Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous and persistent reports from athletes of influenza-like symptoms either during or soon after attending the Wuhan World Military Games, October 18-27, 2019.

Among other efforts to counter such evidence and avoid responsibility for the global pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party, through its propaganda outlet the Global Times, made the highly suspect claim on February 24, 2020, that five athletes hospitalized during the competition did not have COVID-19, but malaria.

So far, China has not revealed either the names of those athletes or their nationalities.

According to the World Health Organization, there has not been a single indigenous case of malaria in China since 2017 and 95% of malaria cases in the world occur in a relatively small group of Sub-Saharan African countries.

There were no more than 280 athletes from Sub-Saharan countries attending the 2019 Wuhan World Military Games from which five cases of malaria were diagnosed, a very high percentage indeed.

Medical records for the years 2011 to 2018 published by Wuhan physicians list a total of 296 malaria cases, 96% of which were from those arriving in Wuhan from Africa.

It stretches credulity to claim there were five cases of malaria within a narrow nine-day period and among a group of highly fit and medically screened young people.

Was it COVID-19?

Perhaps not coincidentally, a 23-year-old Chinese Army Sergeant, Fu Sen, died of malaria on November 26, 2019, after being unsuccessfully treated in China for over 400 days.

Fu Sen reportedly contracted the disease while serving as a medical worker during a Chinese military deployment to South Sudan. He was assigned to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Hospital in the Wuchang District of Wuhan, the epicenter of the initial COVID-19 outbreak.

Oddly, as if trying to make a point, the death of this one PLA sergeant, allegedly from easily treatable malaria, made national headlines in China and his story was distributed internationally in English.

Based on a source in Wuhan, China, present during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and familiar with PLA operations, a July 23, 2021 Gateway Pundit article reported that a test release of COVID-19 was conducted by the PLA during the Wuhan World Military Games.

The source explained that the subsequent outbreak in Wuhan was entirely unexpected. That is, there was no laboratory leak, but the unintended spread among the Chinese population of Wuhan of a virus for which the PLA had underestimated its transmissibility.

Was Fu Sen part of the PLA team conducting that test and was his death the result of exposure to COVID-19?

The reports of influenza-like symptoms from athletes and the death of Fu Sen both fit the timeline for the onset of the pandemic.

Chinese defector Wei Jingsheng also claimed recently that COVID-19 was deliberately released during the Wuhan World Military Games.

A critical question remaining is why are the U.S. and Canadian governments withholding information about the dozens of their military athletes who experienced symptoms identical to COVID-19 either during or soon after attending the Wuhan Games?

This article was originally published at The Gateway Pundit

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