One of my previous commentaries was on the progressive, socialist left’s three branches of rule. Our constitutional republic’s three co-equal branches of government – executive, legislative, and judicial – mean little to them in their quest for ideological domination. What the leftists in America rely on to implement their agenda are their branches of the media, the courts, and yes, academia. What the left has always known throughout history is that they must control the message, mandate their ideological agenda by court mandate, and indoctrinate future generations … the real high cost of education.

There is a clear reason why the left has free college education as one of its “policy” platforms. They realize that their ideological domination in our culture is dependent on the indoctrination of our children. This is what we see happening on our college and university campuses across America. Now, we can even see this reach going not just into high schools but down into our elementary schools. Who could have ever imagined that little boys and girls of elementary school age would “identify” as a different gender?

Last week, something happened to which we should all pay attention. It occurred on the campus of the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Just as a full disclaimer, I am a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Bama is one of our biggest rivals in the SEC. We all know what the third Saturday in October means. Well, I must say, last week, I was a Bama fan and publicly said two words you will not hear a Tennessee Volunteer often utter: “Roll Tide.”

A major donor to the University of Alabama’s law school, Hugh Culverhouse, called for a student boycott against the recently passed pro-life legislation passed in the State of Alabama. Culverhouse had donated $26.5 million to the University of Alabama’s law school. The trustees of the university voted to return Culverhouse’s donation and removed his name from the law school. The trustees cited that Culverhouse did not represent a system of values consistent with the university.

I have one word in response, Hallelujah!

Finally, a stand has been made against these rich, progressive socialists who believe their wealth can dictate our values, beliefs, and principles. Of course, Culverhouse’s response was typical of the left. He responded that he and his father had donated to the university over the years to rid Alabama of a certain type of stereotype: “We are the land of the backward, we are hicks, we lack the sophistication to see two sides to an argument.”

How very offensive, condescending, and elitist of Culverhouse and his ilk to believe that we need them to save us backward Southerners from ourselves. Culverhouse even alluded that the action taken by Alabama was akin to putting “a 12-gauge in your mouth and pull[ing] the trigger.”

I must ask, how did Hugh Culverhouse feel about the infanticide legislation signed into law by New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo? Is it proper to deduce that the actions of Governor Cuomo and the state of New York somehow represents forward thinking and a high level of sophistication? Is infanticide some intellectually accepted principle, value, that if you do not submit to it, you are relegated to being considered a troglodyte? You know, if you do not bow down to the progressive, socialist left’s god of climate change, you are a member of the “flat earth society.”

This is the real high cost of education, the loss of any discourse, debate, exchange of ideas. The left in the circles of academia demand that we surrender to their ideals – or else. They make demands that our campuses be part of their scheme. Thank God we have those trustees at the University of Alabama who said no.

What must constitutional conservatives do going forward? We must cease supporting the left’s goal of using academia as a branch of their rule. When I consider conservative and free market institutions, like Hillsdale College and Northwood University, both places where I have been invited to speak, why are there not more of them across America? Why do we not have philanthropists on the conservative side ensuring that we have these types of institutions in every state in America? We need to have more courageous university trustees, boards who do not bow down to the large amounts of money coming their way with certain demands. They need to stick to their fundamental principles and values of offering a strong education and preparation for our future generations to be engaged, prepared, and productive citizens in our country.

That means ending the senseless “safe spaces” and coddling of young people to open the avenues of trending them towards a leftist agenda.

Education in America is not a federal government jurisdiction, not an enumerated right, but thanks to Jimmy Carter, he created the Department of Education. And guess what, where do you find the ideal, concept of state (government) controlled education? Yes, it is one of the tenets, planks, of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Heck, even our system of taxation, the progressive tax system, is based upon a tenet of Karl Marx.

The left is doing a great job of focusing the issue of education in America on the word “free” – or relief of college student debt. That is not the issue. It is not about the dollars and cents cost of education. The high cost of education in America is that we are not educating our future generations. We are allowing them to be indoctrinated, manipulated, and controlled by a progressive socialist ideological agenda.

The cost of that happening in our country is simple – we lose our America. Vladimir Lenin expressed this, Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. It was Lenin who also said“the goal of socialism is communism.”

And that is why one of the three branches of rule for the progressive, socialist left in America is academia.

This column was originally published at CNSNews


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