MG Paul E Vallely US Army (Ret) and T. Laurent Pellet

In the last few years, we have witnessed an acceleration of the globalist’s strategy under the code name “Agenda 2030” to put in place the new world order – a megalomaniac project coming out of the mind of a few deranged oligarchs across the globe, thinking the full humanity must obey to a new set of ruling, indifferently to culture, religion, ethnicity, or citizenship. This very “ambitious” project, please understand the ironic way to evaluate this very unflattering adjective, aims to put complete control on populations to serve their slavery agenda better. Historically, a few have tried this approach: Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Attila, Napoleon, and Hitler. The form of domination ended badly despite the smallest amount of the population being supposed to be under control. Billions of people later, we face the desire for global governance, a way more drastic and totalitarian, greatly helped by technology.

When Caesar was conquering the new countryside, the first step was to integrate the leadership-submitted military within the structure of Roman governance, therefore allowing a harmonious way to tam the considered barbarians. Despite political intelligence and strategic decisions to maintain the cohesion of the constituted artificial states, sooner or later empires were collapsing, for a very simple reason: cultural, and religious differences, and/or divergent economic interests.

Those are the obvious reasons the European Union will collapse, but not only…

The European Union can be envisioned as an open-air laboratory, an antechamber of the so-called NWO. As much as the European project was a justification to avoid conflict due to the cultural disparity and economic divergence, year after year, it has been drifting to a kleptocratic structure modeled on the URSS Politburo. The European Union became a centralized system that took over the constituent state’s capacity of decisions, trying to overrule the life of citizens without local market specificity, interest, or will. They are dictating measures with no consideration of the well-being of the administrated population, neither of their personal nor professional constraints. This is how the Netherlands police decided to shoot at protesting farmers in July 2022 because their government was following the order of the EU Commission to shut down cattle breeding:

A USSR kolkhozes style to fix who can raise what and who has the right to eat what…

Behind the scenes, a very well-structured beast rises with a Machiavellian plan oiled like the V12 Ford GT40 prepared for Le Mans 66. We will try to dissect the hellish machinery to understand the intrinsic implemented mechanism and to develop a resistance that could be compared to the strategy of General Patton during WWII against the Nazis. To submit such an amount of people and ensure they will follow up without complaining about it, several social and psychological techniques are subversive: division, fear, guilt, repression, and law enforcement.

Vocabulary used by Soros, Fink, Gates, or Schwab leaves off the table any ambiguity regarding their intention; they don’t even hide what their baneful project is about.

They have leveraged the fragmentation of our societies to control the political power and use every democratic mechanism possible to open their devilish Pandora’s box. The gay community is generally very well-educated; they have infiltrated governments at high positions to force and influence policymakers. The French American young leader’s foundation is their nursery and catapult to power: Macron (France), Sunak (UK), Trudeau (Canada), Sandu (Moldavia)… Most of the political campaigns of those pseudo leaders (pseudo because they are primarily foreign agents of transversal organizations), have been financed by Soros to ensure their loyalty and the execution of the dismissed agenda when charged.

They are proceeding to the fragmentation of the society by addressing the existential needs of different minorities because those are the “kings and queens”’ makers. Our societies are very polarized now, and the pole differences within election processes are directly linked to the satisfaction of those groups in terms of demand. The side effects are hazardous for the balance and the existence of modern societies; its fundamental structure, the family, is directly impacted because they want to privilege individuality, the “a way too early sexual self-discovery”, the psychotic desire of a few to identify themselves to unreal reality (they are more relevant of psychiatry than anything else). To finalize the destruction of established nations, they are allowing foreign illegal immigration from everywhere and enforce it legally (In Europe, as soon as an individual is on European soil, it is impossible to force him out due to the different rulings established by the CEDH which judges are directly paid by Soros). From cultural dilution to solicitation for depravity and kids abuse law enforced, our world is sliding fast to its destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Through the W.E.F., they have been able to impose a forcible social and environmental governance by threatening those who would not follow the defined rules to cut off financial capacities and means… Nevertheless, there are some cracks in their model. Some businesses, such as Target and Budweiser, trying to push the LGBT agenda, got hit and punished very severely by consumers. This is an explicit sign of rejection by the majority but to be exploited more aggressively. At the last Davos meeting, they introduced the capacity of shifting to electronic currency to complete the control on mobility with a global warming hoax, pretending the CO2 released by humans is responsible for climate deregulation. Macron is so scared to be challenged scientifically on that issue in France that he wants to enforce it by law: whoever would claim not to believe this gigantic mass manipulation would be fined… We measure the incapacity to face controversy in a standard dialog format. This is a characterized birth of dictatorship. Upon this mental delirium, we would be forced to buy electric vehicles to ensure the battery capacity would totally restrict our mobility, destroying our absolute freedom to go anywhere at a meager cost.

During the economic forum of the Danube region 2018, I had the opportunity to have dinner with the chairman of the automotive builder association representing Porsches, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen; I asked him what he was thinking regarding electric vehicles, the answer was sharp like a knife: “We cannot provide batteries for everybody due to lack of rare earth supply, neither electricity to reload them, we would be obliged to build 54 nuke facilities, the technology does not allow excellent mobility, especially in winter if the temperature is very low, and the batteries are volatile during summer time, they can ignite if exposed to high temperature.

The worst comes from the insurance cost because none of the battery makers want to ensure the viability of their batteries if a vehicle is damaged in a wreckage.

Control our mobility, control our purchases, control our family, kids, our talks, our thoughts… To save the climate when the CO2 level is just at 0.04%. Certainly not. Don’t they know that every plant and every tree growing on this planet needs CO2 to grow and produce O2? Without this molecule in the atmosphere, there will be NO FOOD! In professional greenhouses, farmers are installing CO2 generators to grow crops faster!

Not only satisfied to put a leash on our necks, but they also intend to poison or kill us with viruses and vaccines, pretending to our health security; with a new strain of the coronavirus, they plan to impose a green vax passport.

Looking holistically at the set of measures on the go, we can easily see they are at war against humanity. We are heading to a dehumanized world in which an individual will be considered a tool to be used for a specific function and recycled into compost; now, his rentability will drop significantly.

Numerated excessively our existence can be threatened to be erased in a mouse click.

Will we accept living in ChinAmerica (or ChinEU) led by Neo finan-fascist under Woke-munism policy?

A society cannot be led or structured by fantasy, the morbid desire, or deviant behavior of a few, and it is supposed to respect the everyday needs of the majority. They want war against us.

  • They will not touch our children, or we will beat them.
  • They will not hinder our freedom because we will take away theirs
  • They will not force us to think what we don’t believe in; we have free will
  • They will not take our currency because this is our security!
  • They will not destroy our respective countries because this is who we are.
  • They will not paralyze our mobility because we will not let them…



Together & Stronger

They are trying to impose their rules by holding our capacity to live. We will strip them of that tool by managing our assets (commercial and business), with our own rules. Our guns can be much bigger than theirs.

This institution’s foundation can be an incredible marketing political campaign tool for former president D.J. Trump. They will bleed with their wallet! Please let us know what you think of this significant and ambitious project that would empower those feeling helpless. 

Control Structure Implemented


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