Let me start by saying this: if you are a person who prefers to have your ears tickled and told what you want to hear, this is not the website for you. And, I am not the fella for you. This website is about educating and informing you, the reader, about the critical issues we face today in America.

Leaders are not in the business of making you feel good. We are about the business of telling you the truth. Too many in America — and yes, in Texas — refute truth because the truth makes them feel uncomfortable, and perhaps even inept.

It is appalling to me to learn that so many do not understand the political primary process. The primary is where you pick your team. Some of you spend more time picking fantasy football teams, than the team of candidates who will determine the degree of individual freedom, rights, liberty, and sovereignty you will possess. A fantasy football team is not going to ensure your political independence.

Last week was a memorable, powerful, and historic week for the Lone Star State. On Monday we celebrated our 184th Texas Independence Day, March 2, 1836. At the end of the week, March 6, 1836, we remembered the 182 who made the ultimate sacrifice for that Texas Independence at The Alamo. Wedged in-between was the Texas primary voting day. Note, this was not just a “Democrat primary day,” it was the Texas primary election day. So many candidates put in their efforts and energy to be on the Republican team but were let down because there are those who only cared that President Trump was running. That, folks, is how you lose your rights and freedoms. When your focus is so narrow, myopic, that you do not see the strategic implications, and necessities, to support and develop those down-ballot contests.

Let me, therefore, share a story with you about what happens when you pay no attention to what is happening in your state.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

“A New Jersey gun owner is fighting charges for carrying a firearm for which he had a permit and ammunition state police have publicly said is legal. Roosevelt Twyne, a 25-year-old African-American security guard, was arrested by Roselle Park Police in February after a traffic stop stemming from tinted windows on his car. Evan Nappen, Twyne’s attorney, told the Washington Free Beacon that his client was then erroneously charged for illegally carrying a firearm and being in possession of so-called hollow point ammunition.

“He was arrested for the hollow point ammunition,” Nappen told the Free Beacon. “Then they claimed he was transporting his handgun illegally. He had a permit to carry a handgun. The law … makes it clear that it’s illegal to transport unless you are licensed pursuant to chapter 58. And that is precisely what a handgun carry permit is.”

Nappen said the ammunition that led to Twyne’s arrest was the same ammunition issued by his employer. He also pointed to a New Jersey State Police website that says the polymer-tipped Hornady “Critical Duty” ammunition in question is “not considered to be hollow point ammunition” and not illegal to possess in the state—the website goes so far as to specifically name “Critical Duty” as an example of legal ammunition.

“It’s lawful,” Nappen told the Free Beacon. “It’s publicly announced as lawful because it is. It’s not hollow. It’s filled.” Roselle Park police chief Daniel J. McCaffery did not return a request for comment. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office did not respond to questions about the charges against Twyne but did say his case will be heard next month in New Jersey Superior Court.

Twyne said he has not been able to work in nearly a month and his life has been turned upside down. “Honestly, it’s been traumatic and has impacted my life in a way that I’ve never experienced before,” he told the Free Beacon in a statement. “It’s hard because now even looking for a part time job or any job, it’s made it so much harder for me. Not only has it tainted my name and reputation, which I have worked hard to attain, not just growing up in Elizabeth, but as a black man trying to make a difference.”

Roosevelt Twyne’s life has been disrupted because there were people who rejected sound doctrine and failed to understand the individual right enshrined in our Second Amendment. This is also the result of a growing apathy across our nation where we do not focus on the local elections, such as a county prosecutor. Just so you know, in Houston (Harris County), George Soros spent over a million dollars on a District Attorney’s race, which the left subsequently won.

The Democrat Party, the progressive left, has always possessed an anti-gun racism, and it is historically well-documented. The article continues:

“Many of the earliest gun-control measures instituted in the United States were directed at disarming African Americans and other minorities. Many “black codes” put into place throughout the South in the wake of the Civil War banned the ownership or carry of firearms by African Americans. Gun-control provisions targeted at African Americans or in response to their activism continued through the Civil Rights era.

Racial concerns over gun-control laws and their enforcement remain today. In 2018, the Department of Justice reported African Americans are most likely to be convicted of federal gun crimes and most likely to face jail time over those crimes.”

Just recently we shared a post about an Igor Volsky, “Igor Volsky, executive director of gun-control activist group Guns Down America, came under scrutiny for saying the gun industry’s efforts to sell firearms to minorities and women were “incredibly dangerous” last month. Maj Toure, an African-American gun-rights advocate, said “the overt racism of gun control rears its ugly head again” in response to Volsky’s comments.”

Yes, Mini Mike is dropping $8M in Texas to support gun control candidates in the effort to flip the Texas State House. The left only needs to pick up nine seats to accomplish this. This is also something we shared with y’all: Bloomberg focused on Dallas and Harris Counties:

Dallas – registered voters 1,343,237

D – 231,688 votes cast 17.25% turnout
R – 83,304 votes cast 6.2%  turnout
THEY OUTVOTED us by roughly 148k people

Harris – registered voters 2,385,906
D – 321,903 votes cast 13.49% turnout
R – 192,985 votes cast 8.09%  turnout
THEY OUTVOTED us by roughly 129k people

Those are the posted results from Texas – Dallas and Harris counties — from last week. It was not just a “Democrat primary election.” Just so you know, Dallas and Harris counties are the top two cities in Texas for human and sex trafficking, as Texas is the top state in the nation for human and sex trafficking. This is not to mention the violent crime rates and shootings, both astronomical figures in these two major Texas cities, controlled by Democrats.

It appears that there are those who don’t like truth, analysis, and assessments . . . they prefer to be lied to and deceived. Apathy kills, and ignorance results in a loss of freedom, liberty, independence.

“Nappen said Twyne’s ordeal reminded him of former client Shaneen Allen, an African-American  [single] mother of two who spent two days in a New Jersey jail on gun-carry charges before being pardoned by then-governor Chris Christie (R.) in 2015. Allen, a Pennsylvania resident, was stopped by a New Jersey police officer for an illegal lane change while on her way to a birthday party for one of her sons. She was arrested and faced years of prison time for carrying a gun because New Jersey does not recognize her Pennsylvanian gun-carry permit—something she did not realize at the time.”

The Republican Party of Texas was founded by Blacks on July 4, 1867. They knew about the anti-gun racism of the Democrat Party . . . then. Those who are astute and study history and trends can see that nothing has changed.

Here is our message point for this week, Republicans. Tell your black friends that gun control means people control, and that has never been more clear than in the black community.

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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