Yes, you read the title of this missive correctly.

As a career military officer, we never believed that you win on defense. During the constant, incessant, and insidious attacks on President Trump, I believe there should be a full-fledged attack to evidence the abject, utter hypocrisy of the progressive socialist left. If I were on any news program and was asked about the “impeachment inquiry” of President Trump, I would pivot and discuss the case for impeaching Barack Obama…and why the progressive socialist left defended his indefensible actions.


If in this current frenzy by the left and their media accomplices about Ukraine, the issue is about national security, I can counter that.

Early in 2009, Barack Obama traveled to Cairo, Egypt to deliver an address to the Muslim world. I have no issue with his wanting to have an outreach. But we should all agree that Obama’s requesting members of the Muslim Brotherhood to be in attendance, front and center, was ill advised. All one need to do is understand the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, the grandfather of modern-day Islamic jihadism.

This is the terrorist organization responsible for the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Anyone can read the Muslim Brotherhood’s website and realize what their goals and objectives are, and they are not consistent with those of the United States. Yet, Barack Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for President, Mohammed Morsi, as he undermined the office of Hosni Mubarak. Sure, Mubarak was not the best, but he was not supportive of Islamic jihadism.

When Morsi won the election, quite questionably, it was Barack Obama who congratulated him and offered US support, to include military aid…to a Muslim Brotherhood backed president. The people of Egypt were indignant, and in the end, revolted against Morsi and overthrew him for a new President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Barack Obama condemned Egypt and its so-called coup, threatening to cut off any US aid…which he was willing to supply to a Muslim Brotherhood backed government.

Second point, Barack Obama claimed that there was a major crisis in Libya and ended up outsourcing our military support and aid to Islamic jihadist organizations against President Muammar al-Gaddafi. There was evidence that Gaddafi was willing to negotiate his removal and departure from Libya, but instead, Obama supplied weapons, intelligence, and air support to Islamic terrorists who did overthrow, and execute, Gaddafi. Since when did the United States provide military aid to Islamic terrorists?

In the aftermath, the Obama administration attempted a weapons buy back program from these same jihadists. And that led to the debacle we came to know as Benghazi. Amazingly enough a US Ambassador, Chris Stevens, was brutally murdered and paraded in the streets, along with Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty during an Islamic terrorist attack. But where was our support to those brave men who fought off the attacks? Why was it that Barack Obama lied about this very sad day in US history, and was never held accountable and responsible? This was not about some anti-Islam video, which was the Obama talking point. And sadly, those four Americans who lost their lives, Barack Obama did not even send a US military aircraft to retrieve their remains.

Third point in the case for impeaching Barack Hussein Obama, the off-mike comment by Obama to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Yes, remember when Obama whispered, “tell Vladmir that after my reelection I will have more flexibility”. It was 2012 and no one dared ask of President Obama, that is from the left, what was meant by flexibility? Here was a sitting US President making overt guarantees to Russia. Funny thing, when Obama was in office Russia was not this enemy, dark specter, matter of fact, the Obama administration offered a “reset button” to Russia. Recall in the final presidential debate between Obama and Mitt Romney how Obama chastised and ridiculed Romney on his assertion that Russia was our number one geopolitical threat? Obama said to Romney that the 80s was calling for their foreign policy back, now the progressive socialist left runs around screaming Russia, Russia, Russia ad nauseum.

When Russia was overrunning Ukraine, and Ukraine asked the Obama administration for support, Obama sent socks and MREs. President Trump has sent A-10s and increased military support to include increased military to military training and cooperation in the Baltic States and Poland. And somehow, we are being told by Nancy Pelosi that we must impeach President Trump for threatening national security and our foreign policy?

Lastly, Iran is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. Why then did Barack Obama sent pallets of laundered cash in a blacked out unmarked plane to Iran? And no, it had nothing to do with past weapons deals, those deals, agreements, had been made with the Iranian Republic when the Shah of Iran was the leader. When the Shah was deposed by the Ayatollah Khomeini, that agreement was null and void. Several US Presidents, Republican and Democrat, had not sent cash to Iran, until Obama. That was, and is, a violation of US Code, Statute, in aiding and abetting the enemy, which Iran used the funds to advance its terrorist support, especially to its proxy army, Hezbollah.

As well, why was it that Obama did not bring the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iranian nuclear agreement, before the US Senate as a treaty for ratification? Instead he made it a unilateral executive decision, which is in violation of our US Constitution. There was nothing said about impeaching Obama, but I am saying it now.

I am tired of Republicans playing right into the traps, games, of the progressive socialist left, instead of putting them on defense. I would love to have someone, anyone, ask of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler, and Rashida Tlaib, who wants to use US Marshals to remove Trump administration officials from office, to answer these points I have presented.

The progressive socialist left is mad that they lost the 2016 presidential election. They realize that, as Rep. Al Green said, they will probably not be able to defeat President Trump at the ballot box, unless they use tricks like ballot harvesting. So, what it their only recourse, the Banana Republic, kangaroo court tactics of using impeachment as a political weapon…this is nothing more than an unsophisticated coup.

The case for impeaching Barack Obama was easy, yet the left and their propagandized media dismissed it. Let’s stop allowing the progressive socialist left to dominate the narrative, it is time to put them on defense.

This column was originally published at CNSNews

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