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While money is necessary, today’s business advertising proves a better message can beat money every time. So, let us formulate that better message for the Republicans.  Among the issues in the coming election, there is one issue Republicans have not addressed. If they address this issue, they will win.

Climate change is the most divisive, misunderstood, critical issue in the 2022 election.
Republicans are losing votes because they have no (zip, nada) message on climate change. Republicans let Democrats win the climate issue by default. The absence of a Republican challenge has allowed Democrats to gain more voters with their climate issue every year. Climate truth is a core Republican issue because it affects the supply and cost of our energy and food, and negatively affects our education, economy, taxes, and freedom.

According to Pew Research, in 2022, 60% of all American voters say climate change is a major threat.
Among Democrats, 88% say climate is a major threat. Among Republicans, 31% say climate is a major threat, 45% say it is a minor threat, and 24% say it is not a threat.

Your climate belief influences your vote.
If you strongly believe there is a climate emergency, you will vote Democrat, even if you are a Republican. If you strongly believe climate change is a fraud, you will vote Republican, even if you are a Democrat. 2020 polls showed almost 20% of Republicans, mostly younger Republicans, voted Democrat because these voters believed we must stop CO2 emissions to save the planet.

President Trump lost his election in 2020 not only because of vote fraud but also because he lost his climate debate against Biden. His debate loss disillusioned Republicans who were waiting for him to beat Biden on climate. Climate-concerned Republicans thought, if Trump wins his climate debate, then maybe Republicans are right about climate. Otherwise, the Democrats must be right. President Trump could have won his climate debate if Montana’s GOP Director had given Donald Trump, Jr., a copy of my book, Climate Miracle, as I asked. If President Trump read just the first chapter, he would have won his climate debate and changed the world.

How Democrats promote climate fiction to get more votes.
On September 13, Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer, referenced a prediction in the 2012 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report,

A changing climate leads to changes in the frequency, intensity, spatial extent, duration, and timing of extreme weather and climate events, and can result in unprecedented extreme weather and climate events.”

Then, after listing weather-caused damages since 2012, he says this IPCC report is the warning and forecast “by top United Nations climate scientists more than 10 years ago.” Then he quotes Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University,

The report was clairvoyant. The report was exactly what a climate report should do: Warn us about the future in time for us to adapt before the worst stuff happens.”

Borenstein and Oppenheimer incorrectly assume if a prediction is true then the theory is true. The only thing they proved is that Associated Press science writers and alarmist scientists who warm university chairs simply do not understand true science, which is based on the philosophy of science and the scientific method.

Events do not prove their cause.
Events do not prove human CO2, or even natural CO2, caused the events. Furthermore, climate is a 30-year average of weather, so the use of weather events to argue a human cause for climate change is unscientific. The fundamental scientific principle – that events do not prove their cause – should end all claims that events prove human CO2 is guilty.

The scientific method.
If a prediction is false then the theory is false. It is impossible to prove a theory is true. Science progresses by proving theories are false, not by claiming theories are true. Proof that a theory is false supersedes all claims that the theory is true. Neither votes nor opinions can overturn proofs that a theory is false. But the public does not know that, so the public believes junk science and votes Democrat. Republicans do not know that either, so they do not challenge the Democrats on climate. Too bad because Republicans can win on the climate change issue.

Climate alarmism is based on three false theories.
We must look to the few “cause” scientists to find the cause of climate change. “Cause” scientists focus on theories because if we can prove a theory is false, then we have made progress in science. All climate alarmism is based on these three IPCC theories:
  1. Human CO2 causes all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm.
  2. The CO2 increase above 280 ppm causes global warming.
  3. This global warming causes dangerous climate change.

The IPCC says these three theories are true, but it cannot prove these theories are true. However, we can prove these theories are false. And when we prove only one is false, we overturn all climate alarmism.

Let us look at Theory (1) as an example.
The figure shows three scenarios for Natural and Human CO2.

The first bar is the IPCC assumption for 1750. The natural CO2 level is at 280 ppm. It is at equilibrium, which means the CO2 outflow equals the CO2 inflow. CO2 is always flowing in and out of the atmosphere.

The second bar is the IPCC claim for 2020. The IPCC assumes human CO2 causes all the CO2 increase. All climate alarmism is based the second bar.

The third bar uses IPCC’s own data to calculate that human CO2 has added only 35 ppm as of 2020, which proves IPCC’s Theory (1) is false. Human CO2 is insignificant. Natural CO2 controls the CO2 increase.

This proof (by Berry, 2021) ends the basis of climate alarmism and, with a little more explanation than shown here, it is simple to prove Theory (1) is false in a court of law. Other scientists have proved IPCC’s theories (2) and (3) are false. In summary, there is no scientific basis to support the claim that human CO2 causes dangerous climate change. Democrats have “scientists” who claim the second bar is true. But their “proofs” are circular. They first assume Theory (1) is true without even realizing they made this assumption, and this assumption invalidates their argument.

Republicans must support a revolution for climate truth.
The science exists to take down the Democrats on climate. But Republicans cannot do it by themselves. So, here is my plan. In the next few weeks, I will create video presentations on how to prove IPCC’s three theories are wrong. I will ask my Climate Team 6 to be on my Zoom videos.

I will author articles for publication in popular magazines and speak on climate truth.

But I will need your help in marketing.
I will do my best to get the snowball rolling but I will need your help to grow the snowball big enough fast enough to help Republicans win their elections on November 8. My book, Climate Miracle, is already on Amazon and it will help Republicans win elections.

Let us change history and change the world. To help with this project, click here.

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Dr. Ed Berry has a PhD in Theoretical Physics and is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist. He is CEO of Ed Berry LLC and His peer-reviewed paper, published December 14, 2021, proves IPCC’s Theory (1) is false. 
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