Roger Aronoff, the Executive Director of the Citizens Commission on National Security, initiated his new radio show podcast recently with his first guest, author Jack Cashill. On “The Aronoff Report,” Roger interviewed Cashill about the climate change hoax and the fiasco that is RussiaGate. The episode is titled, “Russiagate and Climate Change – National Security Threats? with Jack Cashill.”

Here are a few of the insights shared by Cashill during the interview:

“And what they did is they, we worked to tell the true story about Obama and the major media worked to suppress it. Working with the major media were what I call ‘the firemen.’ I give them this name after the firemen in Fahrenheit 451. And their job was to suppress information and to destroy information. And the firemen were places like Media Matters for America, the late Think Progress, Huffington Post, Daily Kos, etc.”

“If you talked to a person who was not involved in it as you and I are, or the average—a lot of conservatives will know this—but the average liberal, the average reader of mainstream media, if you said James Clapper or John Brennan, they wouldn’t know who you were talking about, let alone Peter Strzok, or Lisa Page, or Andy McCabe or George Papadopoulos. They don’t know these words. They’re shielded, as they often are, from unpleasant reality. And they are bold in their ignorance.”

“It matters incrementally because you only have to reach 51 percent of the people. The other 49 percent can remain as ignorant as they want, but as long as we continue to work, as long as we continue to get that information out.”

“I went back and tried, you know what I tried to track Roger, was when global warming became climate change, right? Because for many years it was global warming and then it became climate change. Well, the media will not even acknowledge that there was a change in semantics, let alone try to document when and why. But I know why, and that is that starting in about 1998 after the hockey stick spike of the late 1990s, there was a … hiatus of at least 15 years in which the climate did not, even by their own skewed measures, get warmer.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

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