A couple of weeks back, I had the utter pleasure of diving in the Cayman Islands with former Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who had suffered amputations and spinal cord injuries. I made a promise to myself, which I kept, to not turn on the TV while I was there, nor did I turn on a computer. However, I could not help but see the news updates off my iPhone. Of course, upon returning to the states last weekend, I was inundated with all the hysteria over the “separations” of, what I have read, between 1,800-2,300 illegal immigrant children. This has all been rectified, but one would tend to believe that we were facing an Armageddon-type situation … you know, like the GOP tax cuts.

I came home to learn that I was now a Nazi because I had voted for President Trump. It seems that since I believe in our rule of law, and its enforcement, I am somehow castigated as evil. I read where the DHS Secretary and the White House Press Secretary were interrupted or refused service for dinner. All of this has me asking, who blew the dog whistle for the leftists and got them all barking at the same time? If there is one thing I can admire about the progressive, socialist left in America, they can all follow the same script – and to a “tee.” But what I do not respect about the left in America, is their selective, situational ethics and morality that serves only one purpose, their ideological agenda.

Really? I mean, c’mon man. Suddenly, the left is wailing about kids? First, let me explain why I find it offensive that the left has gathered in their dark spaces and coined this term “dreamers.” I have two awesome American daughters, and they have dreams and aspirations. Who are these people that have defined, no restricted, the term “dreamers” to only illegal immigrant children? For me this is an utter insult to all of our children and grandchildren born right here in these great United States of America. Then again, it is all about situational ethics and morality to advance the leftist ideological agenda.

Where was the outrage and indignation over an American dad having to hold his daughter in his arms as she passed from this world, her dreams ended by a bullet from a criminal illegal immigrant? Yes, I am talking about Kate Steinle, who when the then Obama administration DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was asked about her in a House of Representatives hearing responded by saying, in effect, “Who?” I don’t think that anyone refused dinner service to Secretary Jeh Johnson. The court in San Francisco refused to have any evidence of the previous deportations, five, of Kate Steinle’s assailant entered as evidence. He was acquitted and released from jail even though he was guilty of a felony gun possession charge. There were no protests from the left as the Steinle parents were separated from their daughter for eternity.

Anyone recall young Jamiel Shaw, Jr.? Yes, he was a young black fella, a strapping good-looking kid, gunned down by criminal illegal immigrants as part of a gang initiation. No outrage from the left there. Matter of fact, his father was not recognized until Donald Trump became President. And remember the response from the left towards the two families who will forever be separated from their daughters, brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members on Long Island. The leftist media went into a rage denouncing President Trump as depicting all illegal immigrant children as gang members. There were some who even referred to the two sets of parents as “props” for Trump in the State of the Union Address this year. Heck, Nancy Pelosi would go so far as to defend MS-13 members as having a “spark of divinity” within them. Sell that somewhere else Ma’am.

This just scratches the surface when it comes to the countless number of “Angel Families” who have been separated from their loved ones forever, not just for 7-10 days. But where is the unrighteous indignation from the left in their cases? Why are there no dog whistles and calls to protest for these American families? I, for one, have grown tired of the incessant manufactured, media-enhanced “moral” outrage of the progressive, socialist left in America. These cheeky fellows come up with these oxymoronic organizations such as “Black Lives Matter,” yet they only care about those lives which further their ideological agenda – racial divisiveness.

Why did we not have mass media coverage of the heinous crimes of one Dr. Kermit Gosnell? Were those not babies, children, dreamers? If you recall, and the Media Research Center can certainly provide objective numbers, the liberal progressive media paid this little to no attention whatsoever. Just the same, the leftists say nothing about an organization, which they embrace, that was founded by a white supremacist, racist, one who spoke at a Klan rallies and whose work was the basis of Nazi eugenics. That person was Margaret Sanger. The organization is Planned Parenthood. Then again, the left has no moral outrage, and their situational ethics are verifiably clear as the dismembering of babies in the womb, and the selling of their body parts gets no response. As a matter of fact, the only response was the anger of this being exposed, not that it was happening. And just so you know, there have been over 17 million black babies murdered in the womb since 1973 – dreams ended.

And through it all, we have a very complicit liberal, progressive media from the narrative of the Time Magazine cover, the narrative about a baby being torn away while breast feeding. The purpose of all of this, simple, emotional, irrational reaction is to stir up the masses. The danger to all of this is that ideological, political agendas rooted in emotionalism and irrational behavior lead to despotism and violence. It leads to people not being able to sit in peace and enjoy dinner or even be in their private residences.

Ask yourself, why is it that the left so willingly embraced the students there at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS, yet pay no attention to Miami Northwestern High School, forty miles south? The students at Miami Northwestern staged a walkout into their very dangerous neighborhood of Liberty City, where students are being gunned down by gang members, violence. When was the last time there was any leftist outrage about the killings of young black kids in Chicago? I guess those black lives don’t really matter.

When Barack Obama cancelled the D.C. school voucher program, as he sent his kids to prestigious Sidwell Friends, who stood up for those American Dreamers? Certainly, it was not the progressive, socialist left, owned by the teacher’s unions who despise better educational opportunities for minority children.

So, no, I am not all up in arms about this phony display being promulgated by the progressive, socialist left. There are many other examples of hypocrisy that I could mention. Perhaps you can as well. If there is one thing for certain, the irrational, delusional, and emotional rantings of the left are just for show, but their crazed violence is real. They care little to none about children, save for the means they can be exploited for the left’s purposes. It is time we see the selective, situational ethics and morality of the progressive, socialist left for what it is – and call them on it.

And just as a fair warning, never interrupt a Soldier, active or retired, when they are eating.


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