“We’re outta here.”  These are the words being uttered across America, an interesting phenomenon that the progressive socialist left does not want to address.

And these are the words that many have uttered over history as they sought out one thing, individual liberty and freedom. We should not dismiss the declaration of President Trump of “we’re outta here” as it applies to his changing his permanent residence from New York to Florida. It is truly part of the American fabric, our legacy.

Back when folks in Europe, mainly England, were facing the persecution and tyranny of their religious freedom, they made a statement…“we’re outta here.” Think about the courage to set sail into the unknown, brave the tumultuous seas for months, and land in an unfamiliar place. But they did so in pursuit of one thing, individual freedom and liberty. And so it is today with many Americans, and corporations, moving from States, regions, that advance policies, principles, and values that are antithetical to the fundamental foundation of our Constitutional Republic, the individual sovereignty over the institution of government.

Long ago in America the people, and their descendants, who said, “we’re outta here,” were once again facing the tyranny, oppression, and onerous policies of England. And they decided to make a stand.

When the British Army column was marching towards Concord Massachusetts on April 19, 1775, they had one goal, objective. That objective was to destroy a weapons and armaments factory. The British wanted to solidify their dominance. However, a few good men recognized that as long as they were armed they were citizens, for if they were disarmed, they would be subjects. And so, on that famed day a shot was fired, a shot for individual freedom and liberty that was indeed heard around the world.

It set the course for these United States of America to be established.

So it is today that we, the many descendants of those who once asserted, “we’re outta here,” and left from many different countries have all gathered in this great land. And yes, there are those of us whose descendants did not come here freely, but as this Nation has evolved, we are enjoying the fruits of the equality of opportunity afforded…or so we think?

Somehow, over these years the failed philosophy of governance that does not regard individual liberty and freedom has taken root in our America. Progressive socialism is spreading throughout our Nation, and how interesting, the two States that were instrumental in our founding, Massachusetts and Virginia, have fallen to this ideological foe.

As well, there are other states in our Republic that have embraced the onerous tax and regulatory policies of progressive socialism. These states seek to undermine private property rights and grant benefits to those here in our Country illegally under the moniker of “sanctuary.” Therefore, here, within our America folks are stating “we’re outta here” and moving to better, economically stable, prosperous States where they can enjoy opportunity and prosperity.

However, something strange is happening, some people move, yet retain their beliefs in a failed progressive socialist economic model.

Consider the California flight that has overrun states like Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Colorado. Look at the hemorrhaging of population of people fleeing New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and yes, Massachusetts…heading down I-95 into Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Think about the corporations that are relocating into States with better tax and regulatory policies, States with right to work laws. Yes, here in Texas we have seen Toyota North America say, “we’re outta here” to California. And in recent weeks, JPMorgan Chase has said, “we’re outta here” to New York and are looking for new more fertile economic lands…Texas tops their list.

Yet, why is it that we see those people and corporations fleeing their failed, let’s be honest, Democrat [Socialist] run states, and still bring along their ideological baggage? Yes, it reminds me of the one commandment that God gave to Lot and his family as they fled Sodom and Gomorrah, talk about “we’re outta here.” He told them to not look back. So, why do people fleeing failure look back and bring failure with them? It is perhaps the most disturbing, perplexing, and delusional thing happening in America today.

Yes, there are good folks fleeing these failed States and casting aside any desire to ever want to live under the oppressive governance of progressive socialist policies. However, there are those who move into the fertile economic lands of successful conservative-run states and become locusts. We see this happening in Red States in and around the major population centers, which in and of themselves become leftist wastelands of economic despair and lack of quality education and opportunity.

I give you a great example here in Dallas, Texas. The failure and mismanagement of the first responder pension fund by Democrat Mayor Mike Rawlings led to a State of Texas bailout for the city. We look at Austin, Texas and the abhorrent tax, regulatory, and housing policies, not to mention the city council allowing homeless to erect tents within the city limits. Yes, the progressive socialist left is keeping the Capital of Texas, Austin, weird.

People have said in their native lands, “we’re outta here,” and came to our shores…legally. We welcome them, but what happens if our America becomes overrun by the very same governing philosophy that so many have fled? All one needs to do is walk the streets of Weston, Florida and speak to the Venezuelan expats there and learn.

Amazingly so, what started this Nation back on April 19, 1775 has now come full circle. Yes, we have progressive socialists admitting that gun confiscation, disarming the American citizenry, is their goal.

We cannot say “we’re outta here” because there is no other place, no greater land of individual freedom, liberty, and opportunity than America. It is here, in this Constitutional Republic we call home, that we must make a stand.

This column was originally published at CNSNews.

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