Ed Haugland and MG Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret)

The way to crush the bourgeoisie [the middle class]

is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation – Lenin

As former intelligence officers with over thirty years of experience in national security across multiple executive departments, intelligence agencies, and defense organizations and services -we believe that President Biden is not only compromised but exemplifies the ultimate Manchurian President. We also see him as a traitor to our nation – plain and simple. His actions and deeds are controlled by those we do not yet see but are purposefully destroying our democracy, our legal system, our freedoms, independence, and our republic.  I use Lenin’s quote – as it exemplifies the progressive left’s tactics, using today’s information-age technologies, in concert with our adversaries to destroy our nation, advance their vision of tyranny, to subjugate the people into pre-defined enclaves.  One enclave for the self-anointed liberal elites with security, protection, and wealth for the so-called “socialists.” The other is for the subjugated masses to be forever pitted against one another to ensure the longevity of the self-anointed elite.

It is not hard to see the future of America under this Manchurian President.  He and his lemmings of the left have created the future they see for the rest of America. They have done so in areas they have controlled for decades.  One need not look further than Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and other liberal progressive cities – where the dependent constituents are dependable useful idiots, working on a newly expanded plantation of government dependency, in which no one really cares about brown, black or other lives – if the murders remain on “that” side of the track.

The question is, will America and conservatives wake up, use their brains, and their spines, to hold this Manchurian President, his Vice President, and rogue cabinet to account?  And will those in the democratic party, wake up from the woke party, or allow the woke minority to control them and most Americans, and impose tyranny over freedom?

The purpose of this article is to highlight the strategic nature of the left’s threat to our freedoms, democracy, and our republic.  It is all too easy to focus on the here and now (the trees) and miss what is happening (the forest).   The objective of this article is to warn all Americans that what is occurring is not normal or typical politics.  It is a war, an ongoing cognitive war[1], for the soul of your country, your freedoms, and your independence.  Will you listen?

The Marionette – It is obvious that Biden is but a simple puppet, a marionette.  The question is who exactly is the puppeteer(s) pulling his strings?  I also believe Biden, like his son, is compromised by the Chinese, just look at the actions he is taken since January 2021.  And do we not question whether this man is compromised, or colluding with the Chinese, after seeing details about the “big guy” getting his take from various deals that were arranged by a son who has a multitude of issues related to substance abuse and sex that provide a litany of areas for blackmail?

The Puppeteers? – The question we must ask, which any real reporter would ask, is “Mr. President, just exactly who are “they,” the people you refer to, that will get upset if you answer more questions at press conferences?  Are they the same people who feed you drugs, mold you daily, and write up your three-by-five-inch memory cards, so that you can act like you know who you are, where you are, and what you are supposed to be doing?  No doubt, these puppeteers are the same crew who is pulling your strings on all fronts.  We must dig into, and understand, who the puppeteers are – and engage them directly with the transparency of sunlight to first identify then disable and disinfect them from further action.

Whomever his puppeteers are, they are no doubt far left, not favorable towards America, view our Constitution with disdain, and look to change America forever.  They pull the strings of their marionette named Biden, the Manchurian President, from behind the red Marxist and fascist curtains.

The strings are pulled to purposefully change America from a champion of liberty, opportunity, freedom, and democracy to an autocracy, dictatorship, and tyrannical system.  The self-anointed liberal elites, whom the Manchurian President – Biden (the guy from the slave state) loves to hang out with are the same miscreants who love to tell others how they should live, what they can say, and what laws, rules, regulations they should follow. But not for them. As their mantra is “do as I say, not as I do.”   Such are the ways of these self-anointed elites – no rules, no laws, and no regulations apply.

These puppeteers, exemplify typical fascist and Marxist tactics to drive a majority to comply with laws, rules, etc. they themselves do not obey.  It is their means to advance their control over the masses. They are the same lovely crowd who gave us the “summer of love.”  Which was not about social justice, as much as social control.  It was a summer of intimidation by looting, assault, arson, anarchy, and hate.  It was in all, the likelihood of a practice run for massive civil unrest and violence should President Trump win a second term.

We’ve no doubt forgotten why over half of America was boarded up – awaiting the violence. That extreme level of violence was not due to some fictitious group(s) of right-wingers.  It was the BLM, Antifa, and leftist radicals – real extremists – they feared.

After over two billion dollars in damage and spiking murders, assaults, and racist attacks -which continue to grow – America braced for the massive violence.  Yet the left’s efforts to undermine a legitimate election worked, and their Manchurian President is now in place. The puppeteers keep their extremists in check for now.  Those extreme organizations now raise obscene amounts of money from the lemmings of the left, and other useful idiots to fund purchases of multiple million-dollar homes.  In addition, these extremists are now being funded by the trillions of dollars in government hand-outs and grants to radical left groups pushing the 1619 project, Critical Race Theory, and “equity” indoctrination.  All while similarly radical leftists are being appointed to powerful positions in the federal government to run, control, and operate our government.  Be concerned. Be overly concerned.

Comufascists – We must begin to see reality for what it is.  It is not a communist takeover of America. Nor is it a fascist takeover.  What few fail to realize is that communism and fascism are but two ends of the same circle of tyranny.  Both warped ideologies use lies, propaganda, deceit, and the tried-and-true tactics of extremism to first circumvent, then seize control, of the levers of power.  These self-anointed elites espouse communist, Marxist, and fascist ideological views and actions.  Their end goal is the subjugation of the majority to their will – that of a radical minority.  They are Comufascists – two ends of the circle of tyranny, that ties communism, fascism, authoritarianism, and despotism together.  Hence, there is no real distinction between communists and fascists, despots and dictators, autocrats, and theocrats.  In all cases, their end goal is to subjugate others to their control and advance the power of a minority over the majority.

Scorched America Policy – While the Manchurian President Biden feigns support for the middle class, minorities, and our constitution – he, his puppeteers, and the comufascists are doing everything they can to undermine the people, our laws, economy, national security, and family structure as they implement scorched earth – scorched America policy – to destroy our middle class and the very soul of our nation.

How else can one explain the comufascists utter disregard for our laws, national security, and constitution by allowing millions of illegal aliens, who are highly infected with the China Flu (i.e., Covid) into our country while a pandemic continues?  The comufascists are ignoring the thousands of drug overdoses, and an increasing opioid crisis, concurrent with a massive influx in drugs, child, and another sex trafficking.

Americans are now being killed by this Manchurian President, as he and his left-wing comufascists try to once again lock down, shut down, and mask up everyone – except for the millions of illegal immigrants.  None of that restrictions apply to the millions of illegals entering the country.  Nor do they apply to the cartels who are earning billions of dollars from their human trafficking, and drug production, while creating increased drug addicts – which the Manchurian President knows all too well.

Hence – we see millions of people’s rights discarded by this Manchurian President as he unleashes a litany of left-wing policies and unconstitutional actions. Yet, the loyal (to the constitution) opposition sits spinning on their thumbs, once again being duped into thinking this is just typical politics.  And to repeat history, once again, believe a win in the midterm elections will change it all.  How naive. What they do not understand is this cognitive war,[2] being waged against America, from the inside, by the Manchurian President who is not likely to allow for mid-terms – and is highly likely developing another man-made crisis to seal the fate of our constitution and drive our country from freedom to subjugation.

This Manchurian President’s obvious declining mental presence no doubt makes the job of whoever is pulling the puppet strings easier – as they pull those strings from behind the red, blood-soaked, curtain of tyranny.

Conservatives, and the American public, remain in a highly reactive posture – a losing posture – as they ignore the consequences (with few exceptions[3]) of this cognitive war.  Rather than begin an impeachment, rather than speak with one voice to the facts this Manchurian President and his leftist cabinet are not only ignoring our laws but purposefully undermining them (in direct conflict with their oaths of office) the sit idle.  This leftist insurgency is running and ruining our country, as they advance an open insurrection against the will of the American people.

From California’s Governor Newsome to Michigan’s, to Nancy Pelosi, and Corey Bush and AOC – their scorched America policy is to deny you, the commoner, the bourgeoisie, from earning a living, police protection, safety, and security, as the comufascists build, through their scorched America policy, a wholly new plantation of ever-expanding government dependents – serfs – for their puppeteers and self-anointed elites. Their end game – is to impose their brand of despotism, fascism, communism, and dystopia on you and the rest of America.

Together with the Manchurian President, the media propaganda whores, and the leftists in Congress they make up a leftist insurgency that does not follow our laws, and their constitutional oaths, yet move to upend the constitution, ignore our laws, and wield unconstitutional powers.  They do so as they also push lockdowns, defunding of police, control of the education system, and give “free” things to gain votes – college, health care, child tax credits, and excessive unemployment benefits. Their sole intent – expand the numbers of those who depend on the government. The government which they control.
Yet, why is no one is asking why these leftist octogenarians are hell-bent on pushing our country’s debt to untenable levels – especially after Barak Hussain Obama – Mr. lefty left himself – stated that President George Bush was “unpatriotic[4]” for raising the national debt to a few trillion (still too much)?  Obama then added seven to eleven trillion to our debt.  But why? He did not have two wars to fight, dot com bust.  But he did have a lot of friends, with “shovel-ready” jobs.  The shovel was ready all right, but not big enough to hold that load of crap. Now the leftist loons wish to add several more trillion in debt in two bills – sending inflation and government dependency soaring.
Their scorched America policy is exemplified by efforts to:

  • Undermine American economic strength – by purposefully flooding the already growing economy with massive spending
    • Driving up our national debt on par with WWII expenditures, while no kinetic war exists.  This is driving up inflation, and taxation. Ah, thank you, Lenin!
  • Advance surveillance of citizens – as they allow Chinese social media platforms like TikTok and WeChat to operate and collect data freely on US citizens.  Why is the free press not asking why Biden reversed the Trump administration policies that blocked these platforms?  We will not go into the history of other misuses of our Intelligence Community by the Obama administration, or current efforts that are under review by the IG at the NSA.
    • The data that the Chinese collect on genealogy, DNA, and social media on our citizens provide the authoritarian regime the precise information for targeting of individuals, groups, etc. with disinformation and propaganda or biological agents
  • Undermine America’s position as a world leader – by pulling out of Afghanistan without a contingency plan while begging the Taliban to not attack our Embassy in Kabul and concurrently begging OPEC to produce more oil.
    • Both decisions inflicted a level of humiliation on the US, diminishing views of our strength, and more significantly having a dangerous impact on the perception of U.S. strength and resolve by our allies (e.g., NATO, ANZUS, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan) and by our adversaries – emboldening their willingness to increase attacks on US interests.
  • Cover for China – the Manchurian President ended the Trump administration and Department of State’s investigation of the leak of the China Flu from a Chinese lab, after dismissing that possibility outright during the Manchurian (at that time) candidates’ bid for the presidency
    • These actions before and after the election, resulted in mass censorship by the “left’s” social media allies, undermining the Trump administration’s efforts to identify the root cause of the pandemic, advancing the Manchurian candidate’s quest for the presidency, while concurrently bolstering Chinese propaganda and lies. All while the Manchurian candidate’s son was cutting billion dollars deals in China, in areas with no expertise, that resulted in the “big guy” getting his 10 percent of the take.
  • Sabotage our national security – by purposefully ignoring our national security and opening our borders to what will be over two million illegals entering our country, with a China Flu infection rate of 15-30%.
    • The illegals include potential terrorists, sleeper cells, human and child sex traffickers, drug dealers, criminals of all sorts, plus masses of impoverished who are not self-sustaining. This month alone, over 212,000 plus illegals entered our country (those that we caught). 
  • Infect and kill Americans – by purposefully packing illegals into cages, creating super spreader events, then moving them by hundreds of thousands across the country, but to primarily conservative states and cities.  
    • We now have up to 15,000 or more Americans being left behind in Afghanistan to fend for themselves and find a way for their own evacuation.  We have real extremists – the Taliban – not old white patriotic Americans – in charge in Afghanistan. Well-armed with billions of dollars in leading-edge weapons and encircling the 82nd Airborne, with a few of the thousands of Americans who made it to the Kabul airport – setting the stage for a massacre and masses being taken, hostage.  The deaths, torture, and murders are on this Manchurian President and his cabinet’s hands.  None of which has resigned in disgust – for the advice they gave that Biden ignored.  Where now is Mark Milley’s, and SECDEF Austin’s apologies to the American people for standing with the Manchurian President?
    • We have now seen the pictures on television where illegals are shown in a variety of pictures being packed side by side, into holding cages and pens like cattle. Be their own definition, these are super spreader events.  Then the infected are placed secretly on US military aircraft and given plane or bus tickets to go wherever they wish in America – while DHS, CBP, and ICE leadership know they are pushing out 30% plus infected with the China Flu.  Is this not treasonous?  Conducting a biological war on your own citizenry.
  • Conduct propaganda and disinformation campaigns – with the aid of left-wing media propaganda whores, and socialist media giants to undermine political opponents, mislead and misinform the American public, and hide and censor facts from the public. These comufascists are breaking several American laws by using federal elements to spread their lies and propaganda – but are not being held to account.
    • As noted in the latter bullet, the China Flu-infected illegal aliens are purposefully being moved to primarily Florida and Texas to drive spikes in infection, kill citizens, and then blame the increased surges and deaths on Republican governors. Something I warned was occurring weeks ago[5]. The comufascists are deviant and view such loss of life, along with the deaths along the border, and black-on-black violence in their cities all as collateral damage.    
  • Undermine our American military strength, readiness, and comradery by ignoring the real extremists, indoctrinating our troops, and advancing an ideological standard for promotion or leadership positions
    • Radical fascists and Marxists caused two billion dollars in damage during the progressive left’s “summer of love” for extremists.  The damage, chaos, anarchy, looting, arson, assaults, etc. were not caused by the military, nor by some right-wing non-existent boogeyman, or white supremacist.  Yet, the new Secretary of Defense pushes a mandatory set of racist training and indoctrination, along with a review of social media to find “right-wing extremists” hiding in our military. The very same military SECDEF Austin served in uniform for 40 years – but you never heard a peep out of him and his four shiny stars during those four decades about extremism or racism, did you?  Now he worries. Such a token response.   
  • Enable adversary aggressions – by continuing to ignore aggressive cyber-attacks by Chinese and Russian elements, and by not imposing any penalties or response.  I suspect the comufascists will support a cyber-attack that shuts down southeastern America – red state country – to facilitate Marshall Law and a federal takeover of these red states.
    • These are the same people who tell you the 2020 elections were the most secure elections in history.  All while we saw our gas pipelines hacked and held hostage for ransom, and our intelligence, defense, and multiple commercial elements hacked by the solar winds cyber-attack.  They could not detect the Chinese then, so how can they then say the election was safe?
  • Indoctrinate America – to include our children, military, and federal workforce with Equity, CRT, 1619 project.  As Lenin stated, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world”[6].
    • Training and educating others in ways that purposefully undermine our values as a nation, destroys our melting pot, while moving us toward a boiling pot,[7] and is contrary to history and fact while belittling the sacrifices of millions of all races who have given their lives to advance freedom for all.
  • Undermine the American family – by redefining the mother as a “birthing person,” and defining biological males as “female” and by perpetuating and expanding welfare and other so-called social justice policies that destroyed the black family – leading to the disintegration of black culture and independence, and advancing mass incarceration, drug use, and government dependency.  They now wish to broaden the application of these policies to the rest of America
  • Bow to despots – by ignoring those who seek or advance freedom.  Under Obama and Biden, the comufascists ignored the Arab Spring (Iran), and now the calls for freedom from Hong Kong (China), while refusing access to the United States (Cuba) for those who protested tyranny and tried to advance freedom. 
    • One example could be viewed as a misguided or inept policy.  Now that is it has occurred three times, these actions must be viewed as demonstrating a purposeful disdain for freedom-loving people – which fits with the comufascists own pursuit of subjugation and tyranny.
  • Drive inflation, chaos, and crime by defunding the police, enabling criminals, while removing citizens’ rights to protect themselves. These actions are exemplified by the likes of comufascists, like Congresswoman Corey Bush, who tells us to “suck it up” if she pays tens of thousands of dollars for private security, because “her body” should exist, while she watches every weekend hundreds of her fellow citizens gunned down as she pushes to defund “their” police protection. “Do as I say, not as I do.” The self-anointed elites like her view their lives as “worthy” of spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect – yet her constituents’ lives – who are shot, murdered, assaulted, in the hundreds every week – along with you and I are not so worthy.  
    • It must be great to be a socialist hypocrite, who pushes fascist policies, while getting paid by the American taxpayers, while you seek to “defund” police protection and security for the mere peasants you serve, yet she views them as subjects to be ruled, controlled, and pandered.  I for one, believe every life matters.  It is disgusting to watch young black boys and girls get shot while playing or sitting in a car seat at a Mcdonald’s.  They are viewed only as collateral damage to the comufascists.  Not any different from the despots who viewed the three hundred million murdered over the last one hundred years as necessary to sustain their power
    • These actions place us on a path to repeat the tyrannical success of the despots in Venezuela. We watch as our so-called elected leaders support, advocate, and fund BLM, and Antifa and create a man-made crisis of broken law and order, mayhem, chaos, and soaring crime.  Like the despots in Venezuela, the comufascists look to step in – under the false guise of advancing security – and impose security controls, advance dependency on the government, and justify Marshall Law, perpetuate lockdowns, etc. Do not shrug this off as a real possibility.  The Venezuelan people thought the same.  Now they live in poverty, and under tyranny.  Just a fact.  We are also moving one step closer to federalizing our state and local police.
  • Ignore our laws and separation of power – when the Manchurian President reimposed a moratorium on evictions, contrary to the law of the land and the Supreme Court decision
    • One of many steps to slowly undermine, destroy and then remake our courts and our legal systems into weapons to use against the people and vice protect them.  This includes continued efforts to pack and stack the Supreme Court.
  • Enable Extreme Violence – by supporting real extremists who have killed, looted, assaulted, committed arson, or advanced anarchy – like Marxists, BLM, fascist Antifa, and the socialist comufascists teachers’ unions who indoctrinate our children with radical and racists ideologies and who are now re-segregating classrooms into black and white out of the public eye.  As Lenin stated, “It is necessary – secretly and urgently to prepare the terror.[8]
    • While concurrently, the comufascists censor, smear, de-platform, prosecute, and attack conservatives, Christians, and others who support law and order, the family unit, our police, and school choice

I could go on, and list one hundred plus more examples of the specific efforts the comufascists are undertaking in their scorched America policy.  But I do not want to depress the reader further.  The main point here is that the comufascists have a long-term game, a well-developed strategy and a multifaceted implementation plan, while our independents and conservatives sit spinning in a world in which they are only reacting to, not defining.

A Multi-faceted strategy and plan – Americans are slowly awakening to the wake, it is too late to stop the comufascists.  Just stop and think for a moment.  The comufascists are smart, very smart, as they put their scorched American policy into action across several fronts.  One must give them proper credit for their level of teamwork, planning, and detailed execution, including backup plans, to achieve their tyrannical vision.  Besides the multi-faceted strategy of actions, I just laid out, let us look at another example.

First, they put forth a candidate, Hillary Clinton, through a rigged primary.  They used our national security apparatus and leaders to lie and prosecute a president, falsely impeach him twice, and use the very same to attack, intimidate and conduct armed raids on his supporters – while avoiding any punishment for this coup, their perjury or their treasonous behavior.  Then when the four years of lies failed, they put forth their Manchurian candidate, Biden. He won the nomination through the same “fixed” election process they used for Hillary. For a second time, Bernie the Communist was thrown under the bus.

In parallel, they exercised and trained their extremist radicals during the “summer of love.” Notice this occurred in only progressive, left, cities, where they allowed for massive destruction of those areas, mostly where poor blacks and others lived because they knew those guaranteed constituents had little voice, money, or impact on their political futures.

This was a practice run for the tyranny they intended, through violence and civil unrest, should Trump win a second term.  Few remember the Washington Post writer who specifically called for massive civil unrest if Trump was re-elected.  Hmmm, a journalist inciting an insurrection, and no one says anything.

They then, as often repeated by the left, “didn’t let crises go to waste.”  They used the China Flu, which was likely purposefully released by their allies in China, to not only attack President Trump as a racist but to undermine the forthcoming vaccine (remember Harris stating she wouldn’t trust the vaccine?), while undertaking a massive set of fraudulent and unconstitutional efforts to affect the outcome of the 2020 election.  The comufascists knew, if they failed to defeat and impale Trump, their efforts would be set back decades.

Yet today, they continue to attack, smear and try to belittle Trump. Why?  Because he still serves as the exemplar in using the comufascists tactics against them, calling out their lies and propaganda, and driving them to react by taking proactive steps on multiple fronts.  Trump remains the leader who demonstrates how we must fight.  This is not about being cordial and having tea, this is a fight for our freedom, and the other side views you, your family, and others’ lives merely as necessary collateral damage in their quest for absolute power.  Hence, the lemmings of the left, the media propaganda whores, continue to attack Trump, paint middle America as extremists, and censor the truth, to advance their control.  But Trump, as all Americans must realize, is that one man’s capabilities were no match, no matter how good, for a comufascists army.

The Comufascists Army – Yet Americans are surprised!  Why? The evidence of intent is in plain sight.  Efforts, to tell the truth, are censored by the leftist media and socialist social media companies – the Manchurian President’s propaganda whores.  There is no longer a free press, as they have been bought out by China years ago. They parade and applaud their politically ideological leaders much the same way the media in North Korea and China applaud praise and glorify their leaders. It matters not what illegal acts they commit, only that they remain hidden from the masses.  The only redeeming quality is that most Americans see today’s press as the biased bastards they are.
To the legion of biased media propaganda whores, we must add the legion of socialist social media companies.  Despite their professing to block and defeat propaganda and disinformation, they themselves censor the truth, push their own propaganda, and publish their own forms of disinformation in support of their comufascists leaders. These mega companies push their own political agendas while manipulating their customers into believing their data is not being used against them.
If others try to advance social media platforms that allow for free speech, publishing of facts and advancing public discourse the socialist social media companies block them – and de-platformed.  And for those others who use the socialist media platforms, and try to speak the truth, they are censored and or kicked off.  The list is long and includes senators, clergy, doctors, lawyers, and others whose only fault was trying to tell the truth or provide a distinct perspective.
To the latter legions of the comufascists army, we must add the leftist democrats, whose leadership consists of mostly white privileged octogenarians.  While those like Obama, and the leftist octogenarians, tend to push deceptive and dystopian approaches using Orwellian terms that suggest passive and peaceful approaches there are the likes of AOC who bring a loud and more direct voice to the left’s long-term goals. As AOC does not hide the comufascists real intent. She tends to put it bluntly, clearly, and plainly.  Despite being led by those who have supported and advocated for the party of slavery, the other members of the democratic party, like most of the comufascists army just fall in line and stay silent.  They are good comrades.  And they do not make waves to ensure their benefits, their wealth, their security, and their power remain unimpeded.
We must add to the comufascists army those millions of individuals who willfully buy into the propaganda and disinformation despite the facts before them.  The level of cognitive dissonance by these complacent and compliant souls is amazing.  Yet, the left’s voters continue to vote for the comufascists repeatedly, all while they flee the very states they now control to move to conservative bastions. Only to then return to voting for the same type of tyranny from which they fled.
Finally, we must add to this comufascists army, those who unwittingly provide an umbrella of legitimacy to their efforts – the useful idiots.  They deserve their own look, as they do more damage, by living in a utopian world, where they think their fellow Americans believe in America.
The Useful Idiots – Less we forget, these efforts are not only enabled by the comufascists and their army. They are enabled by a legion of “useful idiots” like – Senators Romney, Sass, Graham, Manchin, and others.  One example is their support for the infrastructure bill.  The other is their calling for the appointment of former DHS Secretary Jay Johnson to manage the disaster at the border.  How stupid are they?  Do they think the Manchurian President and his lying Secretary of Homeland Security and Vice President care to get the crises under control?  Do they not see how they are creating super-spreader events by stuffing the illegals like sardines into cages, then shipping them off purposefully to red states and others to infect and spread the China Flu to advance their scorched America policy?  Obviously not.  They are the un-woken, the walking brain-dead, the unaware – or in simple terms, the “useful idiots.”  These useful idiots provide a blanket of “legitimacy” to cover for the ongoing scorched American policies – witting or not.
The useful idiots see reality when woke hypocrites like Congresswomen Cori Bush stated, “I’m going to make sure I have private security but defunding the police needs to happen.” and then told everyone else to “suck it up.”  Yet, they continue to engage with her and others like AOC, Pelosi, and Schumer for some reason believing their stated radial views, anathema to their constitutional oaths, will change.  It is akin to negotiating with the Taliban and thinking they will follow thru on their promises.  You cannot negotiate with radical extremists.  And those radical extremists are the octogenarians now running Congress.
Conservatives reactive and losing posture – concurrently, the conservative establishment remains in a solely reactive posture.  If you are only reacting, not driving others to react to your initiatives, you are losing.  The comufascists are led by an able leader who in turn leads conservatives by the nose to continually react to her moves.  She is the chief comufascists “Mommy Dearest” or simply – Nancy Pelosi.
Conservatives are once again playing the short game, on the short bus.  They think if they win the mid-term elections they will be in control. Will they ever learn?  The left will either not let those elections happen, or just leave the conservatives to their own demise, and fail. As they know conservatives do not plan, do not have a strategy, and remain in a reactive posture.  As conservatives have no strategy, no long game plan, and continually fail to call out all the lies, hypocrisy and pandering of the comufascists – their chances for success if elected are minimal.  These useful idiots must be replaced.  They are inept, asleep to reality, and only serve as covers of legitimacy for the comufascists.
A warning – we may very well not make it to the election, as it is highly likely the comufascists will create another man-made crisis to either enable their skewing of the election or other actions to negate the 2022 elections.  If we are lucky enough to see real, safe, and secure 2022 elections, what is the conservative plan?  We should ask them what they will do to:

  • Reverse the politicization of our national security organizations and they’re being weaponized against conservatives?
  • Hold the DOJ to account for only prosecuting conservatives, raiding their houses with SWAT teams, or imposing months of solitary confinement for a few January 6 rioters, while letting extremist movements of BLM, Antifa, and other criminals walk free without bail?
  • Hold the liars in Congress, DOJ, FBI, CIA, and DNI accountable for their perjury, lies, and purposeful propaganda and disinformation campaign against a sitting president for four years?
  • Address the real concerns about election fraud for which half of America is still seeking transparency into the legitimacy of the 2020 election?
  • Stop spending our nation into massive debt
  • Reverse the massive new government dependency programs like the child tax credit and reinstitute mandatory requirements of work for welfare.
  • Push articles of impeachment to hold Biden and his cabinet accountable for ignoring our laws, and purposefully undermining them, while murdering and killing Americans by allowing thousands of China Flu infected illegal aliens into our country during a pandemic while concurrently ignoring the massive increase in drugs, opioids, and criminal elements?

Who is the successor? – Given this Manchurian President’s cognitive decline and his compromised position, we must look at the line of succession.  And when we do, one is likely to experience increased blood pressure and even more severe anxiety.  As America begins to realize, the current puppet in the White House will be followed by a less-capable puppet.  Yes, that woman who is demonstrated less than stellar (understatement) performance repeatedly, Vice President – Kamala Harris.  And if we were to look at his cabinet, we would only find more of the same.  The key question remains – whom is the puppeteer pulling the strings?  And how many of the cabinets are intertwined in the strings already being pulled?

Act or acquiesce – as noted upfront, the purpose of this article was to highlight the strategic nature of the left’s threat to our freedoms, democracy, and our republic.  The objective of this article was to warn all Americans, that what is occurring is not normal or typical politics. In closing, I wish to convey that all hope is not lost, but we must act with purpose, quickly, and do so in supporting a strategic vision, strategy, and implementation plan that sustain America’s freedoms, independence, and opportunity indefinitely. We must take the long view, and act accordingly.  The road we now travel is long and hard.  Reclaiming ground lost to the comufascists will not be easy or quick. As they have spent decades building the platform to realize their dreams of despotic rule and subjugation, we must be willing to do the same.  The alternative is tyranny.  The alternative is replaying the last one hundred years, and three hundred million and more slaughtered, murdered, tortured, and abused by despots.
A Four Point Strategy for success – I have previously put out a four-point strategy[9] to address these challenges that are based on four arduous tasks that require:  Seizing the Narrative; Driving an Initiative-taking & Positive Legislative Agenda; Overhauling our National Security apparatus; and Ensuring the Resiliency of our Republic, Constitution and Freedoms.  I will not repeat the details here, one can read at your leisure.
Sadly, only partial elements of the strategy are being implemented.  Slowly Americans are awakening to the “woke” agenda of tyranny and comufascism.  If we want to win this ongoing domestic cognitive war with the comufascists, we must help them feel our pain.  We must be willing to apply their tactics against them. We must start moving the masses of illegals into their neighborhoods, schools, and homes. We must be willing to get in their faces so they can hear our voices and see first-hand our frustration. We must be willing to hold mass demonstrations in front of their offices, and their homes, and bring to them a sense of the reality of the tyranny they seek to impose on us.  The choice is simple.
We either allow the Manchurian President, his puppeteers, and the comufascists minority to rule, dissolve our country into a tyrannical state, impose their will on us – the majority – to once again watch millions slaughtered, or stand up and fight back to regain the soul of our country.
We must join like-minded people together, and once again show the world and our fellow Americans we have multiple greatest generations.  We must stand together, to remind all Americans that our history, lineage, and legacy is of a people who serve not themselves, but their country, their fellow citizen, and the world.
We are a unique people, who are truly privileged for the blessings bestowed on us. Blessings that so many of our fellow Americans take for granted. We are a people who have, and will once again, sacrifice our lives, freedom, and livelihood to ensure others can build on, and benefit, from our legacy of freedom, independence, and opportunity.  We do so, not solely for Americans.  We do so, to sustain that shining light on the hill called freedom for all the world to see, be guided by, and to realize.
We must realize the reality of mankind.  There are those who live to control others, who let envy, greed, and other sins guide their lives. And there are those who believe in their fellow citizens, who see them as neighbors not enemies, who give and sacrifice so that others may live in peace as well. What we do, is not just for America – but for the world.  We must choose and act accordingly.   As time is not on our side.

© 2022, Edward L. Haugland and Paul E Vallely, All Rights Reserved
Released and Distributed by the Stand Up America US Foundation

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I define the Cognitive War as: A primarily an ideological war, between tyranny and freedom, control and independence, subjugation, and democracy.  It is a war fought primarily in the cognitive domain, using various means to influence (e.g., academic, economic, to agriculture, social, etc.), but which can include irregular warfare and kinetics. It is a war that has been ongoing for more than a millennium. It is timeless as mankind exists.
The cognitive war is truly an existential threat that is global and domestic. In today’s U.S.A, few understand it, can defend against it, can compete in it, or win it. It can be won, but not if we are unwilling to change.
I define the Cognitive Domain as:
The domain of the human mind – ideas, ideology, function, reason, etc.  The Cognitive Domain encompasses all other domains – the umbrella under which mankind operates, functions, learns, advances or regresses.  All other domains – Cyber, Air, Land, Sea, Subterranean, Space, Sub-surface – are all one operating domain, not separate.  We, as humans, have mentally segmented these domains to operate and function in them.  And as we learn, we add new operational and/or functional domains. Yet, the most important domain, the Cognitive Domain, remains an afterthought.

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