What a week, once again. Will we ever get to 218? That is the question. The way I see it, this has been a useful and productive process. I am no Kevin McCarthy fan, as I wrote about in 2015 when he blew his near certain chance to become speaker before making a comment about Hillary and Benghazi so damaging that it was clear he had disqualified himself. But at this point, Friday afternoon, I am ready to join the other holdouts and say, yes, let him have it. I believe he is on such a short leash that the main reasons for opposing him have been sufficiently offset, and the price of forcing him out and starting the process of finding his replacement would be too great.

To people who say this proves that the GOP cannot govern, this has been a one-week process in democracy, trying to get enough votes for a majority of 218 to become speaker. And it has shown that there is a lot that needed to be changed. Mainly, we will not have another situation that was the truly disgraceful recent effort by Congress, the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill, 4,000+ pages given to Congress, which was told it had 2 days to vote on it or shut down the government. No one had a chance to read it and it was, as expected, filled with tens or hundreds of billions of dollars to fund every left-wing wish-list item and organization, while neutering the new Republican majority in the House until at least October of this year. That is what people should be outraged about, not a messy intra-party squabble over who should be House leader.

It appears there will be regular order, meaning that Congress will hold hearings, have debate and amendments, and vote on 12 different appropriations bills, as they are supposed to do. While it is unlikely that the House Republicans will be able to pass much in the way of meaningful legislation, considering it would have to gain the approval of a Schumer-led Senate and President Joe Biden, they can do a lot in the way of investigations and oversight, which has been completely missing this past 2 years. I don’t think McCarthy could or will block them.

Our Citizens Commission on National Security plans to provide important information on some of the biggest national security scandals of the Biden administration that have gone uninvestigated by Democrat majorities in both chambers of Congress and the corrupt so-called mainstream media. They consider their main function to be covering for the left in all of its forms by lies, omissions and fake narratives. As mentioned in our previous email, our project is called State of America, which you can see here what it is all about. It features the great journalist John Solomon, and CCNS member and former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Pete Hoekstra.

As this is the Jan. 6 Capitol breach anniversary, or as Joe Biden said today, July 6 (after Thursday referring to Kamala Harris as President Harris), we should consider the implications. The new Republican-led House should establish its own Jan. 6 committee to explore the real issues, not the left’s fake insurrection narrative.

Why, for example did Speaker Pelosi turn down request after request for National Guard troops and beefed up security as requested by the Capitol Police? Why did so many police officers pull aside barricades and allow people to enter the Capitol Building, almost greeting them? How many of the instigators were antifa thugs or FBI informants or operatives who were leading the protests, such as the dozen who were part of the Michigan Governor Whitmer “kidnapping” case? Who actually died on Jan. 6, how and who was responsible? Who is Ray Epps and what do his actions and the coverage of him tell us about what really happened on Jan. 6? How can the DOJ justify the treatment of the J6 prisoners, many being held for nearly two years now, with no due process?

For these and other answers for now, I refer you to Darren Beattie and his website Revolver.news. He has compiled the essential January 6 articles here. Another one I recommend is Julie Kelly of American Greatness. Here is her new article and click on her name if you want to go deeper. These two have done much to address these issues, and I recommend them to you.

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