Yes, the slick manipulators of language are at it again. First, it was undocumented workers, but now the leftist socialists have a new name for illegal immigrants in order to advance their ideological agenda. Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled it this past weekend, right here, deep in the heart of Texas.As reported by Breitbart:

“During a press conference in Austin, Texas this week, Pelosi admitted that the goal for the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration system is to ensure the more than 1.5 million new arrivals who come to the U.S. every year are on the voter rolls.

Pelosi added that it is immigrants, not American citizens, who make the nation “more American.”

When we talk about newcomers, we have to recognize the constant reinvigoration of America that they are, that we all have been – our families. And that, unless you’re blessed to be Native American – which is a blessing in itself that we respect – but that constant reinvigoration of hope, determination, optimism, courage, to make the future better for the next generation, those are American traits. 

And these newcomers make America more American. And we want them, when they come here, to be fully part of our system. And that means not suppressing the vote of our newcomers to America. 

The “newcomers” who should be fully able to participate in voting, Pelosi said, include the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and border crossers who arrive at the southern border every year.”

This, ladies and gents, is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the person third in line to the presidency of these United States of America. She, Ms. Pelosi, has affirmed her support to allowing anyone — “newcomers” — to immediately be granted the right to vote in our elections.

Yes, there is no debate, the progressive socialist left in America has granted the right to vote to illegal immigrants entering our Republic. Notice the adept use of the word, “newcomers,” and not citizens. What is even more disturbing is that Pelosi equates any disagreement with allowing “newcomers” to vote with voter suppression. The real voter suppression is the leftist voter fraud which we all know these Democrat socialists are so efficient in implementing. If there is any evidence of treason, this is it. Imagine, an American elected official, third in line to our presidency, wants to violate our rule of law, and her caucus of socialist lemmings have voted to undermine our electoral integrity.

To be in the Lone Star State of Texas and invoke the name of California is an abject affront to any true Texan and American. This is why I wrote the book, “Hold Texas, Hold the Nation: Victory or Death.” The progressive socialists now believe Texas is well within their potential grasp and they are emboldened to make sure absurd proclamations such as this.

Here is the same Nancy Pelosi who went to the border in Texas only to state there is no emergency. Where in the heck is the leadership of the GOP in Texas? How can it be that Pelosi — not to mention Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — can be in the State of Texas making these assertions about illegal immigration, capitalism, and voting without any immediate chastisement? How can it be that socialists feel comfort in being in Texas advancing their ideological agenda? It is offensive that anyone would be in Texas and refer to California as a model for anything other than abject failure.

Here in Texas, a huge crowd comes to see an avowed socialist blather on is inconceivable. And, someone like a Nancy Pelosi finds comfort in delivering a press conference to delegitimize our election process.

Voting rights to “newcomers,” yes, that is what the House of Representatives voted to approve late last week in HR 1. Sure, this has no possibility of passing in the US Senate, but a clear marker has been laid down. No longer can we deny the basic fact that these progressive socialists will do anything, and everything, to destroy our America, all for their political gain. They do not care about you, the everyday hardworking American citizen. They seek a new, permanent, dependency class that will ensure their electoral gain. If you believe that the measure they passed in the US House of Representatives is only about illegal immigrants voting in local elections, you are naive and just as delusional.

The left wants these “newcomers” to have free healthcare, which you will pay for. They want them to have drivers licenses, in other words, grant a legal document to those here illegally . . . oops, sorry, “newcomers.” They will raise your taxes and crush you in order to accommodate those who storm our sovereign borders.

Then again, the leftists do not believe that we are a sovereign nation. They want open borders. This action by Pelosi and her minions can only be defined as treasonous, and my question is whether or not the Department of Justice would investigate this action to the fullest? Granting voting rights to illegal immigrants? No, this is not a manufactured crisis, this is a real crisis, one that the progressive socialist left has produced. If they are successful in the November 2020 elections, America as we have known it will disappear.

I wish this were excessive hyperbole, but the evidence, in this case, is irrefutable.

The fight for America is right here in Texas. This is a present day “Come and Take It” moment. Will you answer the call to arms to defend our Constitutional Republic, and ensure that the progressive socialist movement dies here in the Lone Star State?

Victory or Death!

This column was originally published at The Old School Patriot.

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