Sorry to disappoint y’all but I am not going to waste my time addressing the disappointing Mueller hearing. I found it utterly laughable for the four hyenas — Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler (aka Jabba da Hutt), Adam Schiff, and Elijah Cummings to commit public seppuku, or harakiri, during a press conference straining to convince us that this Kabuki theater must go on . . . and on. We have all read the post-mortem pundit analysis of the debacle that was supposed to seal the fate of President Donald J. Trump. It was a total failure, disaster, and you know it is so when even Democrat (socialist) pundits say so.

I dunno, how does one obstruct an investigation that was begun under false premises in the first place? As well, consider the complete hypocrisy of saying President Trump obstructed an investigation while doing nothing to Hillary Clinton who deleted tens of thousands of emails, destroyed computer hardware, and wiped software clean. . . you know with a cloth.

Nah, no need to say anything further . . . especially since there are other things far more disturbing happening in our America.

We recently witnessed NYC’s finest, their venerable NYPD officers being doused with buckets of water while they were doing their duty, serving and protecting. It was, without a doubt, an episode that angered me to no end, and it should anger all Americans. My older brother, upon his return from Vietnam, became an Atlanta Police Officer, and, boy howdy, was I proud of him. Are there bad apples in law enforcement? Certainly, as there are bad apples in any profession. But, this disrespectful treatment unleashed upon those two NYPD officers, who displayed impeccable restraint and professionalism, should not ever be forgotten. One would think that a real NYC mayor would have immediately gone down to that neighborhood and personally sought out those perpetrators who assaulted his law enforcement officers. But considering who the current mayor of NYC is, that ain’t gonna happen.

Well, we have another of those cities run by the progressive socialist left garnering our attention here at The Old School Patriot. Ya know, the city where white males wearing MAGA hats troll the streets at 2 am in subzero weather looking to throw bleach to put a noose around the neck of a gay black leftist actor . . . Uh-huh, Chicago. Boy howdy, do we have a doozy from the Windy City.

As reported by Townhall:

“For all the bluster the left and the legacy media spews about President Donald J. Trump promoting violence and setting a bad example for the youth of America, they sure do seem to be silent anytime an incident like this one pops up on the internet. It would appear that children in Chicago were recently encouraged by adults to whack a piñata shaped to resemble an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer. The scene occurred at what was supposed to be a community event in the East Side neighborhood.

Anthony Martinez, of the Chicago Los Brown Berets which provided the piñata, insists that it “was not meant in a negative way at all towards law enforcement.” Los Brown Berets is a national organization that advocates for “Chicanos.” Martinez says the group purchased a batman piñata and transformed it into an ICE agent. He said the piñata was supposed to make a “statement” that “taking children from their parents” is inherently wrong. “Some parents were holding their kids to hit the piñata,” Anthony Martinez of Los Brown Berets told local media.”

First of all, I hate to remind Mr. Martinez of something, but here in America, when grown-ups break the law, they are separated from their children . . . and sent to jail. Ofttimes, as we have witnessed on our southern border, children are being used to ferry adult illegal immigrants into America under the guise of being a “family unit.” These children are recycled many times to do the exact same with other adults. To me that is child abuse, but you will not hear Martinez saying anything about that.

Consider this: the progressive socialist left goes apoplectic with chants of “lock her up” or “send them back,” — neither of which I was a big fan of — but where is the outrage over assaulting law enforcement officers with buckets of water, or making ICE pinatas and having kids beat them?

The left had little to say about the violent Muslim American Society video featuring kids in Philadelphia either. I do not know about you, but I am sick and tired of the left cherry-picking what enrages them, and we are supposed to curry favor to them when they have these outbreaks of faux outrage.

However, think of it this way: today it is a pinata, tomorrow it is tossing a molotov cocktail at an ICE facility. Or maybe Mr. Martinez and those parents would take their kids to an ICE facility and lower the American flag and replace it with the Mexican flag? Ya know, it always starts somewhere, supposedly an innocent thing like kids being admonished by parents to beat, with a stick, an ICE pinata.

Now, for analysis sake, let’s pretend that instead of Mr. Martinez and crew beating up an ICE pinata it was white parents in the backyard, or out in public at an event with white MAGA hats beating on pinatas that resembled Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley (who said black faces must speak with black voices, WTH?). If that had been the case, it would be breaking news, and the video would have been seen all over the world, “Trump supporters encourage violence by kids against four minority Democrat members of Congress.” The outrage would have been stunning and loud, there would be demands for apologies, and every Republican would be forced to condemn such an act and verbally, publicly, disavow and condemn President Trump as a purveyor of hate.

Sooo, y’all hear that? Yep, uh-huh, crickets. It’s okay to enact violence against law enforcement officers, attack ICE facilities, rip down the American flag, and make pinatas of ICE agents for kids to beat on. That is perfectly fine with the progressive socialist left. It is excusable because after all, ICE is deporting folks who have broken the law, but when it comes to the left’s ideological agenda, that trumps our rule of law.

Hmm, are these really the people you want to win next November? I don’t.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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