We have been sharing with y’all stories about the left’s exploitation of this current health crisis for their gain. It is utterly disturbing and highly disconcerting. Yes, they are indeed following the mantra of Rahm Emanuel, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Now, the example of the mayor of Champaign, Illinois has been repeated, this time in New Orleans.

As reported by Law Enforcement Today:

“In what looks like some more knee-jerk reaction “safety protocols,” the Mayor of New Orleans signed a couple of emergency orders that can restrict the sale or transportation of alcohol and firearms.

In light of COVID-19, it’s understandable to see certain actions transpire in response. We’ve seen businesses temporarily close, public schools shut down, things like that. However, what does limiting or stopping the sale of alcohol and guns have to do with safety measures?

Mayor LaToya Cantrell signed two declarations days apart from each other, both loaded with language pertaining to what the local government can do in states of emergency. Most of the aspects outlined were standard emergency response concepts.

Yet, here’s the text describing said authority about guns and alcohol signed on March 11th:
“Subject to the provisions of Act 275 of 2006 (Regular Session), the Emergency Authority is hereby empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transporting of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.”

Oddly enough, a second declaration was signed on the 16th of March, reiterating portions from the initial document signed the week prior. One specific portion had emphasized that alcohol sales can be restricted by this enacted authority:

“WHEREAS, La. R.S. 29:727(F) authorizes the Mayor to ‘control ingress and egress to and from the affected area, movement of persons within the area, and the occupancy of premises therein’, and to ‘suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transportation of alcoholic beverages…’”

Even in cities that have enacted the strictest of quarantines (San Francisco comes to mind), of the places available to the public that would remain open are grocery or department stores that have grocery sections.

Meaning, if stores that carry alcohol or firearms (like Wal-Mart) aren’t going to be closed in these efforts, why ban two products that many would sell?

The Second Amendment Foundation isn’t thrilled with this language present in the declarations either, and are asking similar questions as to what this has to due with COVID-19. The SAF penned a response to Mayor Cantrell’s office, informing them that if they don’t fix that language in the declaration then they’ll be taken to court:

“The presence of a nasty disease does not suspend any part of the Bill of Rights, no matter what some municipal, state or even federal politician may think.

While we certainly recognize the seriousness of this virus and its ability to spread rapidly, treating Covid-19 and taking steps to prevent it from infecting more people has nothing at all to do with the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment.”

Let me reiterate the quote from Benjamin Franklin, those who would surrender essential liberty for temporary security, will deserve neither liberty nor security.”

When I consider this panic, paranoia, and hysteria being proliferated, and the absurd responses and declarations, such as this, from the mayor of New Orleans, I do get concerned. Every single one of us wants this virus, this pestilence, to subside, and eventually go away. What we cannot allow, in the meantime, is an abject usurpation of our civil liberties and rights. Our Second Amendment right has nothing to do with COVID-19, unless the objective is a full suspension of civil liberties and the reduction of the ability for non-compliance. I am not a conspiracy theory kinda fella, but someone draw the correlation between this “emergency order” and reality.

We are not going to impose a Chinese government type of restriction on the freedom of movement of Americans. Furthermore, back in 2009-2010 with the H1N1 Swine Flu virus, some 61M Americans were infected, and the death toll was 12,469. And even the yearly common flu/influenza affects millions of Americans and tens of thousands lose their lives…yearly. So what is it about COVID-19 that has resulted in such declarations, panic, paranoia, and hysteria? I think this is what the American people want to know. Why did the stock market not endure a horrific crash back in 2009-2010? Why did the media not hype up H1N1 like they are doing with COVID-19? Why are public and sporting events being canceled and restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters being closed down…that was not the case with H1N1?

These are the types of questions being pondered by rational, intelligent, and calm Americans. These are the topics and subjects any person thinking rationally would be assessing and analyzing. It all leads to two simple inquiries: what is the true origin of this virus, and what is the true motivation behind these actions and responses?

Why have Italy and Iran been hit so very hard by this contagion? It’s simple. Study the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” strategic global plan. There are two countries where China is heavily focused, Italy and Iran. China has entered into military agreements with Iran, and they are a major purchaser of Iranian oil. As well, there has been a heavy influx of Chinese into Italy, as part of their “infrastructure” engagement objectives. I am quite perplexed as to why we are not hearing about much from Russia, which has close proximity to China.

But, back to America, this emergency order from New Orleans Mayor Cantrell is uncalled for, in every way. Let us not forget the last time gun confiscation happened in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina. Legal, law-abiding gun owners do indeed follow the law, criminals do not, and when individuals are armed, they are citizens…when they are disarmed, then they are subjects.

In that same vein, who else is of like mind in considering such an “emergency order?”

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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