Roger Aronoff, the Executive Director of the Citizens Commission on National Security, recently hosted a discussion on his radio show/podcast with his guest, the executive director and chief correspondent at, Marc Morano. His guest is also the author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” and has been a forceful voice challenging the fraudulent science behind the climate hoax.  Morano discussed with Aronoff the extreme rhetoric and actions of climate change activists, and how this movement has indoctrinated an entire generation.

Here are a few of the insights shared by Morano during the interview:

“Fossil fuel interests are terrified of climate skeptics in general. So our funding, my funding, comes from individual donors across the country… It’s an amazing thing that we don’t have to go to industry and beg. And industry doesn’t even like our message. The big corporations like carbon taxes, they like the UN agreement, they would have nothing to do to fund this. So, we are a grassroots organization.”

“And what the UN is referring to—this is actually a pivotal moment, because after decades of failing to get adults to believe them, to care and to pass all their legislation, they now have decided to turn to children and use kids as human shields in the global warming debate.”

“It was Richard Lindzen, the MIT scientist, who said, ‘Who controls carbon dioxide controls life.’ It’s a bureaucrat’s dream to control carbon dioxide. Why? Because humans inhale oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. They’re going to be regulating what humans exhale as a pollutant and that was a 2007 Supreme Court ruling that gave the EPA the authority to do that. … They now want to go after agriculture because of methane, they want to go after meat eating, they want to go after saying that climate is affecting species—which is going to be land use, which is going to be transportation. I mean, every aspect of human life is going to be regulated…”

“We are losing on so many levels. There’s no one even, and I say no one’s fighting. There’s no one within power of the federal government fighting this stuff. The EPA director isn’t, the energy secretary isn’t, the NASA head isn’t, the State Department really isn’t. The State Department still sends their delegation of career people to all these UN summits. We are losing and I don’t, I don’t want to say I don’t care anymore—but I can’t care about trying to make the government care. All we can do is what we can do on the outside, but I’ve given up on the Trump Administration, especially if you look at second terms.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

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© 2024 Citizens Commission on National Security