has taken that largesse and deployed its forces, Quds Force and Revolutionary Guards Corps, all over the Middle East? As well, Iran has been supporting the expansion of activities of Hezbollah and Hamas, along with the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Obama’s policy of strategic patience with North Korea only resulted in more ballistic missile tests and nuclear weapons development. The Obama administration allowed the Chinese to continue their policies of intellectual theft, forced transfer of technology, and illegal militarized expansion into the South China Sea. Obama’s flexibility after reelection with Russia is the real collusion issue, and one that likely enabled Vladimir Putin to take the Crimea, large portions of Eastern Ukraine, deploy to Syria (don’t forget Obama and Kerry told us the Russians had destroyed all chemical weapons in Syria), and threaten the Baltic States. And at last determination, President Trump has not abandoned any Americans to die for 13 hours and then lead the American public astray on the issue. As a matter of fact, he has brought back many Americans held hostage during the Obama administration, unlike how Otto Warmbier was returned from North Korea. Barack Obama put more energy into releasing Islamic jihadists than fighting for the return of American hostages.

And with all of this being reversed, the left in America is just going apoplectic, telling us that President Trump is taking us to war. Well, it was Obama who rewarded Iran with billions of dollars. And ironically, then came Iran, who developed the lethal explosive force penetrator (EFP) that was responsible for about 18-20 percent of deaths and injuries to our troops in Iraq.

Yet, with all of this, a Democratic candidate for a congressional race in Virginia has run an ad comparing President Trump to Osama Bin Laden. This candidate was interviewed Sunday morning on “Fox and Friends,” and his response, unsubstantiated mind you, was that President Trump was a domestic threat to our democracy. Hmm, I do not recall the progressive, socialist left raising any issues with multiple unconstitutional executive actions by President Obama – such as DACA. The left never said anything about Operation Fast and Furious, nor the IRS targeting scandal of constitutional conservative organizations. And somehow, President Trump is acting above the law? What type of cereal does the left in America want?

Oh, did I mention how abjectly delirious the left is going over the pardon of Dinesh DeSouza? Yet, nothing was said about the commutation of the sentence of Bradley Manning or the release of a deserter, Bowe Bergdahl.

Of course, all of this that I am asserting here means little to those temper tantrum kids who watch and read the cartoonish liberal, progressive media outlets. The Media Research Center does an exceptional job at presenting to us the disparaging bias of the leftist media. Their focus has been on hypocrisy, conjecture, speculation, and hyperbole – hardly objective facts but rather subjective rantings. I tend to believe that very few who solely peruse leftist media outlets even know what the unemployment in America is.

What kind of cereal does the left want? They only want their Fruit Loops – something that’s colorful, but ultimately unhealthy. The fact that we must accept is that the progressive, socialist left are totalitarians. They will NEVER accept any political opposition and will fight like mad to undermine and denigrate anyone – or any other type of cereal.

Me? Oh, I like Special K Vanilla Almond flavor. It is good for me, just like constitutional conservatism is good for America.


This article originally appeared at CNSNews.

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