Well, I gotta hand it to ol’ Robert Mueller, he waited until Dad was out-of-town, and I mean a long way out-of-town, to spin his web of deceit. Yes, US Attorney General Bill Barr was off in Alaska and all of a sudden, with no previous announcement, Mueller decides yesterday to make a public statement. Yes, after a two-year plus investigation, and two months after his report was released, Bob Mueller came out. And, he delivered just what the progressive socialist left wanted, needed, a lifeline to continue their chicanery.

As reported by Fox News:

“Special Counsel Robert Mueller made his first public statements since the release of his investigative report, and Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said it was “not good news” for President Trump. 

In an interview with “Outnumbered” Wednesday after Mueller’s remarks, Napolitano said that Mueller’s interpretation of the Department of Justice’s inability to indict a sitting president isn’t entirely accurate.

In his statement, Robert Mueller announced that he would be closing the special counsel’s office, retiring from the DOJ, and would not testify further in regard to his Russia investigation. He also said that the report, of which a redacted full version was released in April, was clear in its language that his office could not determine that the president did not commit a crime. However, given the limitations of the special counsel’s office within the Department of Justice, it was “not an option” to indict President Trump on an obstruction charge, Mueller said.”

So, it seems that Mueller, in a very shrewd manner, did just enough to leave a crack in the door by which the maniacal, delusional leftists can enter. Now, I am not a lawyer, but to me, the charge of the Special Counsel was clear, investigate into allegations of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, and determine if there was any obstruction of justice.

As far as I can tell, I have not heard anyone — including Robert Mueller — say that the President of these United States, Donald J. Trump is guilty of anything. I have listened to a lot of insinuations and innuendo, but nothing that definitively presents evidence that confirms a crime was committed, and guilt. Yes, there have been lots of speculation but nothing concrete. Give me a break, someone thinking about doing something does not constitute a crime . . . unless you have been watching too many reruns of Steven Spielberg’s movie “Minority Report.”

Mueller also stated, “If we would have had confidence that the President did not commit a crime we would have said so.” What kind of doublespeak legal bovine excrement is that? Either you have evidence to confirm that a crime was done, or you do not. This is not about feelings, emotions, hunches, about confidence.

What Robert Mueller has slyly done is to manipulate language in order to perpetuate this continued farce and charade. He has used nebulous language that is left up to the interpretations of the respective reader, listener, to make whatever deductions, highly politicized, as they wish, desire. In the investigation of criminal matters, one is either guilty or not guilty. It is not about relying on the confidence of the investigating team. Heck, if they lack confidence, then it appears obvious to me, they did not have the closed-door case.

In America, at least we still believe that one is innocent until proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt.

However, think about this, as I am quite sure AG Barr is fuming since his reputation and credibility are now being assailed. What if this whole thing got started under false pretenses? What if it is proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, and the evidence already exists, that this whole Mueller Investigation was predicated upon lies and an intricate scheme to undermine a presidential campaign and a duly elected president.

I am just a simple ol’ fella from Georgia, a soldier, paratrooper, and I examine things through the lens of common sense, an uncommon attribute these days.

How can anyone say that Donald Trump obstructed justice when he was potentially responding to a criminal act in and of itself . . . weaponizing the federal government against him? One has to make the case that “justice” was being sought after in the first place, and I dare say that it was not. This entire episode was a deliberate plan, scheme, to do as Barack Hussein Obama said, “punish your political enemies.” You know, that Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals stuff!

The clock is ticking and there is a race on . . . the progressive socialist left is racing towards an impeachment hearing, only in the  US House of Representatives. AG Barr is going to unravel this web of intrigue and deceit in which Mueller was a part.

Hold on folks, and grab some popcorn because this is going to get interesting very quickly. In the end, the Democrat (socialist) Party will be further embarrassed, and perhaps we will  see some of its highest level officials doing the “perp walk.”

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.


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