This cognitive declining sack of incoherent bones masquerading as a US President, Joe Biden, after three years of fundamentally changing America in the manner Barak Obama started, has proven beyond any doubt that the Democrat party, effectively the new Communist Party USA, is committed to continuing their socialist agenda interrupted by the first term of Donald Trump whose populist election caught them entirely off guard and unprepared.

They are not unprepared today, just saddled with an incapable incumbent no longer of any value to the party nor the heir presumptive, the laughably incompetent Kamala Harris. They are not considered brilliant political thinkers or advocates for America. They are determined to suborn. The Democrats have spent decades quietly attempting to rid America completely of the influences of its founding White European cultures who threw off the shackles of their structured old world-class system of social and economic betters who, with titles, privileges, and unearned authority except by birth, reigned as barons, counts, earls, dukes, and kings under a presumed divine right to run colonial America the same as they did Great Britain. Democrats no longer subscribe to that singularly rich story no other country in history has achieved, and by ruining American educational systems, attacking Americans’ reliance on the nuclear family, their faith in religion, and honest government, now presumes to recast America as the worlds oppressors instead of celebrating the most significant achievement the founders created for its citizens, the US Constitution guaranteeing the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans and yes, I know the slavery arguments. Lucky for us, the Left has saddled themselves with idiots who easily can ruin a revolution.

Why did the American Revolution succeed, and the French did not? Colonial America, at the time of our revolution and too far away from the home country in time and distance, was governed by crown-appointed governor generals supported by the military, reaping the Gross National Product of the colonies, and sending it back to England as their just due. Americans were British and were obligated to support the king and country. In France, however, the Gentry and the royals reveled in their privilege, disdained the poverty of the citizens, and flaunted their wealth over the needs of the people in full face time. There was no barrier of time and distance separating the French peasantry from the aristocracy; there were no inalienable rights to life or liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was up to what the gentry class allowed.

American revolutionists could not snatch the gentry from their homes and relieve them of their heads as the French did, so the King of England sent his armies to quell the colonial disturbances. Citizens of colonial America did not suffer the poverty of the French, and only 3% of them joined the revolution against their home country. The rest stayed out of the fray or supported the British. A war resulted, and Britain, with all its might, could not sustain the expense. On the other hand, the French Revolution devolved into a blood lust for revenge and retribution until even the revolutionary fell victim to its awful bloody consequences, and it was left to an artillery officer, Napoleon, to sort them out. At least he restored order.

Revolutionary talk fills the American air again today regarding another civil war. A civil war against whom? Well, it is good versus evil, but who is who? Constitutional Americans who want to preserve the freedoms and protections the Constitution affords us appear outnumbered by citizens who have been indoctrinated into the radical Marxist theory of socialism, being taught that there are two classes of world citizens, victims, and oppressors, with America being the biggest oppressor of all. As we can see with these organized, anti-Israel street demonstrations, these people cannot be reasoned with, but they are our sons and daughters. Are we prepared to kill them? Are they ready to die for their beliefs? They should be if they are serious about supporting Jihadists. Speaking to these people outside the chaos of demonstrations, one realizes they know nothing of history, are uneducated, and have no cognitive thinking skills. And these are our next generations of leaders? I guess so because they are there, like it or not.

The problem for Americans is there are too many targets among us who, if not actively involved in domestic issues like BLM and Antifa and protected by the Democrat machine, are lurking secretly to occasionally appear and commit some atrocity like attacking food processing plants, electrical grids stations, or shooting up schools and malls. Into these categories, we can safely insert illegal immigrants sent here for that purpose, homegrown transgenders who have started a trend, and Jihadists, who, we are told, are a protected species because they are adherents to the religion of peace. They reside among us, and to point out the obvious, if you think you can safely protect yourself when confronted by their outrages, then you/we will become the domestic terrorists Biden’s (Obama’s) government has been working hard to create. Our streets are awash with the homeless, among them hiding in plain sight, cadres of terrorists awaiting their time to act. Are they under surveillance by our distrusted FBI or CIA? But we are! You lift a cell phone and utter a keyword.

Soon, the dark forces of government intolerance will swing into action under the authority of the Patriot and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Acts to neutralize you with charges of criminal conspiracy, fear of loss of income, threats to your family, or death, even just when you least expect it. Always keep in mind what federal law enforcement can do, as Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian fiasco in Waco, Texas, demonstrated. They are authorized to kill, as was just disclosed about the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home. We are facing evil forces.

The surveillance state is up and running. America is so far ahead in that field that they even monitor, in real-time, the conversations going on in Putin’s war councils and Turkey’s and all NATO countries as well. To stretch the band of credulity, however, I must stand back in amazement when Tony Blinken told Israel we (US intelligence) knew precisely where the Hamas leadership was hiding in Rafah and would provide that information if only Israel would stop bombing Gaza. Such a deal. That could be true because Israel’s intelligence did drop the ball on the 07Oct23 Hamas attack.

What I’m saying is that armed middle Americans who still believe the movie line Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is purported to have said after the IJN attacked Pearl Harbor, and I paraphrase, that ‘Japan could never invade America because they would find an armed American behind every blade of grass’ are deluding themselves. Even that may have been true in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. It is not true today! They know that if you utter the wrong word on your cell phone or make the incorrect keystroke in your emails before getting your first cup of morning coffee, some federal police agency will bang down your door and seize everything you have. Who is to stop them? Your constitutionally elected sheriffs hold the key if they have not compromised.

Having said that, it is essential to know that not all federal law enforcement or federal employees have been brainwashed to praise “Big Brother” and do his bidding in violation of the law. But unfortunately, too many do. We see countless examples of whistleblowers exposing the government’s nefarious activities, most of which, admittedly, die in Congressional committees, sub-committees, or on Merrick Garland’s desk, but the fight continues. Unfortunately, we also see a few whistleblowers “commit suicide” or something before they can give their sworn testimony. Like yours, those stories quickly die in editorial newsrooms if you start organizing resistance squads to counter suspected illegal government activities. Instantly, the FBI suspects such a counter-government movement is developing, the electronic surveillance teams start their monitoring process, informants will be inserted into the groups as Trojan horses to collect identifying data on every participant, reveal all plans to the Bureau, and neutralize the cells by arrests charging criminal conspiracy.

The 06 January 2021 business at the nation’s capital is a prime example of a totalitarian state prepared to crush opposition to it. Dedicated pro-American, pro-Trump groups like the Oath Keepers were long ago infiltrated, controlled, and, on 06 January, by entrapment, were swept up as domestic terrorists amidst the commotion of people demonstrating their loss of faith in their government. And Joe Biden’s government proved it.

It is no wonder that talk of revolution is in the air. It has been going on for a long time, and most Americans are only just now starting to realize it. If they prevail, it is all over. I cannot tell you when hostilities will start, but I suspect if Biden tries to jail former president Donald Trump, he might just fight with his hands. Not all hope is lost. We have a fighter in Donald Trump, and when he prevails, we should see some profound changes coming in what is now a dysfunctional government. It is too big anyway.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, get involved.

Help save America.


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