Of great joy has been the recent news from the national capitol. The Lord has answered the prayers of His people. The corrupt Congress that had turned a deaf ear to the American people for over a decade has been restored to its Constitutional role of serving the American people. It is about time. It has been a long time coming.

The original breakdown in representative government had led to a grassroots rebellion of the electorate to make their voices heard in Washington. Despite the people’s revolt, Congress refused to reform, and the people’s sovereignty was not restored. The rogue representative government in Washington continued to disregard the voice of the people, thereby disenfranchising the people. The Congressional crisis was followed by the appearance of a popular leader, Donald J. Trump. Who spoke for the people? The disenfranchised people supported the outsider, who rode to power as the Forty-fifth President of the United States – another story for another day.

Looking directly at the Congressional crisis, we see a tyranny of corruption that silenced the American people, negated the sovereignty of the people, and left the Constitutional Republic demolished. The swamp monopoly of power brokers in Washington replaced representative government with greedy merchants in Congress, opportunists, who sold access, favors, and legislation to the highest bidder.

It was political corruption funded by special interests and orchestrated by the Speaker of the House. Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his cabal of criminal House members sold Congressional access and favors to foreign agents, special interests, and big business.

It was a tyranny of corruption initially instituted by Speaker John Boehner. Speakers Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi continued the corrupt practices created by Speaker Boehner in a conspiracy of House members who went into business for themselves as crooks in Congress.

When Kevin McCarthy became the Speaker, he followed the example of Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, continuing the established pattern of corruption in the Congress in Washington. Their tyranny usurped the Peoples’ House for self-aggrandizement, making personal fortunes for the members of the House while serving in Congress. The rogue Congress was no longer representing the American people. It was supporting robber barons.

Thus, America has had two coups working simultaneously to dismantle the founders’ work. We have had the Biden coup that stole the 2020 election and the Executive Branch. Plus, we have had the Congressional coup, which was an independent power seizure that substituted fraud, corruption, and bribery in the place of the will of the American people, fundamentally altering the political process. In so doing, the Congressional coup gutted the Republic. Congress no longer obeyed the voice of the American People. Representative government was no more.

By God’s grace, the rogue Congress’s oppressive power was eliminated, and the House of Representatives was restored to the people by the House Speaker crisis of 2023. The removal from the office of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the election of Congressman Mike Johnson (R, LA) as the new Speaker of the House appears to have restored the House of Representatives to its Constitutional role as the People’s House.

The liberation of the Peoples’ House from purveyors of corruption has allowed the American people to escape the tyranny of crooks in the rogue Congress. This is the great miracle we have been praying for. The Lord has parted the Red Sea and liberated His people from the tyranny of a corrupt Congress.

The attempt of the Democrat minority to take power in the Congressional crisis to remove Speaker McCarthy failed. The Lord used the Democrats’ collusion and attempt to seize power to remove McCarthy from office, thereby liberating the captive American people, a symbolic parting of the Red Sea.

With McCarthy removed and their RINO financial backers jumping ship, we appear to have completed the cleansing of the GOP members of the House of Representatives. The proof of the pudding is in the work of the new Speaker, Congressman Mike Johnson (R, LA), to respond faithfully to the voice of the American people.

One coup, the coup in Congress, had been put down. The GOP majority must put down the Biden coup in the restored House of Representatives.

The tyranny of corruption that has ruled Congress far too long is no more. With this victory, we can move forward against the compromised, incompetent, and traitorous Biden Administration with Congressional investigations and the impeachment hearings needed to restore the Executive Branch to the American people.

We still have a long way to go. More miracles may be needed to free the American people from the corrupt Biden regime, but tonight, let us celebrate! The American people have won a great victory! We once again control the People’s House, the House of Representatives.


Our Constitutional Republic once again represents we the people.

This article was originally published at Stand Up America US

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