Part IV.  Top Priorities: End All Sister-cities with the CCP and Shut Down All Confucius Institutes

What to Learn from Sweden and Taiwan?

In late April 2020, Gothenburg, the second-largest city of Sweden axed sister-city ties with Shanghai after Sweden shut down all Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms.

In this pandemic, Taiwan and Sweden are two exceptional nations that never implemented shelter-in-place. Both are doing well, especially Taiwan. As of May 8, 2020, Sweden has 3,175 death cases, far below other major European countries like Italy, France, or Germany, while Taiwan only has 6 death cases. What do these two nations share?

In January 2020, people in Taiwan clearly chose their anti-CCP stand in the presidential election. Immediately after Wuhan lockdown, Taiwan terminated all the flights from mainland China. Taiwan also chose not to believe the disinformation spread by the CCP and WHO. Instead, it quickly formulated its own strategies for resisting the pandemic.

Sweden perhaps is the first Western country that completely shuts down all the Confucius Institutes and classrooms. In late April 2020, several Swedish cities terminated the sister-city agreements with the CCP, including Gothenburg – the second largest city of Sweden. The mayor of Gothenburg axed the tie with Shanghai, stating in the last two years, there was a minimal exchange between the two cities. Sweden’s good actions were immediately rewarded. Miraculously, the country experienced unprecedented new recoveries and significant drop in the death rate since the beginning of the May.

After Sweden terminated a series of sister-cities with the CCP and shut down all the Confucius Institutes and Classroom in late April 2020, a spike of new recoveries miraculously appeared as charted in green lines. Source:

After Sweden terminated a series of sister-cities with the CCP and shut down all the Confucius Institutes and Classroom in late April, the death rate miraculously dropped, as charted in orange lines; while the recovery rate significantly increased as shown in the green lines. Source:

So far, there is no sound scientific data truly supporting the effectiveness of social-distancing or shelter-in-place. In fact, both are extreme measures first adopted by the totalitarian CCP, later spread to the rest of the world. The global adoption of these excessive measures just shows how deeply the CCP has influenced the world. It not only dragged the world into devastation, but also gave the CCP a chance to tout itself as “the leader in fighting against the pandemic.”

Both Taiwan and Sweden made their wise choice to say No to and break away from the CCP when the pandemic hit. This is the real reason why both nations can effectively protect their people and their countries from the CCP virus. America and the entire West could learn a great deal from these two nations.

CCP’s Sister-Cities and Confucius Institutes Are CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare

“In the 1940s, during the Chinese Civil War, the Chinese Communist Party used economic warfare to harm the economy of the Nationalist government (Kuomintang, or KMT) of the Republic of China and cause it to collapse. The Party used espionage to obtain the KMT military’s plans even before the KMT’s own troops received them and used numerous conspiracies while communist armies fought on the battlefield. The CCP still uses these unrestricted means today, yet on an even larger and broader scale,” stated in the book “How the Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World.”

The CCP has used Confucius Institutes and Sister-cities to launch its unrestricted warfare on the West. The goal of the CCP is to dominate the world to destroy the entire mankind. To achieve this goal, the CCP has always treated America as its No.1 enemy. Today, the pandemic has sent an alarming signal to America: it is time to recognize the true nature of the CCP and cut the tie with it. To counteract the CCP effectively, the top priorities for America and Western countries are:

  1. Immediately shut down all the Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms
  2. Immediately end all sister-city agreements with the CCP
  3. If possible, end the mass CCP propaganda in America

    Confucius Institutes are extended arms of the CCP on American campuses, also the haven for the CCP spies. The goal of such fake institutes is to spread Communist ideology, undermine American values, organize “legitimate” CCP protests on American soil, and eventually subvert America.

The sister-city agreements are the covert battlefields for the CCP to launch its economic and political warfare against America, to station its spies and grow its accomplices. The end goal is also to subvert America. At the time being, the third action item of shutting down all CCP propaganda will likely encounter the most impedance from the Communists within America. It could be implemented stage by stage.

How Did the CCP Sabotage America through Sister-cities?

Just one year after US-China diplomatic relationship was signed off, the CCP and Dianne Feinstein – former mayor of San Francisco – dashed into forging the first pair of sister cities between San Francisco and Shanghai in January 1980. Later, more cities flocked to follow.

By 2017, the CCP had built over 200 pairs of “sister cities” with America. The long list was showed off on CGTN – the CCP’s mouthpiece overseas. Today, Shanghai shares “sister-hood” with two mega-American cities: San Francisco and Chicago besides other 90 cities worldwide; while Beijing pairs with New York City and Washington D.C. besides 50+ other cities worldwide. The city of Oakland (California) has productively built sisterhood with 19 CCP cities. No wonder today’s Oakland is nearly no different than a communist city.

Under the camouflage of “sister-cities”, the CCP has taken “legitimate” shortcuts to openly invade American cities in all fields: politics, economy, finance, education, science, technology, arts, and culture. The CCP looted wealth, intelligence, natural resources and much more directly from America. Meanwhile, the CCP has dumped deadly Communist ideology, mass red propaganda, poisonous art expos/performing art shows to brainwash the American public.

In the process of “making friends”, the CCP used fame, bribery, and relationship to buy off a large number of political figures, scholars, businessmen, experts, and influential from all walks of life. The result? The CCP has corrupted them into its accomplices. This sister-city scheme, in fact, is CCP’s insidious and deadly invasion to America homeland – only in a new form of combat without bullets.

For example, the mayors of San Francisco for the past few decades: from Feinstein to Willie Brown, from Gavin Newsom to Ed Lee, to London Breed, all enjoyed an extremely intimate relationship with the CCP. Treated as CCP’s VIPs, they frequently visited China with red carpet treatment; and the Chinese consulate in SF is no different than their own backyard. All so often they endorsed activities organized by the CCP, such as art shows at Asian Art Museum, lavish Chinese New Year Concert at San Francisco Symphony Hall, 2008 Beijing Olympic Torch Relay, and annual CCP Flag Raising Ceremony at the City Hall… As CCP’s accomplices, they relentlessly promote CCP’s agenda on the American soil.

The sisterhood establishment has also led to a personal friendship between then mayors of the two cities Feinstein and Jiang Zemin. Later Jiang became the bloody CCP dictator for over two decades. In 2010,  21 years after 1989 Tiananmen Massacre, during an interview with Wall Street Journal, when Feinstein was asked about the bloody massacre that was executed by her friend Jiang, Feinstein brushed it off lightly to defend her long-time friend Jiang, “It just so happens I was here after that and talked to Jiang Zemin and learned that at the time China had no local police. It was just the PLA. And no local police that had crowd control. So, hence the tanks. ”

What did the sister-city bring to San Francisco? With politicians ruling the city with communist ideology, the once-beautiful San Francisco now has deteriorated into a city with feces and urine from homeless all over the town. “San Francisco is another Shanghai, only a lot dirtier.” Ironically, none of the CCP sister-cities offered any help to American cities during this pandemic. What kind of sister is this?

The CCP’s New Sister-city Campaign During Trump Era

After President Trump took the office, he and his administration re-evaluated the US-China relationship and pushed for a series of changes to demand the CCP to be a fair trader. In April 2019, China Press, one of CCP’s mouthpiece in America, started a new series of articles titled “Tales of Twin Cities.“ The series was dedicated to a new CCP campaign for deepening Sister-cities between China and US. The article overtly declared at the opening:

“In 2019, bilateral exchanges between US and China entered a complex deep-water area. (However), the development of the sister-city relation between two countries greatly pushes forward the relationship between the two countries from another dimension.

In other words, when the CCP encounters push back at the national level, the shrewd CCP manages to bypass the national leaders, jumps down directly to the city level to fortify its attack on the American communities.

To the West, sisterhood with CCP cities is a road to perdition if the tie is not cut immediately.

Breaking Away from the CCP is the Only Way Out

Nearly all traditional cultures in the world share the same view: “What goes around comes around”, “Good begets good, evil begets evil”, “If humans don’t set it right, heaven will”. Many historians and traditional people understand from tales in history that pandemic is a punishment leashed by the divine on the wicked. “Pandemic has eyes,” said Chinese sage.

History repeats itself. Today’s pandemic is targeting the CCP and its allies. To people questioning this fact, infection cases of social elites with close ties with CCP are summarized in an article on Epoch Times, May 4, 2020: Social Elites with Close Ties with Chinese Regime

In mainland China, various reports reveal that 60%-90% of the people died from the pandemic were CCP members. For example, within the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, 92.5% of people died were CCP members. But the CCP members-only account for 6.4% of the total population.

In the face of the pandemic, modern technology or human measures have an extremely limited effect on containing it. It will take a long time to develop an effective vaccine. Yet the virus is known to have various strands. One vaccine cannot possibly cure-all even if we are lucky enough to find one in time. The only way out is to break away from the evil CCP. Many enlightened ones have warned that another more deadly pandemic is on the way, while this coronavirus is merely a warning.

Shutting down all the Confucius Institutes and ending all sister-cities with the CCP are the first essential priorities for America and the Western countries to cut the tie from the evil CCP regime. Not only will these actions be our first line of defense, but also will greatly help America and the Western countries to recover from the devastating damages caused by the pandemic. Most importantly, it will build America’s immunity to the next pandemic soon that is destined to eradicate the CCP and its allies.

This column was originally published at Stand Up America US



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