With those two very simple words, President Donald Trump took the progressive socialist left out behind the woodshed, as we say down South. The leftists, especially the women in white, were completely outmaneuvered and made to look completely unaware. The theme of that speech rendered the progressive socialist left cornered; after all, who would not want to choose greatness.

Right from the beginning, President Trump defined “American Greatness.” He started, and ended, with telling the stories of what happened 75 years ago in Operation Overlord, the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Who was not moved when President Trump told the story of one man liberated from the Nazi concentration camp in Dachau, seated next to an American soldier, who liberated him?

President Trump carefully articulated how we can choose greatness: “winning for our country, not for a party,” “results over resistance,” “vision over vengeance,” and “greatness itself, over gridlock.”

Throughout his speech, there were few references to that first person singular use of “I.” What we heard was the use of the inclusive “we”. He mentioned how the assembled gathering should “govern as one Nation, not as two parties.”

What was very noticeable during this address was the blatant disrespect and disengagement by one Speaker Pelosi. I do not ever recall seeing a sitting Speaker of the House fumble through note pages during a State of the Union address. They have always paid attention to the President, and not appeared dismissive, and, well, bothered. I also noted Pelosi making gestures to her followers as if she were cueing them as to when, and how, they should respond.

Once again, President Trump was masterful in using individual Americans and their stories to emphasize his policy vision. Some of the Democrats brought formerly furloughed government employees as their guests. Imagine this, those employees are back to work, with back pay. However, we watched a daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter who had lost their 80-year-old loved ones to a criminal illegal immigrant . . . they are gone forever, not just furloughed.

Funny thing, I had a very strong conservative friend text me to say that they felt it was a nice delivery but short of policy specifics. See, this has always been the problem with past Republican presidents, excluding Ronald Reagan. Too often Republicans stand in the Speaker’s well, delivering speeches with facts and figures, but never connecting with the American people. Not only did President Trump connect, but he also evidenced just how disconnected the Democrats are.

Here are some memorable examples:

– President Trump did not talk about boring tax rates, he reminded us of the jobs that have been created, the record number of Americans working, the wages that are growing, and the 5M Americans that are off food stamps. He made us aware that America is now the number one net exporter of energy — for the first time in 65 years — and that we are the number one producer of oil and natural gas . . . all due to American innovation. That is what happens when you “Choose Greatness.”

– President Trump highlighted Alice Johnson and Matthew Charles, two recipients of criminal justice reform, and, in Mr. Charles’ case, the First Step Act law. If you did not notice, Alice and Charles are both black. Hmm, why does the progressive socialist left call President Trump a racist? This is what happens when you enable others to have a chance to “Choose Greatness.”

– President Trump talked about being committed to ending illegal immigration, stating he wanted to put drug dealers, drug cartels, coyotes, and human traffickers out of business. Did you see how the Democrats responded? Oh yeah, and he made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that we would not be abolishing ICE.

Trump was firm in declaring that “tolerance for illegal immigration isn’t compassionate,” as he called out those in the political class who hide behind walls while the working class in America contends with the illegal immigration issue. The President informed us about human and sex trafficking, freely crossing our border. They are arresting thousands, saving hundreds of women and girls . . . and the Democrats sat. In fact, Speaker Pelosi was reading papers. Illegal immigration reduces the chances for some to “Choose Greatness.”

– President Trump recognized the immense achievements of women during his tenure. Of course, the women in white did their happy dance when he mentioned the record number of women serving in Congress. Hmm, I wonder if Congresswoman Rashid Tlaib still wants to “impeach the mother-f***er?” Women are better able to “Choose Greatness.”

– President Trump went where no other Republican president has dared to go. He talked about passing school choice, you know, that choice that the Democrats don’t like. Then, President Trump called out the governors of New York and Virginia for their heinous support of the late-term murder of babies. And without any hesitation, President Trump challenged the Congress to pass legislation against that demonic procedure that kills babies. He said that all children, born and unborn, are made in God’s image. When we protect our children, we “Choose Greatness.”

– However, what I think was the biggest smackdown — and, I loved it — came when President Trump said in no uncertain terms that “America will never be a socialist country,” after he talked about Venezuela. The camera showed a very distraught socialist named Bernie Sanders. The Democrats, the progressive socialists, sat and did not applaud. When you choose socialism, you do not “Choose Greatness.” Ask the people of Venezuela.

President Trump closed his speech in a powerful manner. He left us with such memorable phrases such as “together we represent the most extraordinary nation,” “we do the incredible, conquer the unknown,” “we can choose to be defined by our differences, or dare to transcend them,” and we must “reignite the American imagination.”

If the progressive socialist left refuses to choose greatness, then what is it that they choose?

It’s simple, all one had to do was watch the abysmal, delusional, and pathetic response by Stacey Abrams. It was very apparent that Ms. Abrams’ speech was not a response to President Trump’s State of the Union address, it was just prepackaged progressive socialist blather, and rhetoric. She lost me when she said the most absurd thing, that we are forcing truck drivers to buy their own rigs? And, she talked about voter suppression? She supported allowing illegal immigrants to vote. Her response was just more of the leftist socialist pablum. She was angry and very divisive.

I’ll tell y’all this: sign me up to “Choose Greatness,” because what the progressive socialist left is all about — coercing, intimidating, mandating, and forcing us to choose failure — that, folks, ain’t an option!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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