Yes, you know that I am alluding to the case of one Jussie Smollett. I find it rather unconscionable that all of a sudden all charges are dropped. Let’s get it right, it was not that Smollett was exonerated — yes he pleaded not guilty — but for some reason, there will be no prosecution. So, just forfeiting the $10K in bail is deemed adequate? Oh boy, that is like the military judge who set Bowe Bergdahl free based upon his time spent with the Taliban. Are you kidding me? If Bowe Bergdahl had stayed at his assigned duty position he would not have fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Trust me, I have seen what Islamic jihadists do to our troops they capture . . . they do not just hold them and feed them for three years.

But, in the case of Jussie Smollett, okay, the charges have been dropped, so what does that mean? Does it mean that there will be a resumption of the investigation to find out who assaulted Smollett with a hangman’s noose at 2 am in the morning on a frigid Chicago night wearing red MAGA hats? Are we going to get to the bottom of who actually mailed a suspicious and threatening letter to Smollett? If the charges were dropped against Smollett, then who will be charged? Or is this a case of judicial activism tilted in the favor of someone who did the unspeakable? What about the two Nigerian brothers, are charges being dropped against them, did they just make it all up as well?

How do we raise our children to respect the law — and not lie — to do the right thing, if there are no consequences for wrongdoing? Yeah, I believe Jussie Smollett is guilty of all the charges levied against him. I do not care about his “plea” of not guilty, all the disclosed evidence pretty well affirms his guilt . . . unless the Chicago PD was making this all up? And, again, if Smollett did not do this, then who did?

If I were a member of the Chicago PD that was investigating this crime — and yes, this was a felony level crime — I would be angered. Think about the hours spent to investigate this incident and come up with all the vital evidence leading to the charges, just to have someone, manipulate the system.

It would actually have been better for Jussie Smollett to just “man up” and take responsibility for what occurred. Perhaps he already knew that there was a “fix” in for him, and he had no worries at all. I do find it interesting that the State’s Attorney recused herself and appointed someone who is her underling, who dropped the charges. Jussie Smollett will spend the rest of his life with a dark cloud, like Pigpen in Charlie Brown, that will follow him everywhere. Smollett will find out that the sting of the public will be worse than being held accountable for his actions.

Of course, there are repercussions civilly . . . We shall see how that plays out.

Speaking of being held accountable for his actions, there is an impending release of another who committed a despicable offense.

As reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism:

“On May 23, the gates of the FCI-Terre Haute federal prison will swing open and convicted Islamic terrorist John Walker Lindh will walk free. His pending release has reopened wounds in the hearts of the family members who lost a loved one in Afghanistan because of Lindh. One family member described it as “a slap in the face.”

Lindh is a committed jihadist who has not renounced his radical ideology during his 17 years in prison. A 2017 National Counterterrorism Center report cited last week by Fox News said that Lindh has “continued to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts.” He took up arms in combat against the United States after attending an al-Qaida training camp and meeting with Osama bin Laden in June 2001.

Lindh, many believe, was responsible for the death of John Micheal Spann, a decorated United States Marine officer serving with a CIA paramilitary unit in Afghanistan in 2001. U.S. allied forces captured Lindh and held him at the Qali-Jangi prison at Mazar-e Sharif, along with other jihadists including members of the Taliban and al-Qaida. Spann and another CIA officer had learned of Lindh’s identity and sought to interview him regarding what he knew about terrorist operations in Afghanistan. Lindh failed to tell Spann and the other interrogators that other inmates in Qali-Jangi had obtained weapons and explosives and were plotting an assault on security forces in an escape attempt. Spann was shot and killed in the assault, becoming the first U.S. casualty in Afghanistan.

Lindh was initially charged with conspiracy to commit murder in a 10-count indictment. The Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed him to plead guilty to one count of providing support to the Taliban and illegal possession of a weapon. When he walks out of prison, he will have served about two and a half years less than his original 20-year sentence, having received an early release for his “good behavior” while incarcerated. In fact, in a 2013 lawsuit, Lindh accused the Bureau of Prisons of violating his rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

I am quite sure there are many of you who have forgotten the “American Taliban,” John Walker Lindh, but I am not one of them. Any American who takes up arms against America has lost his rights of citizenship. And, any American who aids and abets in the killing of Americans in a combat zone, and not in a declared uniform, is an unlawful enemy combatant and deserves one fate: death.

Actually, according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), what Bowe Bergdahl did was punishable by death, desertion of your post in a combat zone . . . but he walks free. Heck, Bradley Manning walks free after divulging hundreds of thousands of classified pieces of information in a combat zone, also, deemed treasonous, punishable by life imprisonment, at a minimum.

Bowe Bergdahl was responsible for the deaths of several soldiers, wounding of others, who went on a search and rescue mission for him. John Walker Lindh has the blood of a fellow American, a former US Marine Corps officer, John Michael Spann on his hands. According to the report, Lindh is an unrepentant Islamic jihadist. Lindh should be spending the rest of his entire life in prison, with no possibility for parole. At worst, he should have been given the death sentence.

Jussie Smollett, John Walker Lindh, Bowe Bergdahl, and Bradley Manning . . . all free, yet a young man, US Army 1LT Clint Lorance, sits in prison at Ft. Leavenworth for killing the bastards that Lindh supported, and Bergdahl hung out with. Now, someone ‘splain that to me? This is what drives everyday Americans crazy: we imprison those who fight the enemy while we release those who collude with the enemy. Heck, we even release the damn enemy themselves from being detained, imprisoned. The fact that the Gitmo Five are now free and part of the Taliban negotiation delegation with the United States is disgusting.

I want to find those people who are responsible for allowing these people to get away with it and say one word to them . . . FUBAR!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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