Well, I am sure purchases of Rolaids, Tums, Maalox, and Pepto Bismol rose over the past two days as some of us — not useful idiots (Vladimir Lenin’s words, not mine) — listened to the first Democrat (socialist) Party debates from Miami, Florida.

I found it rather interesting that there was little challenge to some of the absurd things being said by those candidates. The most egregious was that of Sen. Cory Booker complaining about hearing gunshots in the city where he was mayor. Newark is in a state, New Jersey, with some of the most stringent gun control laws in our nation. So, if law-abiding citizens are finding it difficult to have their Constitutional Second Amendment rights, then who is doing all the shooting?

Of course, I could go on.

However, what was apparent was that these pure chuckleheads were all about bigger government expansion, intrusion, and invasion into the lives of citizens, and our economic production. If there was a prevailing theme for these two evenings of blather it was “you are a victim.” There is no individual existence, triumph, in the world of progressive socialism, just collective subjugation, surrender. As the Borg would say, “You will assimilate and resistance is futile.”

What I found so very interesting is that these first debates were held in South Florida, Miami. All over South Florida, you will find those who have escaped the tyranny of exactly what these Democrat (socialists) were advocating and promoting. Instead of having those three left-wing talking heads doing the moderating, there should have been folks who came here legally from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua who could tell you exactly what happens when the government promises everything! Yep, you, end up with nothing.

Ask yourselves, how many boats have you ever heard of fleeing the United States for Cuba, Nicaragua, or Venezuela? Telling, huh?

When I lived in South Florida, two of my favorite Hispanic restaurants were Las Vegas, in Plantation, started by a Cuban exile . . . and the one profiled here.

As reported by local CBS12 in West Palm Beach:

“A West Palm Beach business owner finds herself in the middle of one of the big issues swirling around the early race for president. 

“I think this is the greatest country in the world,” said Dina Rubio, sitting down with CBS12 News at her Don Ramon Restaurant.

Rubio talked about making a TV ad set to air this week in certain markets. The conservative political group, Job Creators Network, asked Rubio to make the commercial, which raises concerns about socialism.

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Because of Rubio’s experience fleeing Nicaragua in 1981, he was happy to oblige.

“We lived through the war,” she said. “We went underneath the mattresses while you could hear the whole noise going outside our door.”

And Rubio experienced the early stages of Sandinista regime.

“They were promising, you know, equality for everybody,” she said.

“They were promising that the government was going to give them everything. But in the contrary, there was oppression.”

And poverty.

“My family lived through the socialist revolution in Nicaragua,” Rubio’s voice is heard in the ad. “I love America and the American Dream. So it’s very scary to see socialistic ideas gaining popularity in this country.”

Dina Rubio came here from a socialist country, to live her dream. As she so poignantly queries, why are young people in America falling for the false narrative of government victimization? It is not just Ms. Rubio, but go over to Weston, Florida and you will find two flags that fly proudly: the American flag, and the Venezuelan flag. As a matter of fact, there are many who call Weston, Westonzuela, because of all the Venezuelan expats that reside there. They escaped the socialist hell that has become Venezuela.

Yet, not one of the moderators ever challenged anyone about the similarity of their policies to these three Latin American countries. Especially when one considers that Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous countries in this hemisphere.

Just imagine, what if it was Dina Rubio sitting there as a moderator? Now that would have been an interesting debate. Instead, we were watching an adult socialist pep rally . . . except they were cheering to be losers, not winners. As a matter of fact, individual success, winning — the very success that Dina Rubio has found — was disparaged, denigrated, and demonized. Small businesses did not fare well under the socialist Obama administration. I should know as I was on the House Small Business Committee. The onerous regulations strangled businesses like Ms. Rubio’s. Sure, the big corporations, along with big banks, could withstand the onslaught. However, small community banks — the lifeblood of our economic engine called small businesses — were starved, driven to despair. The objective of progressive socialism, which needs victims, is dependency.

It is amazing to me that people who consider themselves so highly enlightened, intellectually superior, and elite, believe they can sell us a bag of crap that has never worked . . . ever! Here we have so many who have come to our shores to escape this lunacy called progressive socialism. Now, as Dina states, it is being advanced right here. That my friends is FUBAR!

Share this video of Dina Rubio’s warning to all of us in America, or speak to someone from Eastern Europe. They have been there and done that with socialism, and they do not want another t-shirt. If you are in West Palm Beach, drop in Ms. Rubio’s restaurant, Don Ramon, and support this brave, courageous woman. You know that she now has a target on her because the progressive socialist left operates by threat, coercion, intimidation, mandate, and when necessary, violence.

God’s blessings, Dina!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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