I am tired of the duplicity of leftist violence, something for which they never seem to accept responsibility. We shared with you the story of the Autonomous Student Network here in Austin, Texas threatening freshman conservative students entering the University of Texas.

There is a reason why these leftist students feel empowered — because they are being emboldened by the progressive socialist leftist administrations and professors on these campuses.

Here is yet another troubling example, one I doubt we will hear about in liberal progressive media outlets.

As reported at Blue Lives Matter:

“A community college professor who has claimed to be a member of antifa is under fire after some people at Kirkwood Community College objected to his rhetoric in social media posts. “I affirm that I am antifa,” adjunct English Professor Jeff Klinzman told KCRG.
Klinzman refused to do an on-camera interview and said he would not apologize for the social media comments that had offended some in the community. People calling themselves antifa purport to be fighting fascism and white supremacy, but they are best known for use of black bloc tactics, wearing black masks to conceal their identities and committing violent attacks.

When somebody posted President Donald Trump’s tweet that called antifa “Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting… people over the heads with baseball bats” on the Iowa antifa Facebook page, Klinzman posted a response. “Yeah, I know who I’d clock with a bat,” the professor wrote.

The U.S. Secret Service said they were aware of Klinzman’s post but would not say if they were investigating the professor for the threat, KCRG reported. Sara Riley, an attorney in Cedar Rapids, said that the professor’s comments were protected by the First Amendment. Riley also told KCRG that it was unlikely the Secret Service would do anything about his so-called threats to President Trump. “It’s so ambiguous that there is just no way that he’d ever be considered a true threat,” she explained.”

I just gotta tell ya, we have seen Kathy Griffin holding a bloody severed head that resembled President Trump. We remember the Shakespearean play “Julius Caesar” in NYC where the main character resembled President Trump and he was brutally stabbed to death on the stage. Art, huh? And who can forget Madonna, just hours after President Trump’s inauguration asserting that she had thoughts about blowing up the White House?

Just this week, Washington Post writer, Jennifer Rubin stated that we must “burn down the Republican Party” ensuring “no survivors.” This, while further stating that Trump supporters should be “shunned and shamed” and declaring “people are not fit for polite society.”

Now, who is the party of violence? Then again, who has always been the party that leveraged coercion, threats, intimidation, and violence in America? Yes, only one party: the Democrat (socialist) Party.

But somehow, the leftist propaganda media doesn’t cover any of this. They have stolen the narrative that there are all these racists and white supremacists running around terrorizing people . . . the grand deception, deflection, act of the left. Stupidly, there are some Republican elected officials who buy into this foolishness and absurdity, giving the left a pass on their past — and present — exhibitions of violence towards those who refuse to succumb to their tyranny: their political opposition.

Even here in Texas, a Democrat (socialist) member of Congress sends out a hit list of donors and faces no consequences, no reprimand, no punishment. This is why leftist professors and students feel emboldened to assail and openly assault conservatives. Remember, it all began with Maxine “Mad Max” Waters and her call to violence and verbal assaults.

Now, this slick leftist lawyer can excuse away Klinzman’s threat against the President. Imagine if a conservative professor had done the same to Barack Hussein Obama during the IRS targeting scandal?

But, these comments of Klinzman’s cannot be excused:

“KCRG did a deep dive on Klinzman’s social media to see what else the good professor had posted and learned he was also not a fan of evangelical Christians. He wrote that he wanted to “stop evangelical Christians” and then included a poem that said, “Kill them all and bury them deep in the ground.”

“It’s not pretty, and I’m not proud, but seeing what evangelical Christians are doing to this county and its people fills me with rage, and a desire to exact revenge,” Klinzman posted. When KCRG asked the professor about his comments on Christians, he admitted that he “may have gone too far but he said he would only apologize to those Christians who share his ‘commitment’ to various issues facing the country.”

In other words, Klinzman codifies being a Christian only as those who embrace his ideological agenda and views . . . how utterly fascist! Then again, what would you expect? After all, it was Hillary Clinton who claimed that there would only be civility when Democrats are in charge.

Okay, if you want a candidate for a “Red Flag” protection order, I give you Professor Jeff Klinzman, who has openly made threats against the President of these United States and Christians. But, will the left say anything about this? I mean isn’t this rather insensitive after the mass shooting at Sutherland Springs, Texas? Nah, of course not, those were conservatives, and Klinzman, according to his own words, supports their killing.

This is getting way out of hand and I am looking for someone who is going to be the adult in the room. I am tired of the violence of the progressive socialist left that goes unmentioned and is dismissed. This Klinzman fella should be front-page news, and he should be thoroughly investigated. I find it disgusting that it’s “free speech” when you publicly threaten a Republican president, but to criticize the policies of a Democrat (socialist) you are denigrated, disparaged, and called a racist.

You wanna know why the left is going to get pummeled next year? This is why. The insidious double standard when it comes to their blatant violent nature, and expression.

Oh, and never forget, Professor Jeff Klinzman has not been fired from his position at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa. That means he is still indoctrinating young people with his deranged and dangerous mindset . . . and certainly threatening any conservative students in his class.

This, folks, is certifiably FUBAR!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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