The midterm elections are over, save for the Senate runoff in Georgia. The progressive socialist leftists of the Democrat party, meaning all of them, realized that they had to shift the conversation and topic of the cycle. It could not be about the issues. They rolled out Joe Biden in Philadelphia who went on a delusional, maniacal, tirade and condemned millions of Americans as “threats to democracy.” That became the rallying cry of the left. Now, here is the real absurdity of their deranged assertion. The Democrats were projecting their actions upon Republicans. The real and true threat to our constitutional republic, its representative democracy, and our democratic process is the party of the jackass.

The Democrats are the ones who wish to end the Senate filibuster, stack the Supreme Court, give illegal immigrants the right to vote, and collude with leftist big tech companies to suppress the free speech of any political opposition. If that does not constitute a threat to democracy tell me what does?

The problem is that this absurdity went unanswered by the Republican Party and its leadership consisting of the three Macs — McCarthy, McConnell, and McDaniel. Therefore, once again, the tactic of denigration, disparagement, and demonization worked for the left…and they will use it again.

Instead, the GOP, and conservatives, need to go on offense from now, and as long as need be, to turn the tables on the progressive socialist left. What we are witnessing in America is a daily attack on our Constitution that restricts the government from encroaching on our liberties. Each day, freedom is at risk, emanating from the Biden administration — the third presidential term of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. The Biden administration is working against our rights, as outlined in the Bill of Rights, even as it also undermines our safety and sovereignty as a nation.

First, the open borders policy of the Biden administration undermines the sovereignty of the United States of America, a sovereign republic. As well, these actions are bringing forth not just millions of illegal immigrants into our country, but also resulting in the deaths of Americans. The fentanyl crisis, whereby we have seen over 100,000 Americans lose their lives, is a direct result of Biden’s policy. On top of that, we are enduring an epidemic of human and sex trafficking which we are finding out the Biden administration is aiding and abetting — to the tune of billions of dollars in monthly revenue for the terrorist cartels.

Just this past month, there were some 73,000 reported “got aways” which adds to the over one million that have crossed into this nation, for whom we do not know their whereabouts or intent. We know that individuals on the terrorist watch list have been apprehended, 200. But how many others have not? And now we find out that the Biden administration is ordering U.S. Air Marshals to the border to do menial tasks such as prepare sandwiches and drive illegals…leaving our airlines without proper security.

This is an invasion and the Constitution mandates that the federal government protect the States from invasion — a clear violation of the obligation of allegiance to our legal order.

The Biden administration is also purposely undermining the readiness, capability, and capacity of our Armed Forces. Unless you think cultural Marxism is a vital component of our military readiness. Why do we have Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, policies, and offices impacting our men and women in uniform? It appears more time is spent on proper pronoun usage than military preparedness, and that is confirmed by the Heritage Foundation report on Military Readiness, along with the recruiting and retention numbers for our military, which is beyond troubling. As well, Biden has stated that the pandemic is over, so why are we still discharging men and women from our Armed Forces who refuse to take a shot that we now know does not prevent anything…but is harmful in giving healthy servicemembers a heart condition called myocarditis?

The debacle of Afghanistan constitutes giving aid and comfort to our enemies, a designated terrorist organization, the Taliban. Who in their right mind could agree with leaving $85 billion of military equipment in the hands of terrorists?

Who destroys their military and gives weapons to enemies and terrorists who have killed Americans? Answer–people following the mantra of Benedict Arnold.

Lastly, the right to equal protection under the law is a bedrock of our rights outlined in the Constitution. Yet, we are seeing it disintegrate before our eyes. While two leaders of the Oath Keepers were found guilty of conspiracy on January 6th, we ask how many leaders of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, or Jane’s Revenge have been sought out and found guilty of the abhorrent acts of violence they have committed in America? Vice President Harris advocated for raising funds and getting violent protesters released from jail…with no charges. Since the inauguration day of Donald Trump, we have unchecked, organized leftist violence with no consequences. Heck, you can threaten Supreme Court Justices, as Senator Chuck Schumer did, and face no ramifications…as long as you are on the left.

When the very people who took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, breach that oath of allegiance, it is a very serious matter that must be addressed.

Those of us who speak up and out against the Biden administration are not “threats to democracy.” No, we are a threat to leftist totalitarianism. We need to speak in these terms, at least those who possess the intestinal fortitude to do so…perhaps that is why there are those in the House GOP who do not support Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House?

No more allowing leftists to project their assaults on the Constitution and the American people. It is time we referred to them as who they are…progressivism, socialism, statism, Marxism, and communism are treasonous philosophies of governance. The case is not debatable.

Steadfast and Loyal.

This column was originally published at Townhall

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