If there is one thing I admire about the progressive, socialist left, it’s that they will all come together and repeat the exact same message, the same talking points. It is as if every morning someone sends them a chip to be inserted into the base of their neck that sends a stimulus to their brain. When I watch the repetitive collective messaging of the left in America, it reminds me of the aliens from “Star Trek: Next Generation” called The Borg. Y’all remember The Borg, right? They were the alien life form that was half human, half machine that forced you into their collective and assimilated you into their group think. Their standard line to their victims was “you will be assimilated; resistance is futile.”

And so, it was last week as I watched leftist pundits, liberal progressive media talking heads, and the utterances of Democratic Party members, such as Senator Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi repeat incessantly that the whole kerfuffle about border security and a wall is just a “manufactured crisis.” I am quite sure my colleagues at the Media Research Center can do quick research and uncover how many times leftists used the reference, “manufactured crisis,” in the last ten days. The results should not be shocking, but they would undoubtedly confirm what we all know. The real collusion in America is between the Democratic Party and the liberal, progressive news media, which we have come to recognize as “fake news,” subjective, propagandized reporting.

Consider the recent report and video done by Campus Reform (“CR”) when they went to American University last week. The CR host read three different statements, quotes, from politicians who had spoken out against illegal immigration and were supportive of tougher border controls, to include a barrier. The students initially reacted by saying how appalling those statements were … before learning who had asserted those viewpoints. When the host unveiled to them that these three quotes came from then Senator Barack Obama, Senator Chuck Schumer, and one Hillary Clinton, they were shocked, aghast and dismayed.

The real crisis that has been manufactured in America is one by the liberal, progressive fake news media that refuses to report the truth. They have taken up the position that they will not report anything that is contrary to their goal to support progressive socialism in America. Also, they make sure that anything that would favor President Donald Trump is not to be reported. And so, it is, on the issue of border security, when one confronts a progressive, socialist leftist who depends on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, or PBS for their news reporting, not to mention Mother Jones or other far leftist internet sites, they are woefully uninformed. What the “manufactured crisis” the leftist media has advanced promotes is the ignorance of their viewers, readers, and listeners. They are indeed like The Borg, only able to regurgitate the implanted chip message of the collective. They become incapable of critical thinking, and when faced with truth and facts, they become overly hostile and violent in many cases – just like The Borg.

It becomes rather simple, easy, for the leftists to promulgate a message such as “manufactured crisis” and be believed. It is because their followers tune in to be told what to say and what to think. And when the progressive, socialist fake news refuses to tell the real story, then their patrons find themselves lost, and as Vladimir Lenin is quoted as having called them: “useful idiots.”

Why do I believe this? It’s easy. Folks, ask your leftist friends about Kate Steinle and see what they say. You remember, the young American woman allegedly gunned down by a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant in San Francisco? Kate Steinle’s killer was found not guilty of murder. Kate Steinle’s killer found refuge in the sanctuary city policies of San Francisco, and they have not changed. As a matter of fact, newly inaugurated Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, fully pledged to continue to provide sanctuary, and free healthcare, to illegal immigrants in California.

Ask the Family of Kate Steinle if there is a “manufactured crisis.”

Have your leftist friends tell you about Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens, two young American teenage girls who were brutally killed, allegedly by MS-13, in the Long Island, NY area. Sadly, just last year, Kayla Cuevas’ mother, Evelyn Rodriguez, was killed, hit by an SUV near the memorial for her daughter, killed two years ago.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from the sanctuary state of California, suggested that the vicious gang MS-13 had a “spark of divinity” in them. Really? Ask the Families of Kayla Cueva and Nisa Mickens. When those parents were invited to the State of the Union address last year at the behest of President Trump, the leftist media assailed them as being used as props. They did not report what MS-13 had allegedly done to these two young American girls. No, it was more important to them to condemn President Trump and delegitimize why they were there. Just think, if there were no MS-13 gang members in America, not only would Kayla Cuevas likely still be alive, but her Mother would likely be too.

Ask the families of Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens if there is a “manufactured crisis.”

Jamiel Shaw II was a young black fella, just 17 years old, when an illegal immigrant gang member gunned him down as he was walking home. Officer Ronil Singh from Newman, California, a legal immigrant to America, was gunned down by a criminal illegal immigrant with a prior arrest record for drunk driving. Officer Singh leaves behind a wife and a five-month-old Son. Ask these families if there is a “manufactured crisis.”

recent editorial written by George Korda of Know News in Knoxville, Tennessee, where I graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1983, says the following:

“A few days ago, on a South Knoxville highway, a man drove a vehicle that killed 22-year-old Pierce Corcoran. As the News Sentinel reported on Jan. 10, ‘Francisco Eduardo Franco Cambrany, 44, faces charges of criminally negligent homicide and driving without a license or insurance in the death of Pierce Corcoran, 22. Prosecutors said in court Thursday he’s an undocumented immigrant who faces possible deportation.’

“I haven’t seen D.J. Corcoran, Pierce’s father, in years, but I got to know D.J., today spokesman for the Knoxville Fire Dept., when he was a photographer at WATE-TV. He and I sometimes worked together in my role as the station’s political analyst. D.J. was a creative, thoughtful, and easy-to-work-with professional. I have no doubt the son took after his father.

“Today, the son is dead.

“In 2008, Valentino Masquez Miranda, a man illegally in the country, used a master key at the Knoxville hotel in which he worked to enter the room of Jennifer Lee Hampton, and, as the News Sentinel then reported, ‘Miranda admitted at a hearing Thursday that he used a master key to get inside a sleeping Jennifer Lee Hampton’s hotel room at the Days Inn on Lovell Road and then raped and strangled her in September 2008.’

“These incidents are years apart. They are not representative of the majority of people illegally in the U.S.”

Ask the families of Pierce Corcoran and Jennifer Lee Hampton if there is a “manufactured crisis.”

As Mr. Korda states, “However, the facts are what the facts are, and that fact is that across the country there were, and are, Americans dying at the hands of people who have no legal right to be in the U.S.”

There are many other stories of Americans who have been victimized by those who have no right to be in our country. But thanks to the disingenuous and deceitful nature of the liberal, progressive fake news, they have enabled the left to declare that Americans being killed by criminal, illegal immigrants is a “manufactured crisis.” That is despicable and disgusting, and it’s what we called in the military: “FUBAR.”

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