Plan X.  Never, ever Trust the CCP – Master of Deceits

(Through the eyes of the Chinese People)

History tells us never to believe any promises made by the CCP, nor trust that any of the CCP’s commitments will be fulfilled.  Believing the words of the Communist Party—no matter what the issue may be—will cost one’s life...”
– Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

In the information domain, China follows a soft power approach, turning its reputation into a benevolent one. Lately, even the COVID-19 crisis was facilitated to make China appear as a supporter, delivering medical capacities worldwide. China makes use of the western community’s vast and open media landscape while restricting information for the domestic population. China will continue to show a domestically deterrent but supportive expeditionary appearance.

This turbulent time may be one of the most dangerous times in human history. On June 15, Beijing entered a wartime state after a sudden soar in the CCP virus (also called coronavirus, Covid-19) cases.  About the same time, the Chinese military initiated a conflict with the India and its military forces at the border.  Apparently, as the second wave of pandemic is erupting in Beijing – the power center of the regime, the CCP immediately rushed to create a military conflict with India to distract its true intentions. The CCP planned for small (internal) crisis, blame it on Japan; for big (internal) crisis, blame it on America and these actions sum up the conventional tactic of the CCP.

At the onset of this second pandemic wave, the CCP also connected it to Europe. In a rather timely manner, the CCP announced the new cases that originated in the largest local produce market in Beijing. The virus was identified as a strand from Europe and the carrier was imported European Salmon. Later, the salesmen at the produce market admitted that the so-called European salmon on sale there, in fact, was harvested in China.  Soon after, the salmon theory faded.

CCP’s Massive Internet Army

The CCP understands  well that “Lies repeated often enough become the truth” so it puts in order a gigantic “internet water army (Chinese named this after its invisible nature and mission of muddying the waters)”, also funded “50-Cent Party” (paid 50 cents for each on-line post). The internet army is co-organized by CCP’s Propaganda Department and Political and Law Commission.  The Army has two tiers: professional army and local army.  The professional army is composed of staff members from CCP’s various central and provincial divisions, such as police bureau, national security bureau, judicial bureau, etc.; the local army are composed of staff members from CCP’s divisions in cities, counties and towns.  The internet army is tasked to spread CCP’s propaganda online in and out of China and suppress opinions from dissidents and religious groups.

This internet army is growing even bigger during the pandemic. According to another report by, this April, the CCP assigned a new task to its state organs, central enterprises, institutions, and committees in 31 provinces. It ordered its subsidiaries to recruit 10 million new volunteers to its internet army, including 4 million from Chinese colleges and universities plus 6.2 million from other work units.

CCP’s Guiding Documents

On March 18, 2020, published a CCP internal guiding document issued to the internet army on the current anti-America campaign during the pandemic.  The 2-page document, titled  “FAQ on guidelines for US-related propaganda during the coronavirus pandemic” is translated as follows (

Q: If there is no outbreak in the U.S., what should we do?
A: Focus on the angle that coronavirus is a bio-warfare launched by the U.S. against the Chinese people. Be aware that only our own, pro-CCP media can do the propaganda.


Q: If a large-scale epidemic occurs in the U.S., how to handle it?
A: We need to emphasize that the American political system is not suitable for epidemic control. In the meantime, we should highly praise the advantage of the political system in China. 

Q: If the epidemic breaks out in the U.S. on a limited scale, what should we do?
A: We can indicate that the American people cannot afford the coronavirus test, which leads to a lower number of confirmed cases. 

Q: What if the number of deaths is low in the U.S?
A: Then focus on the death rates of other diseases. 

Q: What if the death rate in the U.S. also dropped like in China?
A: We can point out that the U.S. government is manipulating data and counts coronavirus cases as flu cases [to lower the death rate]. 

Q: What if an effective medicine is developed in the U.S.?
A: We can highlight the high cost of the U.S. healthcare system and remind the reader of the low cost of medical care in China.

Q: What to do if Americans criticize their government?
A: We can point out that the political system in the U.S. has failed to reflect public opinion, hence the criticism of the government.

Q: What if Americans do not criticize their government?
A: We can indicate that the U.S. Government is covering up the coronavirus cases to mislead the public. 

Q: What if conflict between the two political parties [democrats and republicans] intensifies because of coronavirus?
A: We can say the American political system is like a dogfight and is unable to concentrate on important things. 

Q: What if the two U.S. parties work together to combat the coronavirus?
A: We can point out that the two-party system in the U.S. is hypocritical and deceiving. 

Q: What if in the end, the U.S. has lower numbers of confirmed cases, deaths, and death rates? What should we do? A: We should emphasize that the great sacrifice made by China has saved the world. 

In another document, the CCP lists its overall strategy on coronavirus:
1) diverting the Chinese citizens’ attention to the coronavirus spread outside of China;

            2) bragging about the CCP’s capability in controlling the epidemic.           

3) shifting the blame to the U.S. by spreading conspiracy theories that the virus originated in the U.S.

These documents lay bare the CCP’s insidious plot to sabotage America, instigate conflicts among Americans by exploiting the two-political party system, and incite American people’s hatred against the American government.  How could Chinese Americans, many of them bombarded by such massive anti-America hate propaganda remain on the American side? How could American people, being manipulated by the CCP’s hate propaganda, let go of their petite differences in the two political parties, remain united?

CCP’s Role in American Riots

            “The purpose of the CCP’s class struggle is to continuously generate chaos…        Government institutions, the military, and news media are all tools used by the CCP to exercise its violent dictatorship.”            – Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

At the end of the May and beginning of June, violent riots exploded in various American cities.  Among the violent rioters in front of the White House, one screamed to others in Mandarin Chinese, “hurry up, leave, leave, leave…” The recording went viral online. According to a series of reports in the Epoch Times, a whistle-blower living in Southern California, Mr. P, revealed the CCP’s plot behind the scene. Please note that currently his claims cannot be verified by another source yet (

The covert CCP agents were hiding in the United States and assisted in staging riots to collectively express their loyalty to the CCP. The person who was recorded screaming in Mandarin “Hurry up, leave, leave, leave…” was a CCP military officer (last name Zhang) from the Chinese embassy.  Most of the personnel he commanded were those who had been placed in the United States for a long time. Some entered the country with British or Hong Kong passports. Most of them belong to the special forces of People’s Liberation Army.  Members from this special force also manufactured riots in Hong Kong earlier.”

A series of riots occurred around the June 4th Tiananmen anniversary of this past year. They show the CCP’s overseas destruction programs are getting more serious and intense.  It is known that the CCP agents in the United States will come out of the closet one after another. Some are American legislators, some are government workers, socialites… America is in a tough battle against these CCP these covert agents.

The Cure to the Pandemic and The Solution to the Crisis

On April 26, 2020, the Epoch Times published a groundbreaking editorial, titled, “There Is a Cure to the Chinese Communist Party Pneumonia, Say No to the CCP”. The editorial pointed out the secret that the current pandemic may target the CCP and its allies may break away from the CCP. For those infected with the virus, if they sincerely recite “Bring Down the Evil CCP”, a miracle may happen. Immediately after the article was published, Epoch Times received vigorous attacks from CCP’s internet army. The article received over 1,000 of comments, many being negative and supporting the CCP.  Ironically, these negative comments were written following the same logic claiming oneself as a new subscriber to the newspaper. They vigorously criticized the editorial as “the most ridiculous article I ever read”, or “makes no sense”, then threatened ” I will unsubscribe. ” Under the high pressure, the Epoch Times had to change the title of the editorial multiple times, eventually it reads “Where the ties with the Chinese Communist Party are Close, the CCP Virus Follows”, which no longer emphasizes the cure for the pandemic, and that was the key point of this epic editorial.

There are still some 80 CCP’s Confucius Institutes operating in America’s colleges and universities and several hundreds of Confucius classrooms targeting the 6-8th graders. There are over 200 American cities tied to CCP cities as sister cities. Wherever the ties with the CCP are close, these areas are hit hard by the pandemic and/or the riots.  It is critical to immediately shut down these Confucius Institutes/classrooms and cut the ties with the CCP for sister cities.

Sweden is the first and only Western country that shut down all the Confucius Institutes/classrooms and severed about 100 sister-city-ties with the CCP. Sweden has never implemented shelter-in-place in this pandemic and has enjoyed a low rate of viral infection. When will American leadership be awakened?

China’s diplomacy is framed by several dogmata, executed by the Chinese People’s Party that stands for entire China, its well-being, and development. China’s view of the world is not pyramidic but concentric. That given, it might be easier to understand why China is ignoring concerns about internal human rights violations, adheres to a One-China policy regarding Taiwan, and assumes Tibet as Chinese soil. Maintaining North Korea as a buffer-zone to a U.S. vassal and developing the “string of pearls” in the South China Sea are more examples for the concentric world perception. COVID 19 works into the CCP long range strategy very well to achieve world domination step by step.

In the last four years, America has been immersed in the most polarized and divided since the Civil War. American people shall understand this division was caused by the evil’s covert manipulation, More than ever, American people need to be awakened to recognize the evil’s agenda, break away from the CCP, let go of our petite differences, and stay united as one nation under God in this crisis.  Let us all remember and fulfill our firm allegiance: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all“.

Now is the time America to Stand Up and awake the “Sleeping Giant”


Released by the: Stand Up America US Foundation


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