For nearly 40 years, the CCP has used globalization and economic incentives to bring other countries under the Communist Party’s influence. CCP infiltration beyond China’s borders runs deep in the political, economic, cultural, and educational spheres. Examples of PRC influence operations include the Confucius Institutes programs, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and telecom giant Huawei. By trapping people and governments within its system of economic interests, the CCP leads them to accommodate its atheist ideology, tolerate its tyrannical rule, and betray the divine.

Misfortune is certain to befall those countries and regions that increased their engagement with the CCP and endorsed it. The path of the CCP virus (also called Coronavirus) as it has spread around the world goes through the countries, cities, organizations, and even individuals that are closely related to the CCP…

The pandemic occurred because of the CCP, and the situation will change when people change their attitudes toward the CCP.

– from Editorial “Wherever Ties to the Chinese Communist Party Are Close, the CCP Virus Follows“, The Epoch Times, April 26, 2020

Plan VII.  How Did Harvard Fall into the CCP’s Hands?

Threats from Chinese Students Brainwashed by the CCP

Recently, the American government started to pay attention to Chinese students in America.  On the afternoon of May 29, 2020, President Trump announced that the group from Chinese universities with military background is being investigated especially.  Within hours, the Chinese embassy and consulates sent out notice to Chinese students in America that special flights had been arranged for the “qualified” students to fly back home at the beginning of June, e.g., one Shenzhen airline flight was arranged to leave Washington Dulles Airport on June 4th.  The Chinese embassy and consulates also caution Chinese students leaving America to be careful with the content on their lap-top computers and UCBs, etc. because there is excessive check at the U.S Customs.  A retreat has begun.

In an on-line discussion, one Chinese summed up the situation using an analogy: “The CCP leaders sent their children to the Kung Fu master so the children could conquer the top-tier skills; but on the other side, the CCP parents and children have plotted together to kill the master, how wicked is it?”

Currently, there are 360,000 Chinese students studying in universities and colleges in U.S. When accepting these students, the schools may not realize the hidden threats: almost all these students have been deeply brainwashed by the CCP.  For the CCP, one goal of such training is to have students learn the skills to cope with the rising challenges the authoritarian regime is facing.  Another goal is to better prepare the CCP to battle with America.

Ever since elementary school, the CCP has engrained its doctrines of “The Three Deep Loves: Love for CCP, Love for Motherland, Love for People” into each child’s mind.  The concept of the communist party is woven into the concepts of nation and people.  If a person is labeled as anti-CCP, naturally he or she is anti-China, thus becomes an enemy of all Chinese people.  Growing up under CCP’s tyranny, the Chinese students cannot separate the CCP from the Chinese nation or Chinese people.

The CCP also indoctrinates students that “Science has no nationality, only the scientists do”, which legitimizes the intellectual property theft for the sake of the “patriotism”.  Hence, even after graduating from American schools, some Chinese working for American companies or institutes may still consider intellectual property theft as a part of “legitimate patriotism”.

Over the years, Harvard has operated as a training camp for the CCP elites and their children to better prepare themselves for the inevitable US-China war someday.  In the last four decades, nearly all-American educational institutions have been training Chinese students, but all have overlooked the pro-CCP sentiments in these students. To keep America safe and great, there must be a decontamination process for the Chinese Americans who are intoxicated by the CCP’s indoctrinations. The alarming threats from the Harvard-China connection presented here are only the tip of the iceberg.

Harvard President Infected with the CCP Virus

On March 24th, 2020, Harvard President Lawrence Bacow announced he and his wife were both infected with the CCP virus (also known as Coronavirus). On that same day, Harvard had 18 confirmed cases.  Luckily, the Bacow couple recovered in April.

Later, Bacow described his case to Harvard Gazette, “I felt like I was 120 years old almost overnight.” He also described initially being caught off guard. “Well, we’d been very, very careful, and I was a little bit surprised, in truth, because Adele and I had not seen anyone except each other for close to 10 days before we started experiencing symptoms,” Bacow said. “We were completely isolated in the house.” In that interview, Bacow was rather perplexed, could not identify the cause attributing to his infection.

Almost exact one year ago, in March 2019, Bacow visited China during his first international trip after taking the post.  Despite the growing tension between the two nations, Bacow visited Beijing and Shanghai, met with the CCP head Xi and gave a speech at Peking University, where he mentioned Harvard Global Institute as part of Harvard’s engagement with China. “Harvard-China connection highlighted by President Bacow’s visit”, reported Harvard Gazette.

“The pandemic has eyes”, said many Chinese sages.  Several investigative reports by the Epoch Times provided some intriguing facts: it was the close CCP-Harvard connection that brought the viral infection to the Harvard President couple.

Harvard University represents the top elite educational institute in America.  Unfortunately, this unique position also makes it a key victim of the CCP’s infiltration.  In April 2020, an article titled “The End of the Harvard Century” appeared on a magazine on campus called Harvard Crimson. The publication shows that some at Harvard has begun to reflect on how the risky Harvard-China (CCP) cooperation in the last four decades has dragged Harvard downhill.

Opening the Door for the Bloody CCP Tyrant

In the 1980s, Jiang Zemin was just the mayor of Shanghai.  In the spring of 1989, when pro-democracy students were holding large-scale protests at Tiananmen Square and across the country, Jiang hurried to Beijing and privately met with Deng Xiaoping, the CCP head then. Jiang warned Deng that such protests must be suppressed immediately using military force, or else the CCP would be in dire danger.  Deng concurred.

Deng appointed Jiang to execute the massacre at Tiananmen Square on June 4th.  Afterwards, Jiang received a fast-tracked lift to the crown of the CCP head.  In the 90s, still in shock of the CCP brutality, not many Americans were keen on the CCP or Jiang.

This is when Harvard played a key role in opening the door for Jiang.  In November 1997, Jiang Zemin visited the United States. After meeting Clinton, Jiang was given a big stage opportunity at Harvard by Ezra Vogel, Director of Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.  Words went around that Jiang wished to obtain an honorary doctorate degree from Harvard, while Vogel aimed at becoming the next American ambassador in China. Whether that was true, the two for certain synced up well for mutual needs.

Prior to Jiang’s arrival, a large group of pro-democracy activists gathered and formulated 12 questions for Jiang.  They were anxiously waiting for tickets to the event.  Vogel made a pre-registration and auto-drawing rule to block many pro-democracy activists, Tibetans, and Uyghurs.  On the day of the Jiang’s talk, about 4,000+ protesters gathered and chanted outside the venue. Inside, after Jiang’s speech on “Enhancing Mutual Understanding, and Reinforcing Friendly Cooperation”, Vogel allowed three questions.  For the last one, Vogel chose an old American lady, who seemed the least likely to be anti-CCP.  The lady asked, since Jiang considered different opinion as noise and there was a lot of noise outside, how would Jiang handle such noise? After some rambling, Jiang raised both his voice and his hand, “I think my only way is to have my voice louder than theirs.”  That concluded the tyrant’s answer to the “tough question”.  Since then, the Chinese Communist Party’s connection with Harvard became closer and closer.

In 1998 and 2002, Jiang Zemin met with Harvard President Neil Rudeustine and Lawrence Summers in Beijing, respectively. Later, Jiang’s grandson Jiang Zhicheng (English name Alvin) was sent to Harvard.  In 2010, at age of 24, after less than one year of employment at Goldman Sachs, Alvin established his own private equity firm–Boyu Capital. Jiang family was revealed to have accumulated at least $1 trillion in embezzled Chinese funds, and that Alvin has managed to launder half of it overseas.

Operating the Second CCP Party School?

Since 1998, under Jiang and senior officials of Harvard, Harvard Kennedy School has been training CCP officials in a special program tailored for the CCP.  In 2001, Harvard Kennedy School, together with Beijing Tsinghua University and the CCP, jointly launched a “Chinese Public Management Advanced Training Program”.  The website of Kennedy School describes its “China Program” as such:

“Our executive training and workshops focus on providing analytical tools and critical frameworks to Chinese policymakers, senior executives from state-owned and private industry, NGO leaders and others to work more effectively. These programs and partnerships are designed to improve governing capabilities in China and to further Chinese teaching and analysis of public administration and public policy.”

Having trained thousands of CCP political and military officials, Harvard has earned its title ” the second party school of the CCP”. It is reported that at least 200 faculty members at Harvard have worked on CCP-related projects.

Li Yuanchao, the former vice chairman of the CCP, attended such training program at Harvard in 2002.  In October 2009, when Li visited the United States, one of his itineraries was to deliver a speech at Harvard. But there was a much bigger plan than just delivering a speech. Li’s real intent was to promote the CCP’s “Thousand Talents Plan.”

Hooked by “Thousand Talents Plan”

“Thousand Talents Plan” is a talent recruitment plan implemented by the CCP. To put it bluntly, it is to seduce experts and scholars overseas, especially Chinese American experts and scholars, to encourage them to steal overseas science and technology information and give them to the CCP.  In fact, it is to target the Western high-tech and intellectual property.

According to a report from the US Senate in November 2019, the CCP has recruited more than 7,000 scientists and experts in the United States through its “Thousand Talents Plan”. These people illegally brought the science and technologies from the United States to China in exchange for funds or personal rewards.

On January 282020, Professor Charles M. Lieber, the head of the Harvard Chemistry Department, a popular candidate for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was arrested by the FBI because of his involvement in the CCP’s “Thousand Talents Plan”. Lieber, who received funding from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), was hired by Wuhan University of Technology as its “strategic scientist”.  Not only did Lieber receive a lucrative salary from the CCP, but he also obtained $ 1.74 million in funding from the CCP to establish a lab in Wuhan. On the same day when Lieber was arrested, another Harvard researcher, Zaosong Zheng, was sued by the United States.  Zheng, a cancer researcher working at a research institute affiliated with Harvard, was suspected of stealing 21 bottles of cancer cell samples.  Zheng admitted that he planned to publish research results in China under his own name after returning to China.  However, he was arrested before boarding the plane home.

Trapped by the Mass Donation

It is reported that since 2012, the CCP has provided 87 American universities with approximately $680 million in the form of gifts or contracts.  Among them, the donations to Harvard University alone amounted to more than $79 million, ranking the first among all universities.  However, this number only accounts for those on the public records, many CCP donations were never publicly registered.  The transaction records show that over the years, Harvard accepted donations from the Chinese communist regime, Huawei, Hanban (the CCP office that operates overseas Confucius Institutes) and ZTE Corporation.

Xiao Jianhua, a corrupt CCP businessman under investigation, donated $10 million to the “Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation” under Harvard Kennedy School in the name of China Poly Group Corporation–a company with deep military background.  But Xiao’s donation does not show in any of Harvard’s public records.  How could Harvard, after receiving such donations, maintain its integrity and independence?

Singing for the CCP

“The Belt and Road (also known as One Belt, One Road) and similar projects have demonstrated the CCP’s geopolitical ambitions. What is even more frightening is that the CCP is preparing for the final battle with the United States with dedication, determination, and nonstop effort.”

– from the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World”

In 2013, the CCP proposed the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative, an ambitious geopolitical plan to dominate the world through economic expansion.  It is also a plan to further isolate America, preparing for CCP’s war against America.  However, Harvard, an independent American educational institute, could not discern the plan’s dire danger to America.  Instead, it quickly became one zesty supporter of the initiative.  Research paper published by Harvard flaunted the program as “Defining China’s Grand Strategy and Future World Order”.

Huawei, CCP’s telecom giant with deep military background has made donations to Harvard, but the actual amount is unknown.  In early 2018, Harvard Business School did a case study on “Huawei: How Can We Lead the Way?”, which was meant to provide strategies for Huawei to take market shares from Apple and Samsung, eventually dominate the world market.

While Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei is under house arrest in Canada, her dad Ren Zhengfei, the CEO of the company stated that Meng would unlikely be his successor.  Instead, his younger daughter, Anna Yao, might be. In May 2020, the CCP media highly promoted Anna Yao as “the most beautiful elite’s daughter at Harvard”, “a top student at Harvard computer science”.  Harvard remains the top choice for the children of CCP elites.

Early this year, the CCP’s cover-up and disinformation campaign on the CCP Virus outbreak has left the world in turmoil and distress.  In May 2020, China Press, the CCP’s newspaper published an article quoting Lin Xihong, a Harvard scholar that “Wuhan experience is extremely meaningful, it allows the rest of countries not to start from zero (“ She stated that Wuhan’s measures, including shelter-in-place, social distancing, field hospitals, wearing masks, testing, and tracing, etc. were all “effective” measures adopted worldwide.

“If there is one important point, that would be we in the world all need to be united.” said Lin.  In particular, she praised many Chinese American organizations for sending a large number of personal protection equipment (PPE) to China at the beginning of pandemic outbreak.

The fact was between January and February 2020, the Chinese consulates called Chinese overseas to buy out all the PPE in the local markets and send them back home. Then these PPE were confiscated at the customs by the CCP.  Later when the world was in pandemic, the rest of the countries found their PPEs in dire shortage.  The CCP turned around and sold PPEs at much higher prices or used masks to exchange for what the CCP needs- “Mask Diplomacy”.  Wonder why Lin did not comment on the worldwide mask shortage after the PPEs went to China?

To safeguard America, American scholars and intellectuals must be awakened to break away from the CCP.  In addition, there must be a decontamination process for the Chinese, especially Chinese intellectuals who are poisoned by the CCP. Otherwise, when and if a war between the two nations takes place, these pro-CCP Chinese in America would become the biggest threat to the national security of America.


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